Obama Shoots Self in Foot, While Media Praises His Flexibility

Obama Shoots Self in Foot, While Media Praises His Flexibility

Media Gabriel Garnica, Senior Writer
July 26, 2007


Everyone is well aware of the fact that the liberal media will twist itself into a pretzel to keep its beloved candidates looking fine, but we are witnessing the pretzel of all pretzels with regard to the media’s contortions to keep its beloved Barack Obama as beloved as possible.

Obama’s Expanding Abortion
I find it absurd that a candidate who paints himself out to be a paragon of how the Democratic Party is such a party of faith would dare to say half the things this man spews regarding abortion to his adoring legions of fawning fans. First he tells us that conservatives have hijacked faith, and then he provides conclusive evidence that liberals have given it a reprehensible makeover.

Speaking at a recent Stems-Cells-R-Us Annual Convention, the Illinois Senator stated, “What difference does two or three minutes inside or outside the womb really make? One’s ‘late-term’ and the other’s ‘postpartum’. Who’s to say if the postpartum fetus is truly viable? Postpartum fetuses die all the time for all manner of reasons…”

First we intentionally keep a practically born infant’s head inside the womb to avoid murder so we can plunge scissors into his head and suck out his brains and call that acceptable. Now, according to Senator Obama, worrying about a few minutes inside or a few minutes outside the womb is a petty annoyance easily brushed aside with drivel about survival chances. What next dear Senator, declaring that killing the baby before she leaves the hospital is “reasonably near” its birth since, after all, many babies die within their first year of life?

Jack and Jill Doing The Nasty on The Hill
By now you may have heard that our talented Senator also sees nothing wrong with teaching kindergarten kids sex education (same site above). Speaking to a Planned Parenthood crowd on July 17, 2007 Senator Obama enlightened us with the spew that such teaching, as long as “age-appropriate,” is “the right thing to do.”

I never realized until our Senator of faith informed me that a five-year-old can benefit from sex education in any form. After all, don’t most if not all of the kids that age you know just run around teeming with questions about sexuality? Let me see if I have this right, dear Senator: Nothing wrong with killing a baby just after birth if so desired and, if not, no problem with teaching him about sex before he can spell the word?

Can’t We All Just Get Along?
If you have not fainted yet, here comes another nugget of wisdom from Senator Charisma. It seems that he believes that we should meet with representatives of renegade nations such as Iran, North Korea and Cuba without preconditions.

According to Senator Friendly, it is childish and counterproductive to actually refuse to meet with people who clearly want the destruction of your country and way of life. I guess that the our enlightened Senator from Illinois would either like to work with those people to set a bilateral timetable for our destruction or, in the alternative, work to set a date by which we can fully embrace those nations’ ideologies.

The New Teflon Candidate
Perhaps just as revolting as Senator Obama’s absurd statements regarding abortion, sex education and foreign affairs is the liberal media’s continued pattern of favoring their beloved candidate regardless of what spews from his mouth.

When Mitt Romney dared to rightly criticize Obama’s Planned Parenthood rally drivel, the media went after Romney and virtually ignored the absurdity of Obama’s statements. One gets the very real sense that if Obama declared that this country should become communist and some conservative criticized him for such statements, the media headlines would read “CONSERVATIVES CRITICIZE OBAMA’S CHOICE OF RED AS FAVORITE COLOR”.

The Strange Hillary Paradox
Many have written about the media’s pattern of ignoring negative information regarding Hillary and bending over sideways to enhance any positive information aimed in her direction. Certainly the examples of pathetic media glorification of the Clintons are enough to turn one’s stomach. However, we find a strange paradox regarding Clinton and Obama regarding the media and Obama’s penchant for absurd statements.

On one hand, the media almost seems more determined to defend and enhance Obama than it does Clinton, which is something I never thought possible regarding anyone. On the other hand, Obama has become so absurd that even Hillary is able to sound like the relative voice of reason next to his, even if clearly only through political opportunism and being slightly better at keeping her foot out of her mouth or, for that matter, shooting herself in said foot.

In brief, we face a situation where the media bends over backward to favor two candidates while one of those candidates is seemingly doing everything in his power to alienate swing voters in the name of some claim of “freshness” that the other candidate calls “inexperience”.

Never before have we seen a candidate for the highest office in the land so frequently utter such controversial things which are mostly ignored by a media hell-bent on painting that candidate as favorably as possible. Hillary must be increasingly giddy yet frustrated watching her only legitimate Democratic foe so frequently step in it only to have a fawning media praise his fondness for fertilizer. It must be quite ironic for Clinton to watch the same media that so often shields her from criticism do likewise for an opponent so determined to need shielding.

To borrow from Senator Obama’s own profound wisdom regarding abortion

What difference does two or three ridiculous statements inside or outside the campaign really make? One’s shooting oneself in the foot and the other is sticking one’s foot in one’s mouth. Who’s to say if the campaign is truly viable? Once promising campaigns die all the time for all manner of reasons…including patterns of absurd drivel dressed as anything profound spewed to adoring drones.

At the end of the day, if a smiling liberal candidate utters anything asinine in a forest of liberal media coverage, is there a backlash?

Gabriel Garnica, Esq., is a college professor and licensed attorney whose regular commentary also appears on The Daley Times-Post, FamilySecurityMatters.org and Michnews. After a friend joked that 99% of Latino New York City college professors were liberals, Gabriel briefly considered taking the hip-hop nickname One Percent. He is proud to be a Senior Writer for New Media Journal.

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