Al Gore’s syndrome?

Al Gore’s syndrome?

Jerome J. Schmitt
Mark Shepard’s excellent essay today entitled “Al Gore’s Global Warming Therapy” suggests to me that premier climate alarmists, like Al Gore, may suffer what could be termed “Global Munchhausen-by-Proxy” Syndrome – an epidemic involving a new “strain” of the recently designated psychological condition, which, according to the website Kids Health

“involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a (child’s) primary caretaker”
“Typically, the perpetrator feels satisfied when he or she has the attention and sympathy of doctors, nurses, and others who come into contact with him or her and the child.”
For the child we substitute Al Gore’s “planet with a fever”.  For the “perpetrator” we substitute anthropogenic “global warming” alarmists uninterested in accurate diagnoses. 
The child and the planet are, in fact, healthy. It is the so-called ‘caregiver’ who is ill — with a mental condition characterized by an unhealthy and irrational desire for unwarranted attention and acclaim as extraordinary “caretakers” of the planet earth. 

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Obama, the Pardoner, and his Tale

Obama, the Pardoner, and his Tale

By Geoffrey P. Hunt

What are we to make of the extraordinary fervor of some of the supporters of Barack Obama? Stumbling upon a website called Is Barack Obama the Messiah? that chronicles the worship of Barack Obama as the second coming,  I actually did a cartoon double take. The art work assembled there is stunning. Some is the stuff of Monty Python or Saturday Night Live, except that it is serious, it would seem.

Some of it is perhaps a result of what might be called educated stupidity. Orwell remarked on a  separate issue,
“One would have to be a member of the intelligentsia to believe such things…no ordinary man could be such a fool.”
There is also an element of the teenage infatuation obvious to anybody who remembers how Ed Sullivan was swept off his own stage by The Beatles.  
But Obama as Messiah does have an authentic following among the gullible chattering class. Leading the genuflecting MSM elites is Hardball’s Chris Matthews,  now reduced to a pathetic and grotesque perpetual adoration.
Conversions often are accompanied by compelling witness, but not in Matthews’ case. It was only a few months ago, as a Clinton shrill just before a string of inconvenient Obama victories, Matthews kept badgering a Texas State Senator, “What has Obama ever accomplished?” It’s still a good question, not yet been answered, but suddenly is no longer important.  While Matthews is but a parody of an earnest star-struck co-op student would-be investigative  journalist,  he often  resembles the medieval herald-jester, calculating the political winds before delivering  an entreaty, a roast or a riddle.
This sort of thing is nothing new. In fact, in some of foundational literature  of the English Language, the character type of Matthews is depicted among the commoners in Chaucer’s time, totally captivated by the eloquent speechifying of professional frauds, the pardoners, the most entrepreneurial of itinerant relic-hawkers.   
While The Wife of Bath’s Tale and The Miller’s Tale are full of ribald humor, The Pardoner’s Tale has that searing sarcasm so close to the truth that the Pardoner shakes off any embarrassment to boldly promote his own sleight-of-hand oratorical gymnastics. But at the same time Chaucer excoriates the sinners-willing victims of another scam-as they knowingly look past the forgeries and the hyperbole, easily parting with their silver and their self-respect, desperate for salvation but satisfied by entertainment value alone.
And by his flatteries and prevarication
Made monkeys of the priest and congregation
But still to do him justice first and last
In church he was a noble ecclesiast.
How well he read a lesson or told a story!
But best of all he sang an Offertory,
For well knew that when that song was sung
He’d have to preach and tune his honey-tongue
And (well he could) win silver from the crowd.
That’s why he sang so merrily and loud.
  From the General Prologue, The Canterbury Tales, Translation Neville  Coghill, 1951
It is the modern day commoners — Obama apologists, sponsors and supporters — who are willing to overlook  Obama’s disingenuous character, willing to embrace his phony exhortations for unity and willing to underwrite his distortions, half-truths and outright fabrications. These are the enablers for Obama, the Pardoner.  Obama the Pardoner sells his own 21st century brand of  indulgences, promising equal outcomes, harmony with all people economic redistribution and perhaps the most profound blessing — absolving white man’s guilt by placing a black man in the White House — in exchange for a credit card authorization and a primary vote.
Much literary analysis of The Pardoner’s Tale has been devoted to the cognitive dissonance of a prototypical  pardoner’s audience, willing dupes sincerely believing in a transcendent deliverer knowing the warrant is false and the relics just another bag of pig knuckles. Equally compelling is the study of the Pardoner as moral arbiter among the compromised. The Pardoner, imprisoned by his own hypocrisy, knowing that his penitents are fully aware of his deceptions, nonetheless takes the high ground because for the moment at least he is smarter than anyone around him,. After all, it’s only his wallet that gets fatter:
If there be one among you that is willing
To have my absolution for a shilling
Devoutly given come! And do not harden
Your hearts but kneel in humbleness for pardon;
Or else, receive my pardon as we go.You can renew it every town or so
Always provided that you still renew
Each time, and in good money, what is due.
It is an honour to you to have found
A pardoner with his credentials sound
Who can absolve you as you ply the spur
In any accident that may occur
  From The Pardoner’s Tale, The Canterbury Tales,Translation Neville  Coghill, 1951
Chaucer’s pilgrims reach their moment of truth at the end of The Pardoner’s Tale when the Pardoner beckons the innkeeper to be the “first to pay and kiss my holy relics right away…  Come on, unbuckle your purse.” The innkeeper will have none of it: “not I” replies the Host, “and may the curse of Christ descend upon me if I do.”
The Rev Jeremiah Wright’s unrepentant blasphemy and hate-filled racism is real enough. Obama would like us to believe it is nothing more than a see-through bag of fake relics and forged papal bulls. Obama’s calculated cynicsm and patronizing disrespect of even his most fervent believers when he says Rev Wright has been falsely caricatured would make even the Pardoner gasp. How many Democrats will take a cue from Chaucer’s Host to declare, “Enough!”

