Breaking: TERROR ATTACK AT SCOTTLAND AIRPORT: SUV Rams Gates Of Glasgow Airport And Blows Up


Gates Of Glasgow Airport And Blows Up

Jeep Cherokee full of gas cans drives into Terminal #1 in failed attempt to kill passengers ***UPDATE: Police Now Officially Characterizing It As A Terrorist Event, 10 AM PST***

Eyewitness on Sky TV: Car was full of gas cans. Driver and passenger were throwing gasoline all around the scene after they crashed the SUV into the terminal door. After ramming an airport gate, the guy charged the terminal as flames began to burst from the vehicle, and angled it in order to best ram through the glass terminal door and kill passengers inside. One man from the vehicle burst into flames. Amidst the fire and chaos, the terrorists were wrestled to the ground by Taxi drivers and passengers.

Passenger Eyewitness: “Things like that happen in England all the time. You never expect it here in little Glasgow. There were no police around right away.”

INJURIES REPORTED: “There were people injured, because I’ve seen them lying on the road; I was standing next to departures, I heard a great big massive bang, and then all the folk from departures were running through arrivals.”

Another Eyewitness: “They wrestled him to the ground – the fire was burning through his clothes – and finally put him out with a fire extinguisher.”

Another eyewitness said one of the men had tried to open the boot of the vehicle but was not successful.”Police tried to restrain him but the guy was quite strong and he started fighting off the police,” he said.


Sky Update: Two people have now been arrested.


English Prime Minister’s Statement: “We are monitoring the events in Glasgow”

Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.’s Reaction: “What’s important to understand from this, is that we are at war. We are at war with Global terrorism.”


Factoids: Glasgow Airport caters primarily to short-haul flights, and lacks the security of major airports. It has no concrete airport barriers.
One British report described the men as “Asian” which is a common British term for Pakistanis
Britain estimates there are 2,000 “potential Islamist terrorists” living in the U.K.

Sky News

Burning Car In Airport Terminal
Updated: 16:23, Saturday June 30, 2007

A jeep has driven into the terminal building at Glasgow airport and caught fire, police have confirmed.

Witnesses reported hearing a series of loud “bangs” and saw a man on fire.

The scene
It is thought a Cherokee 4×4 smashed through security barriers at the airport, the busiest in Scotland.

Police say it is too early to say whether the incident – which comes after failed car bomb attacks on London – was related to terrorism.

James Edgar told Sky News: “People were running past like they has missed their flight.

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Jun 29th 2007

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