“George Bush Has No Intention, NO Intention, Of Pulling The Rug Out From Under General Petraues”

“George Bush Has No Intention, NO Intention, Of Pulling The Rug

Out From Under General Petraues”


William Kristol about 5 minutes ago on Fox News. “There will be a fierce debate in the White House today. …aides are upset about the leaks ( to the New York Times )…there is much talk about whether George Bush should compromise with the Democrats…I have spoken to several aids, and they have told me that George Bush has no intention, no intention, of pulling the rug out from under General Petraeus.”

There was more, and his point was clear: George Bush will not be executing the so-called pre-emptive strike against Democrats by announcing a withdrawal timetable in advance of their own call for one this week. All weekend I watched a lot of high-paid, fancy-suited talking heads on the pundit parade, chattering monkeys promoting what they felt was the brilliant idea that if Bush called for the withdrawal before the Dems did, he would achieve a clear political victory over them. Straight fucking retarded. If he calls for a withdrawal, the Dems will merely say that he finally caved into them, and that if it weren’t for them, he never would’ve done it. There is no such thing as a succesful preempitve suicide strike. Taking the knife from your enemy’s hand and sticking it into your heart can in no way be interpreted as a victory.

I also find it amazing that so much of America’s intelligentsia so blithely assumed that the President of the United States would sell out his country for sheer, short-term political gain. it’s terrifying how many folks are only capable of seeing this war as a domestic political sporting event.

I know now why the enemy has done so well against us. When a man can’t see past his own nose, he’s quite vulnerable to getting punched.

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Jul 9th 2007

Report: Fred! may pick up McCain’s leftovers

Muslims declare sovereignty over U.S., UK

Muslims declare sovereignty over U.S., UK

Anjem Choudary again (and others). You can listen to audio of these statements over at WND. By Art Moore for WorldNetDaily.com (thanks to all who sent this in):

Across town from the site of the recent attempted car-bomb attacks, several thousand Muslims gathered in front of the London Central Mosque to applaud fiery preachers prophesying the overthrow of the British government – a future vision that encompasses an Islamic takeover of the White House and the rule of the Quran over America.”One day my dear Muslims,” shouted Anjem Choudary, “Islam will govern Britain!”

Choudary was a co-founder of Al Muhajiroun, the now-banned group tied to suspects in the July 7, 2005, London transport bombings and a cheerleader of the 9/11 attacks.

“Democracy, hypocrisy,” Choudary chanted as the crowd echoed him. “Tony Blair, terrorist! Tony Blair, murderer! Queen Elizabeth, go to hell!”

The Muslim leader’s charge, along with interviews with protesters and a “literal foaming-at-the-mouth” diatribe by another speaker, were captured on tape June 22 by nationally syndicated talk radio host Rusty Humphries.

Humphries, who was in London with WND Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein, recorded angry Muslim leader Abu Saif, who kept his voice at a fever pitch through declarations such as: “Brothers and sisters, make no mistake. Make no mistake. The British government, the queen, the MPs in this country, they are enemies to you, enemies to Allah and enemies to the Muslims.”

Abu Saif is believed to be a member of the group Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Party of Liberation, which states its aim is to unify Muslims and establish Islamic rule over the world. The group’s Cambridge cell reportedly had tried to recruit the Iraqi doctor now suspected of mounting the attack on Glasgow’s airport June 30. The failed car-bomb assault followed two similar attempts in London the previous day.

Abu Saif spoke with disdain of Blair’s appointment as a special envoy to the Middle East, issuing an apparent threat.

“Inshallah,” meaning “Allah willing,” he told the crowd, Blair will “go to the Middle East as an envoy, and he’ll come back in a box. Inshallah. What box that is, we leave that up to you.”

Humphries estimated nearly 3,000 Muslims were gathered in front of the mosque in north London June 22, after Friday prayers, to protest Queen Elizabeth’s knighting of Indian author Salman Rushdie, the target of a death-sentence fatwa for “insulting” Islam’s prophet Muhammad in his 1988 book “The Satanic Verses.”

For Humphries, the response of the Muslims at Islam’s largest house of worship in the UK was telling.

“Not one said, ‘You’re not speaking for me’ or ‘Not in my name.’ They stood there and watched and applauded,” he told WND.

Read it all.

Islam is a religion of blood and brutality

Islam is a religion of blood and brutality

By Ted Belman

If you are not familiar with Faith freedom, you should be. Is is run by ex-Muslims, and that means they are not “moderates” or “reformers”.

