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Moonbat art at Portland Airport

It’s official: Cindy’s on her way to Washington… “I have a dream of the detention centers that George has built…filled with Orange Clad neo-cons and neo-connettes”

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The “Surge” Is Working.

The “Surge” Is Working.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007 12:01 a.m. EDT

In Washington perception is often mistaken for reality. And as Congress prepares for a fresh debate on Iraq, the perception many members have is that the new strategy has already failed.

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China Silences Corrupt Official by Killing Him

China Silences Corrupt Official by Killing Him

China executed a former director of its food and drug agency Tuesday for approving fake medicine in exchange for cash, while officials announced steps to safeguard food at next summer’s Olympic Games.

Xinhua news agency reported the execution of Zheng Xiaoyu, who was sentenced to death in May for accepting cash and gifts worth more than $830,000 from pharmaceutical companies. Xinhua said his appeal was rejected because of the immense damage he had caused to public health and safety.

During his time as chief, the administration approved many medicines that did not meet standards, including six fake drugs. One antibiotic allegedly caused the deaths of at least 10 people.

Zheng was the highest level official to be executed in seven years.

The speed with which his appeal was rejected and the death sentence was carried out suggests the authorities wished to make an example of Zheng, as a warning to other would-be bribe-takers. Corruption is rampant in rising China.

But China Confidential sources say Zheng was also executed to silence him. He knew too much about too many sons and daughters of high-ranking Communist Party officials.

The dirty little secret about China’s state sponsored capitalism is that the biggest gains and opportunities are reserved for those with the strongest party–and military–ties.

In addition to Zheng, five other drug supervision officials have also received sentences for corruption ranging from 13 years to life in prison.The measures include ensuring athletes’ food is free of substances that could trigger a positive result in tests for banned performance-enhancing drugs. Many of China’s recent food woes have been tied to the purity of ingredients, flavoring, artificial colors and other additives.

China’s food and drug administration spokeswoman, Yan Jiangying, told reporters on Tuesday that the country’s food and drug safety was “unsatisfactory” and the country was facing a tough situation in supervising standards.

“As a developing country, China’s food and drug supervision work began late and its foundations are weak,” she said. “Therefore, the food and drug safety situation is not something we can be optimistic about.”

Israel Intelligence: Iran Achieving Atomic Aims

Israel Intelligence: Iran Achieving Atomic Aims

Israel’s Military Intelligence says Iran is well on its way to becoming an atomic power.

The agency says the Islamist nation is on track to cross the “technological threshold” enabling it to independently manufacture nuclear weapons within six months to a year and attain nuclear capability as early as mid-2009.

Other Israeli intelligence agencies reportedly take a somewhat more pessimistic view. The famed foreign intelligence service, known as the Mossad, for example, reportedly believes Iran could be less than a year away from both crossing the nuclear threshold and producing an atomic bomb.

Some Israeli analysts believe Iran may already be in possession of one or more radioactive “dirty bombs.”


Republicans Thinking the Unthinkable

They call it the nuclear option, but it has nothing to do with Iran or nuclear power. Instead, the term refers to a last-ditch, desperate move to save the Republican Party from utter defeat and disintegration.

China Confidential has learned that a small but growing number of Republican lawmakers and party insiders are beginning to think the unthinkable–namely, the possibility of supporting the impeachment of both President Bush and Vice President Cheney if the President persists in prolonging the Iraq war beyond the time necessary for an orderly pullout.

Republicans are turning against the war and away from Bush. It would probably take another mega-terrorist attack on the United States–or a successful US attack on Iran’s nuclear and missile facilities–to rally the party and the nation behind the deeply unpopular President.

There is a palpable sense in Washington that a lot of dirt about the war–from the runup and rationale for the invasion to the funneling of funds to post-Saddam factions and secret dealings with Iraqi insurgents–is about to surface.

Most Democrats in Congress still oppose impeachment; but should they change their minds as a result of a new scandal, or pressure from their constituents, they may find a surprising number of Republicans ready to join the bandwagon.

Post Script: The rumor in Paris and Beijing, as China Confidential has reported in ths past, is that sooner or later a prominent Republican party elder will confront Bush and Cheney in order to engineer a so-called silent coup, or Nixon/Ford-style, solution to the US political crisis–i.e. the resignation and replacement of Cheney followed by the resignation of Bush.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The porkers’ club

Yet another Zawahiri message

The idiocy of foreign-language ballots: How do you translate “Hillary Clinton” in Chinese?

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Khudayr Taher: Europe and America Should Deport All Muslims – Including Myself

Khudayr Taher: Europe and America Should Deport All Muslims – Including Myself

Khudayr Taher, an Iraqi Shi’ite writer living in the U.S. and a regular contributor to the liberal Elaph website, had a quite illiberal suggestion – he asked why Europe and America shouldn’t deport their Muslim populations. He wrote:

“Countries have the right to defend themselves and assure their citizens’ safety from terrorism. Likewise, it is clear that the source of the terrorist crimes in Europe and America is the Muslims who live in these countries.

“The security services cannot know people’s intentions and sort out who is the noble immigrant and who is a terrorist criminal. [But] wherever there are Muslims, their presence has produced crimes of terrorism and murder.

“Among those Muslims in Europe and America who do not practice terrorism, most of them do not have loyalty and sincere attachment to these countries that have offered them all of the means of life in dignity – housing, studies, work, and citizenship…

“The legitimate question is this: Since the security services cannot sort out the good immigrant from the bad terrorist… why don’t these countries deport all Muslims, of all races, from Europe and America, and [thus] find rest from the danger of terrorism, and protect their peoples?

“I, as an Arab Muslim immigrant, sincerely call on the countries of Europe and America to deport all Muslims from their territories – including myself, despite my love and my sincere attachment to the U.S…”