Al Gore: from politics to ‘consciousness’

Al Gore: from politics to ‘consciousness’

Thomas Lifson
Our friends at DraftGore have their work cut out for them. The man who gave us the internet has set his sights higher: a change in world consciousness. The Aspen Daily News reports that he told über venture capitalist John Doerr:

I’m engaged in a different kind of campaign,” Gore continued, “trying to bring about a change in thinking, awareness, and consciousness worldwide.”

That’s not quite Sherman’s famous promise, “If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.” So the door remains ajar.
By the way, I wonder how Gore got to Aspen? Did he fly on one of those nasty private jets? I bet he didn’t bicycle there. But of course he is exempt from the rules the rest of us are supposed to follow. Leading by example apparently doesn’t do much to change consciousness in his view. Those scintillating speeches are worth every ton of greenhouse gasses his vast mansion, private jet flights, and livin’ large lifestyle require.

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