Of particular note is their Picture Gallery and as we know a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Doctors of Death

Doctors of Death
By Andrew G. Bostom
FrontPageMagazine.com | July 9, 2007

The London and Glasgow terror attacks have highlighted the prominent role played by Muslim physicians during the global resurgence of jihad witnessed over the past four decades. Although such violent actions targeting innocent life were openly sanctioned by Osama bin Laden’s Muslim physician mentor, Abdallah Azzam, (and indeed the London/Glasgow plots may have been approved by Bin Laden himself), they represent the most profound violation of basic medical ethics, and what it means to be a physician.  

Canadian-born physician Sir William Osler, MD (1849-1919) revolutionized the teaching and training curricula of North American medical schools. Within 7-months of his death on December 29, 1919, Osler delivered a lecture entitled, “The Old Humanities and the New Science” celebrating the strong humanistic aspirations of modern medicine even in the face of the tragic carnage of World War I. He observed that, 

The dynamo replaced the steam-engine, radiant energy revealed the hidden secrets of matter, to the conquest of the earth was added the control of the air and the mastery of the deep. Nor was it only an Age of Force. Never before had man done so much for his brother, the victory over the powers of Nature meant also glorious victories of peace; pestilences were checked, the cry of the poor became articulate, and to help the life of the submerged half became a sacred duty of the other. 

The fulminant recrudescence of jihadism during the latter half of the 20th century through the present, has been accompanied by a grotesque distortion of Osler’s vision: a burgeoning cadre of Muslim physicians—epitomized by those linked to the recent London and Glasgow terror plots —lacking the most basic professional and personal ethics, have adopted a warped credo, albeit consistent with the doctrine of jihad war, which has been aptly characterized as “terror is healing”. Indeed, even the much lionized “progressive” Muslim theologian Mahmoud Muhammad Taha, who was hanged (1985) as an “apostate” in a transparent act of political oppression by the Sudanese government, and recently hailed  by journalist George Packer as the “anti-(Islamic fundamentalist Sayyid) Qutb”, made the following hideous analogy between jihad war, and the surgical instrument of healing, a physician’s lancet/scalpel:  

Islam used persuasion for thirteen years in propagating its clearly valid message…When the addressees failed to discharge properly the[ir] duties…the Prophet was appointed as their guardian…once they embraced the new religion [i.e., by coercion]…the sword was suspended…and [they] were penalized according to new laws. Hence the development of Islamic Shari’a law… 

In justifying the use of the sword, we may describe it as a surgeon’s lancet, and not a butcher’s knife…We [the Muslims] have enacted fighting with the sword in order to curtail the freedom  of those who abuse it, so the sword brings them to their senses, thereby allowing them to earn their freedom and benefit from their life [note: “freedom as perfect slavery to Allah”, the Sufi notion of Ibn Arabi, perhaps?]   

    Suffering death by the sword in this life is really an aspect of suffering hell in the next life, since both are punishments for disbelief…for the disbelievers the law of war, and hardship of iron 

Seminal jihadist ideologue Abdallah Azzam, a Palestinian Muslim physician, and Osama bin Laden’s primary religious instuctor, represents the apotheosis of this modern jihad terrorist “healer” as murderer mentality.  But Azzam is merely representative of an entire genre of like-minded Muslim physicians, as catalogued briefly by the indefatigable lawyer and investigative journalist Debbie Schlussel 

  • Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri–Al-Qaeda mastermind and number two man, reportedly a surgeon and/or psychiatrist;
  • Dr. Mohammad Rabi Al-Zawahiri–Ayman’s father and a Muslim Brotherhood enthusiast, pharmacologist and professor at Ain Shams Medical School;
  • Dr. “Abu Hafiza”–Al-Qaeda master planner who was the brains and commander of the Moroccan cell that provided logistics for the 9/11 attacks, and he recruited Qaeda insurgents for battles in Fallujah, Moroccan psychiatrist;
  • Dr. Abdel Aziz Al-Rantisi–Late HAMAS leader, pediatrician;
  • Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar–HAMAS co-founder and leader, surgeon and lecturer at the Islamic University in Gaza;
  • Dr. Fathi Abd Al-Aziz Shiqaqi–Late founder of Islamic Jihad and active in Fatah, physician;
  • Drs. Laila Al-Marayati and Riad Abdelkarim–Both work with and/or are top officials of KinderUSA (son of the Holy Land Foundation), which Al-Marayati voluntarily shutdown before the FBI did, as it was openly funding HAMAS “martyrs.” Abdelkarim went to “Palestine” in May or so of 2002 with Dr. Dallel Mohammed (not an MD). They took monies collected at an April 2002 fundraiser and were caught by Israeli security handing over the funds to a HAMAS operative. They were detained in an Israeli jail, and a large orgy of publicity ensued. The two came back to the U.S. as Muslim “martyrs” used it to raise money for more.
  • Dr. Mohammed Jamil Abdelqader Asha–a 26-year-old neurologist who was arrested and is in custody as a suspect in the attempted London bombings, foiled Friday. He was born in Saudi Arabia, is of Palestinian origin, and has a Jordanian passport. His 27-year-old wife, a medical assistant, was also arrested for the foiled bombings;
  • Dr. Bilal Talal Abdul Samad Abdulla–an Iraqi from Baghdad who was also arrested and is in custody as a suspect in the attempted Glasgow International Airport bombing, foiled Saturday. He was reportedly in the Jeep that drove into the airport, and is suffering from third-degree burns;
  • Dr. Mohammed Haneef–an Indian Muslim arrested in Australia on Monday night in custody as a suspect in the attempted British terrorist bombing plots of last week; and the remainder of the eight London/Glasgow terror suspects.

Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Ohio chapter board chair Dr. Mobin-Uddin in her deceitful and treacly apologetic, “Betrayal of Our Faith”, ignored this ugly living legacy of Muslim physicians serving as leaders of murderous jihad terror organizations, and expressed “outrage” with those she maintains only “profess” to be Muslims. To support this latter dubious claim she trotted out a disingenuously redacted summary of Koran 5:32, which according to her, “equates saving one life with saving the lives of all of humanity.”  

The entire verse Koran 5:32 , quoted in full context, with the intimately related verse, Koran 5:33 comprises a dire warning to Jews, admonishing them “Behave, or else”.  

(5:32) Therefore We prescribed for the Children of Israel that whoso slays a soul not to retaliate for a soul slain, nor for corruption done in the land, shall be as if he had slain mankind altogether; and whoso gives life to a soul, shall be as if he has given life to mankind altogether. Our Messengers have already come to them with the clear signs; then many of them thereafter commit excesses in the earth. (5:33) This is the recompense of those who fight against God and His Messenger, and hasten about the earth, to do corruption there: they shall be slaughtered, or crucified, or their hands and feet shall alternately be struck off; or they shall be banished from the land. That is a degradation for them in this world; and in the world to come awaits them a mighty chastisement  

Thus Koran 5:32/33, as Ibn Warraq has noted , do not abjure violence, instead they aggressively make clear that anyone opposing the Muslim prophet Muhammad will be killed, crucified, mutilated, or banished. These Koranic verses are in fact a perversion of the noble sentiments expressed earlier in Mishna, Sanhedrin, IV, 5:  

Thus was created a single man, to teach us that every person who loses a single soul, it shall be written about him as if he has lost the entire world, and every person who sustains a single soul, it shall be written, about him as if he has sustained the entire world. 

The ugly and dangerous contemporary phenomenon of Muslim physician-jihadists represents a complete distortion of Sir Wlliam Osler’s noble early 20th century vision. This phenomenon is but a particularly heinous manifestation of the jihad ideology wreaking bloody havoc across the globe. Intellectual honesty, not continued Muslim denial and deceit, offer the only hope for initiating a long and difficult recovery from the fully recrudescent scourge of jihad. The late Sudanese leader John Garang posed for all mankind the apposite existential question: 

Is the call for jihad against a particular people a religious right of those calling for it, or is it a human rights violation against the people upon whom jihad is declared and waged? 


The Fifth Column Left Rushes to Defend Iran

The Fifth Column Left Rushes to Defend Iran
By Thomas Ryan
FrontPageMagazine.com | July 9, 2007

The day after the United States celebrated its Independence, two American soldiers were killed in south Baghdad by an explosive projectile provided to Iraqi insurgents by Iran; in June, NATO officials caught Iran shipping heavy arms and C4 explosives to the Taliban in Afghanistan; earlier this year, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for the annihilation of Israel. With these facts, there can be little doubt about Iran’s virulent intentions. However, as the evidence against the Islamic Republic mounts, so are the groups speaking out in its defense, and now those same people who so fervidly defended Saddam’s Iraq are once again working to protect another unholy terror.

In 2004, radical activist Medea Benjamin announced that her group Code Pink, which was started to seek the “end the war in Iraq,” would help in donating a combined $600,000 in cash and medical supplies to the families of the terrorist insurgents who were fighting American troops in Fallujah. In recent months, Code Pink has begun a new campaign, titled “Prevent War with Iran!” “In recent years,” Code Pink’s website states, “the media has damaged Iran’s image so badly that when people hear the name of Iran, they only picture black chadors, terrorism, and ayatollahs. These stereotypes are being constructed to make it easier for governments to attack Iran with public approval.” With this belief, the organization is distributing flyers urging individuals to call their Congress members to vote against a war with Iran. One Code Pink activist is currently on a hunger strike, following Senator Joe Lieberman’s expressed belief that the U.S. should be prepared to take “aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq.”


