Islam’s Reality – A glimpse into the life of non-Muslims under Islamic oppression

Islam’s Reality – A glimpse into the life of non-Muslims under Islamic oppression

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An Update on our previous posting: Islam’s Reality, And It’s not A Show – What You See Is What Islam Have In Store For You

Are muslims residing in the West, different from their co-religionists and relatives in their native countries? 

This report adds more incite to previous analysis, here, and here, about the threats and confrontation resulting from the islamic governments strategy of mosques-building in the West. Nazism was defeated in Germany, Communism was defeated, the Berlin wall was brought down, and east and west Europe found peace. Now we are confronted and threatened by “the islamic wall,” that divided the world into #1 masters, and #2 slaves being erected everywhere around us. The most evil legacy of a global murderous cult, founded by the biggest thug, self proclaimed prophet. No criminal organization in history popularized the word “killing” globally, to the point of making it a universal daily cultural banality, except muslims, for which the word “killing” is by itself the resume of their culture and history. 

Give any first grader muslim child in any islamic country just two words, “Death for…,” and ask him to fill the dots with all what he learned. he will fill the whole page.

The most terrifying thing in Geert Wilders koran movie, was not 911, London, Madrid, or the beheadings, but the three year old girl filled with hate towards the Jews, the sons of apes and pigs. Certainely she would’ve said the same think about the Christian kafirs, since that’s what she hears all day long, whether at school or from the mosque’s loudspeakers. Let me repeat it, this is the most terrifying thing in the whole movie. And for those who don’t know, this girl is the daughter of a known Egyptian actor (not a Hamas jihadist), Mohamed El Arabi. It can’t get more moderate mainstream than this.      
In this report you’ll see how in islamic majority countries, the majority of muslims (which by the way includes the moderate mainstream) feel no mea culpa to intimidate, oppress, persecute, humiliate, and kill Christians (who are the native people of the country). That includes looting their homes, and businesses, destroying their churches and properties, kidnaping and raping their baby girls and women. To emulate and keep up with their thug prophet tradition, that was, and still is the only motivation to attack people under the beard of a “religion.”

Now think of this, all muslim immigrants in the West are the products of this culture, or rather this criminal culture, which by comparison makes a bacteria culture more appealing and safer.

In other words, these muslims that came to the West from islamic majority countries were also part, whether active or passive, of the mainstream majority oppressors, intimidators, persecutors, destroyers, looters, rapists, and killers. It’s no coincidence that all sorts of criminality starting by rape, increases in the West wherever there is muslims concentrations. The high percentage of muslims in western jails, in comparison to their total population percentage speaks for itself.

The majority of these muslims that came to West, are, not only filled with the same thuggish and criminal teaching which is the legacy of their thug prophet that was sent ” Mercy to the Worlds,” but actually proud of it and boast about it.

The proofs are very easy to demonstrate:

Ask every muslim you meet, what he thinks of koran 9:29, which states that non muslims should convert, pay the jeziah and be humiliated, or be killed, and let us know the percentage of muslims that disapprove it. If he gives you the classic 3:28 deception of, “this verse was for war time” answer, ask him, where he sees the talk of war in the verse. And when he tells you the jeziah was a tax, like in any country, ask him if he is humiliated, and hit on the back head by the IRS when he pays his taxes in America or in any western country. But even when he acts muslim, as usual, like a soap bubble hard to catch, you got your proof of his pride, and the thuggish teaching  embedded in him. He would even be making a silent prayer while talking to you, asking allah for the day to come when he can apply that verse on you.

Another proof, All these muslims in the West that are shouting, jumping up and down, screaming and defending the rights of “Their” muslim Palestinian brothers, that are supposedly being oppressed by the Israelis. Did you ever hear them addressing their relatives, brothers and sisters in the islamic countries to stop their criminal behavior towards the native Christian citizens, and to treat them equally? Even their activism on behalf of “Their” Palestinian brothers, exclude the Christian Palestinians that are being ethnically cleansed by none other than the muslim Palestinians, which resulted in an exodus of the Christian Palestinians to the West.

Did you hear muslims in the West being outraged when their palestinian brothers bombed churches, the YMCA, and the Christian library in Gaza and killing the Christians in charge? Were muslims in the West outraged by the bombing of churches, killing of bishops and priests in Iraq? Did we ever hear Egyptian muslims in the West outrage for the atrocities committed by their Egyptian relatives to the Christians of Egypt? Did you see muslims in the West being outraged, or ashamed for any criminality caused by “Their” muslim brothers and sisters, period?

I can cite many other proofs, but that’s already plenty to demonstrate that muslims in the West, don’t have a different mindset than the thuggish mindset of their co-religionists relatives in their countries of origin. Or let’s put it this way, muslims in the West that takes pride in the thug that elevated killing, raping, and hate to the level of religion, has themselves demonstrated that no proofs are necessary. Simply put, their pride is in their shame.

In our Arabic Islamic debate forums, which are the biggest forums on, with an audience capacity of thousands of people, we have the opportunity of debating, non stop, arab muslims from all over the world. The shocking reality is, the biggest majority of the ones residing in the West are the most radical, most threatening, and all the ones that were arrested for terrorism on Paltalk were residing in the West. 

The purpose of saying this, and this report, is not meant to make you cry on the fate of the Christians, whether in Egypt, or in every muslims dominated country, but to spare you the same fate.

One last question, but that’s for you to meditate on, and answer it for yourself after reading the report. Do you think the oppressed and massacred Christians in muslims dominated countries have the luxury of accusing their oppressors and murderers of being islamists, or ask if the moderates mainstream exist, and where are they, or count on their support to gain equal rights, or even to stop the stream of daily insults? Again, this is not meant to get you out of your way for the persecuted Christians, but it’s meant to let you know the real deal islam have in store for you.

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