The media free pass for Obama half-truths

The media free pass for Obama half-truths

Ed Lasky
Two writers chronicle the giant pass most of the media grant to Barack Obama for what could most charitably be termed his half truths.

Soren Dayton writes


Barack Obama is running on a new kind of politics: dishonesty and half-truths. That politics appears to consist of inflating his resume, McCain’s 100-years statement, “lobbyists don’t give me money,” and even lying to the press about smoking.
It increasingly appears that these lies are central to his message


He cites Craig Crawford of the Hotline,


“Lucky for Obama, most of the news media seem not to care about such contradictions.” As The Economist noted, “Very little has been made of two instances, reported last month by the Washington Post, where Mr Obama exaggerated his role in legislative accomplishments. … Unlike Mrs Clinton, he has gotten off easy for his fibs.”


Meanwhile, blogger Erick lists reporters who have given Obbama a free pass.

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