Other groups have initiated petitions in an effort to thwart an attack on another Middle Eastern country. Peace Action, the nation’s largest “grassroots peace and justice group,” as well as the group’s collegiate arm, the Student Peace Action Network, has begun a national petition drive against a military attack on Iran. The pre-written letter, which Peace Action is asking individuals to sign, is addressed to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and states:


Iran’s current nuclear energy program is within [the Iranian’s] rights under international law. Even if Iran decided to build a nuclear weapon, experts agree that it would take several years.  There is no crisis, and our government should not create one with inflammatory rhetoric or military threats that increase the incentive to develop nuclear weapons rather than reduce them.

 It’s more than paradoxical that Peace Action would give a pass to Iran’s eagerness to develop nuclear weaponry, when the organization itself grew out of two organizations vehemently opposed to nuclear proliferation: the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy and the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, both Soviet-sponsored initiatives which sought to strip the U.S. of its defense arsenal during the Cold War. Peace Action, were also at the forefront of the movement against a war with Saddam, coordinating anti-Gulf War marches in 1991, and civil disobedience actions and protest rallies in 2002 and 2003. 

Following in the footsteps of the anti-war and anti-sanctions group Voices in the Wilderness, which in the 1990’s made regular trips to Iraq, the “social, economic and environmental justice” organization Global Exchange has been conducting “Reality Tours” to Iran since 2000. The organization states that its “Reality Tours endow participants with a new vantage point from which to view and affect US foreign policy.” Their next trip, which costs participants $2,150, is slated to begin on July 7th and is being titled “Citizen Diplomacy.” Global Exchange’s write-up on the expedition states:


In this time of increased political tension between the U.S. and Iran, American travel to this misunderstood country helps establish the people-to-people ties that facilitate understanding and peace between the countries.


In its promotion of such trips to Iran, which the group believes is “extremely hospitable to Americans,” Global Exchange fails to mention Iran’s recent detention of four American peace activists who had been visiting the country. They also fail to address the status of former F.B.I. agent Robert Levinson, who has been missing in Iran since March. In their efforts to promote “alternative, educational travel,” the organization also coordinates additional “Reality Tours” to Afghanistan, Cuba, Palestine, and Venezuela.


The Fellowship of Reconciliation, a Christian pacifist group, has as well made a number of trips to Iran in recent years. Of one recent tour, Rev. Barbara E. Dua said,Those making the trip to Iran believe that it is more important now [than] ever to support dialogue between Iran and the U.S. We desire peace and do not want the U.S. to go to war again based on erroneous information.” In the lead-up to the 2003 war against Saddam, the organization regularly condemned U.S. aggression but fell short of mentioning the seventeen United Nations Security Council Resolutions Saddam’s regime violated which, had they been followed, would have prevented the Iraq War. They also denounced the deaths of Iraqi civilians, whose blood they believe is on U.S. hands, but failed to deplore Saddam’s murdering of hundreds of thousands of his own countrymen.


Also contemplating a visit to Iran this October is Michael Moore. Iran has purportedly invited the leftist documentary filmmaker to take part in the country’s “Reality Cinema” film festival, where he’s been asked to show his film Sicko. According the Huffington Post, the invitation to attend had been handed down by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad himself. Moore’s sympathies have always lay with America’s enemies: “The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation,” he has declared, “are not ‘insurgents’ or ‘terrorists’ or ‘The Enemy.’ They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow – and they will win.”

 Meanwhile, while Global Exchange, Michael Moore, and the Fellowship of Reconciliation are planning trips to the Islamic Republic, a group of Iranian athletes are traveling across the globe, including stops in the U.S., to spread Iran’s “message of peace.” Miles for Peace is an assemblage of Iranian cyclists that is traveling to cities in Italy, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. “to communicate the pacifist message of Iranian people to other nations around the world.” In an interview, one of the cyclists, Ali Nasri, said: 

We do not want a single bomb to drop on Iran. We don’t want a single human killed…Perhaps before the attacks on Iraq, the Iraqi community did not have the facilities to speak out against the war by going to the US or they were not as strong as the Iranian community. There was talk of Saddam being behind 9/11 which many believed. Yet the Iraqis themselves were not as loud in saying how evidence was being fabricated to justify the attack and the invasion of their country. We are in the same situation today. Because of some undiplomatic rhetoric from certain politicians in Iran the whole country is shown as if it has built a nuclear bomb and its finger is on the red button ready to push.


Ironically, two weeks earlier, on June 3rd 2007, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad touted the pressing of a “countdown button” which would bring about “the destruction of the Zionist regime” of Israel. “By God’s will,” Ahmadinejad pronounced, “we will witness the destruction of this regime in the near future.” This is certainly not the talk of a peace-loving people.