Watch ‘Two Weeks in May’ about Sderot: It will make you angry!

Watch ‘Two Weeks in May’ about Sderot: It will make you angry!

by Jerry Gordon

Noam Bedein of the Sderot Media Center sent me his latest film: “Two Weeks in May’ about the intense Kassem barrage that occurred in Sderot. Watch this 11 minute film. It is powerful, devastating and emotional gripping.

Noam’s narrative is ‘impactful’ as one reviewer, Doris Wise of Los Angeles, said in an email to me about this latest production from the Sderot Media Center.

The images are enough to tear your hearts out: Sderot residents cowering, desperately scrambling to get what little protection they can in less than 15 seconds when the ‘seva adom’ or ‘Color Red’ alert sounds. You’ll see the destroyed synagogues, homes, lost and wrecked lives, the cries of ‘ima’ –mother- by terrified and traumatized children.

As you recover from watching this video, the emotion left is anger. Anger that a government of the State of Israel could let this happen to its own people, day in and day out, year after year. But what does it say about the people of Israel who would let this happen to their fellow citizens?

Something is dreadfully wrong in Israel and it has to be purged. We at Israpundit have been relentless in our pursuit of acknowledging this injustice to fellow Israeli citizens in Sderot time and again over the past several months. It is a ‘shander’- a shame to hear comments from Bedein in the narrative of this film that it is, “as if Sderot was not considered part of Israel”. A shander that two thirds of Sderot’s citizens had to be evacuated during the May Kassem barrages.

Now, there is silence, but the ‘color red ‘ alerts will sound again as Kassem rockets and perhaps worse will be launched from nearby Beit Hanoun and other locations in Gaza-Hamastan.

Israel has to stop the rocket attacks.

Israel needs to silence the ‘color red’ alerts forever, as the children of Sderot fervently hope.

The Olmert Kadima government is incompetent, shameless and the Israeli public who support this travesty by their silence are equally at fault.

What to do?

For a start, circulate this film’s weblink so that tens of thousands of consciences are seared, emotions are roused to confront the State of Israel and its representatives here in North America. They need to be reminded of this calumny, hourly, daily, week after week until the Kassem are silenced.

Then, those of you in Boston and New York should see and hear Noam Bedein and especially watch presentations by the Children of Sderot. A delegation of whom are at several summer camps in New England funded and sponsored by those ‘shtarkers‘ -heroes- of the Russian Jewish Community Foundation of Waltham, Massachusetts. Included in his terrific group are Rabbi Dan Rodkin of Shiloh House in Brighton, and indefatigable Cornell University student Masha Rifkin – a Sderot Media Center intern- and her mother Inna Rifkin.

Bedein will be arriving in the U.S. this week and will be speaking at the Clifton, NJ “Y” on Sunday, July 15th at 7:30PM in an event organized by activist Buddy Macy with the auspices of the local Federation.

We are also endeavoring to get Bedein on the platform at the ‘monster rally’ on Monday 16th at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza in Manhattan near UN headquarters sponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, the United Jewish Communities – Jewish Federation of New York, and American Zionist Movement to demonstrate the solidarity of Sderot residents with the three kidnapped IDF Soldiers, Galid Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev.

Later, on July 30th, the Sderot children will make a presentation and tell their painful stories at the Brooklyn College Hillel at 5:00PM. We hope that Mayor Bloomberg of New York, who visited Sderot in solidarity, will also receive a delegation of these children at City Hall in lower Manhattan visually communicating to a wide audience their travail.

Chaverim on the west coast are making preparations for similar events with city and state officials in Los Angeles, when Bedein is scheduled to travel west to tell the Sderot story in late August and early September.

Other chaverim are arranging for the transport of Kassem rocket wreckage from Israel to the US, design and deployment of a traveling multi-media exhibit. Fred Taub in Cleveland calls this traveling exhibit the ‘Sderot Express,” so that Americans can see evidence of the daily threats to Sderot residents. They will be encouraged to contact Israeli consul general’s to express their dismay at the lack of defensive actions.

We hope to include in the proposed traveling exhibit something that can be used effectively as Lori Lowenthal Marcus has advocated – a portable Lifeshield shelter approved by the State of Israel for deployment. Funds have to be raised for providing these portable shelters.

But in the end it is the citizens of Israel who must rise up and say ‘enough’. Enough of the trauma for Sderot, enough of doing nothing to save endangered Jewish lives from Islamist terror. Israel must strike back and destroy the Kassem rocket threat so no more ‘sevra adom ‘ color red alerts sound and the Children of Sderot can smile again, run and laugh.

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One Response to “Watch ‘Two Weeks in May’ about Sderot: It will make you angry!”

  1. Ha Tikvah Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this up – although I’ve heard much about this issue, this is the first time I’ve actually seen it firsthand. Again, while I support Israel and the Jews as God has commanded, I absolutely detest this secular humanist government that has so little regard for its own citizens it continually capitulates in all the wrong areas, while doing nothing to support and maintain the integrity of the Land as a whole. However, God is in His Holy Habitation and He alone has the control of all that happens to His people, and He waits on them to truly seek Him and give Him the Glory He alone is due. They have a tougher future yet ahead of them as further prophecies are fulfilled in the very near future. Peace, when it finally comes, will be a far worse situation for them (spiritually) than where they are at now, but eventually their Messiah will indeed come to save them and finally the peace they so desperately seek will be theirs and the worlds with them! Marantha, Come Lord Jesus. Blessings, TKR. 🙂

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