Mexico’s Border War, Version 2.0

Mexico’s Border War, Version 2.0

By Tom Fitton | 1/31/2008

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you a 2006 Border Patrol report highlighting incursions into the United States on the part of Mexican government officials, including armed members of the Mexican military.  Now, we’ve got the latest information from 2007.  And it is downright frightening.

The report, titled, “Mexican Government Incidents – 2007 Fiscal Year Report.” describes 25 confirmed incursions in 2007 along the U.S. – Mexican border involving Mexican military and/or law enforcement personnel.  Among the incidents cited:

·         MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED/INTENTIONAL)  TUCSON/TUCSON – On April 23, 2007, Border Patrol Agents…reported a Mexican military incursion on the Tres Bellotas Ranch near Arivaca, Arizona.  The agents were using night vision equipment and observed…seven to ten Mexican military personnel in Humvees carrying long arms…The agents continued to back away from the [soldiers] when they heard [one] soldier chamber a round into his rifle.  The agents observed…that the military personnel had fanned out in a tactical formation on both sides of the US/Mexico International Boundary.

·         MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED/INTENTIONAL)  TUCSON SECTOR/SONOITA SECTOR – On July 5, 2007 a Border Patrol Agent…encountered six subjects dressed in tan colored BDU style clothing…A military style Humvee and a black Suburban were parked on the Mexican side of the border…Two of the subjects appeared to be carrying bundles of narcotics on their backs.

·         MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED/INTENTIONAL)  EL CENTRO SECTOR/CALEXICO STATION – On August 26, 2007, Remote Video Surveillance System operators…observed a red Ford F150 south of the All American Canal between the United States and Mexico…Agents…encountered the vehicle and performed a vehicle stop…The agents found credentials on the driver indicating that [name redacted] is an Agent of the Mexican Agencia Federal de Investigation.  The agents searched the vehicle and discovered several items to include: guns, ammunition, narcotics, night vision equipment, cell phones, a walkie talkie and a ski mask.

It appears the Bush administration had no intention of releasing this information to the public.  Just like past Border Patrol reports of this nature, we had to file a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain them.  And the Department of Homeland Security evaluated the information in the report as “For Official Use Only.”  In my view this information must be made public.  The American people should know the truth about the violence on the southern border so we can demand that our public officials take action. 

Our sovereignty is being violated with impunity by Mexico and it must stop.

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