Al Gore’s Global Warming Therapy

Al Gore’s Global Warming Therapy

By Marc Sheppard

On the surface, Sunday’s 60 Minutes puff piece did little more than cheer the pending rollout of Al Gore’s all-out 300 million dollar green media blitz.  But on a deeper level, it also provided disturbing new insight into just what drives this man’s unwavering and unfounded obsession.

Having dispensed with her CBS-requisite softball questions and genuflection to Mr. and Mrs. ex-vice-president, interviewer Leslie Stahl soon steered the conversation to an obviously painful topic. Gore appeared rather surprised when asked whether he had gone through “the seven stages of anger and grief” after he “lost the presidency when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of George Bush.”
Failing to parry the dogged insistence that he must have felt anger, fury and rage, Al hesitantly admitted that he “strongly disagreed with the [court’s] decision,” and yeah, he “probably went through all that.”
And although both Gores appeared somewhat unsettled by the topic, Stahl’s voiceover pushed even deeper:
“His friends said they were worried about him and his state of mind, especially after he gained a lot of weight and grew a beard.”
If you’ll pardon the lay pop-psychology, it sounded as though Al may have had some coping issues to iron out.  So then — just what brought the self-proclaimed once “next president of the United States” out of his dark funk?
According to wife Tipper, “Al’s survival after his defeat in 2000 depended on his immersing himself in the climate cause.”  [emphasis added] Somehow, CBS didn’t find this peculiar statement worthy of further exploration.  I do — as it may suggest that the “PR Agent for the Planet” became so in an effort to lift himself from the throes of depression.
More from Tipper:
“I mean, I think that if you look at anyone who kind of went through what, what he went through and see what he’s been able to do. I’m just really proud of the way that he has not given up. That he lifted himself and our family, you know, back up as well.”
Of course, he did so “by turning his old slides that were gathering dust in the basement into that mega-hit documentary.”
The same “mega-hit documentary” that became the quintessential bible of the Big Green Scare Machine’s Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cause, despite having the majority of its claims either disputed or outright disproved.  And, on the subject of those who dare question the anthropogenic contribution to global warming, Al Gore told Stahl:
“I think that those people are in such a tiny, tiny minority now with their point of view. They’re almost like the ones who still believe that the moon landing was staged in a movie lot in Arizona and those who believe the earth is flat. That demeans them a little bit, but it’s not that far off,”
About this, Gore may have mistaken one group as two. In reality, the nutty International Flat Earth Research Society did challenge pictures of the obviously spherical Earth taken from the moon.  Toward that end, they concocted this wild story that the Apollo moon landing had been “faked in Hollywood studios” and that science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke (who recently died and will be greatly missed) had written the script.
But referring to the thousands of scientists questioning AGW as a “tiny, tiny minority” while comparing them to a truly diminutive group of space-cadets who believe we live upon a disk-shaped planet is, itself, a bit nutty.
As is traveling the globe — 60 Minutes featured him in India — training others to “spread the word” by continuing to present his error-filled slideshow to others still.  In fact, watching this arrogant cult-like geometric indoctrination method eerily brings to mind the “auditing” techniques the Church of Scientology employs in spreading its own brand of fantastic dogma.
In essence, then, we’re dealing with a psyche that blamed at least Republicans and perhaps the world for having suffered the humiliation of a perceived power theft. While friends and family fretted over his response to that blow, he retreated to his basement to prove his mettle by resuscitating a lightly sleeping obsession.  And when he reemerged, he did so reinvented — as a self-appointed savior of the planet armed with little more than an unsubstantiated PowerPoint presentation and an accordingly unreasonable mission.
A 1604 novel by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes told of another man who descended into fantastic delusions of grandeur as a victim of his own frustrated obsessions. Enraptured by tales of chivalry, Alonso Quixano fancied himself a knight errant and, sporting an old suit of armor, dubbed himself “Don Quixote de la Mancha” before embarking on an imaginary mission to save the downtrodden.
But while Quixote’s delusions were mostly benign, Don Gore de la Tierra’s are not.  The “word” his misguided mission spreads has facilitated policies of potential calamity far exceeding the actual problem their implementation is meant to remedy.   From economy starving Kyoto-style cap-and-trade treaties to population starving ethanol mandates, unintended consequences invariably turn such quixotic green solutions into sheer disaster.
Time and time again.
In one famous Cervantes scene, the delusional warrior encounters a group of windmills and mistakes them for “hulking giants,” which he proceeds to do battle with.  Of course, Gore sees industry and capitalism as his imaginary adversaries and windmills not as the problem but rather one of many needless solutions.
But his mission to engage the “hulking giant” which is the planet’s chaotic climate system leaves little doubt which character is the more delusional.
And, needless to say — the scope and communicable nature of such fantasy make him infinitely more dangerous.
Marc Sheppard is a frequent contributor to American Thinker and welcomes your feedback.

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