Obama’s America-hating pastor

Obama Attended Hate America Sermon

Now we know where Michelle Obama’s resentment of America comes from

Bone Chilling Video — Scare tactics or is it True ? Share This With Everyone

Subject: Bone Chilling Video — Scare tactics or is it True ? 

Scary stuff and unfortunately true
A Bone Chilling Video

 And the sad part is our children will live in it and not know why
because we have failed to prevent it.......

"If we do not defend our freedom no one will."  Thomas Powell

  This is a poignant, yet chilling message.  It's a 'must watch' video,
that lasts about 3 minutes, and needs to be forwarded all across
America !  Don't  leave the first screen, it will open automatically.Notice at the
bottom right you can reverse-stop-play the video.

What kind of world are we leaving to future generations?

After the video finishes, click on ‘Enter The Site’ -- scroll

down halfway to see a map of the United States, that clearly defines  where

the  Muslims have set up Al-Queada terrorist cells in all but a few states!



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