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How Long Are We Going To Remain Too Politically Scared To Face Our Resposnsibility And Attack Iran?

How Long Are We Going To Remain Too Politically Scared To Face

Our Resposnsibility And Attack Iran?

Brits: “Our Boys picked up the Iranian helicopters on radar crossing into empty desert ( of Iraq )”. The sightings have been confirmed to The Sun by very senior military sources. “We have hard proof that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps have crossed the border to attack us. It is very hard for us to strike back. All we can do is try to defend ourselves. We are badly on the back foot.”


How long can we afford to pretend we are not at war with Iran, to allow them to kill our troops and destroy the process of stabilization in Iraq? Those who know better, the President, the Republican House and Senate, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, are all too afraid for their political lives to do their duty. This cannot stand. The lives of our troops remain in the balance, and many have died due to our lack of action.

IRANIAN forces are being choppered over the Iraqi border to bomb Our Boys, intelligence chiefs say.

Military experts claim this worrying move means we are at WAR with Iran in all but name.

Last night an intelligence source told The Sun: “It is an extremely alarming development and raises the stakes considerably. In effect, it means we are in a full on war with Iran — but nobody has officially declared it.

“We have hard proof that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps have crossed the border to attack us.

“It is very hard for us to strike back. All we can do is try to defend ourselves. We are badly on the back foot.”

Our Boys picked up the Iranian helicopters on radar crossing into empty desert.

The sightings have been confirmed to The Sun by very senior military sources.

At least two Brit squaddies are thought to have been killed by bombs planted during these incursions into Maysan province — Corporal Ben Leaning, 24, and Trooper Kristen Turton, 27.

A further 44 British deaths have also been linked to the highly advanced bombs, rockets and mortars which originated in Iran.

Coming so swiftly after the kidnap of 15 Royal Navy sailors in the Gulf, our revelation will send strained relations between London and Tehran plummeting further.

Until now, secret units from Iran’s fanatical RGC have restricted themselves to just training and arming Shia rebels in Iraq.

They include the al Quds Brigade — a secretive force tasked to spread Islamic revolution abroad who are the main backers for Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and are also active in Palestine and northern Iraq.

An MoD spokeswoman said: “There is evidence that explosive devices used against our troops in southern Iraq originated in Iran.

“Any Iranian link to armed militias in Iraq either through weapons supply, training or funding are unacceptable.

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U.S. Troops Target Iranian Bomb Networks South Of Baghdad

U.S. Troops Target Iranian Bomb Networks South Of Baghdad

Newly arrived U.S. troops southeast of Baghdad are destroying boats on the Tigris River and targeting networks believed to be bringing powerful roadside bombs from Iran as the military cracks down on extremists from all directions

patrol boat tigris

Newly arrived U.S. troops southeast of Baghdad are destroying boats on the Tigris River and targeting networks believed to be bringing powerful roadside bombs from Iran as the military cracks down on extremists from all directions, military officials said.

In addition, a top U.S. commander warned on Monday that three or four times more Iraqi security forces are needed to sustain the progress in clearing the area and stanching the flow of arms and makeshift bombs into the capital.

Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, whose command covers the southern rim of Baghdad and mostly Shiite areas to the south, said the reinforcements who arrived as part of a troop buildup have had success in rooting out militants from their sanctuaries and preventing them from fleeing the area in an operation called Marne Torch—one of a quartet of offensives in the capital and surrounding areas.

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Iranians cross border into Iraq

Shamnesty on the Senate floor, afternoon edition…Reid invokes 9/11 (gag me)

The Truth About Guantanamo

NBC’s Body Armor Embarrassment

NBC’s Body Armor Embarrassment
By Tom Donnelly
The Weekly Standard | June 26, 2007

ONE OF THE RECURRING themes of press coverage of the Long War, and particularly the conflict in Iraq, is that soldiers are victims. According to this trope, soldiers and Marines are sacrificing themselves in a cause already lost, by an administration that cares little for the men and women in uniform. The proof of this last proposition was demonstrated to the media’s satisfaction long ago, and confirmed for them in former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s proclamation that we went to war with the force we had rather than the one we’d liked to have.

Exhibit number one in the press’s case for the prosecution was the question of armor protection for soldiers–not only armor for trucks and Humvees but individual body armor. Facts have never been allowed to get in the way of these stories–nor have questions about the tradeoffs between mobility and protection –and, if a recent report by NBC’s Lisa Myers is any indication, they still aren’t. In Myers’s report, done in the classic “I-team” TV investigative style, NBC paid for an independent ballistics test comparing something called Dragon Skin body armor (so-called because it is made up of overlapping ceramic discs) with the Interceptor body armor now being worn by soldiers.

Far from being a case of independent investigation, the report smells more like a piece of special pleading. Dragon Skin is made by Pinnacle Body Armor, whose chief executive, Murray Neal, has long complained that the Army has been lying about his product. According to Myers, “In our limited testing at a renowned ballistics lab in Germany, Dragon Skin was able to defeat more bullets than the Army’s Interceptor and did so with significantly less body trauma.”

Employing yet another media-catnip tactic, Neal and his PR team have convinced some concerned parents that there may be something better than what the Army is supplying their children; they in turn have agitated for Congress to intervene. The House Armed Services Committee’s once-moderate Democratic chairman Rep. Ike Skelton–whose son is a soldier, and who is apparently competing for the Iraq “oversight” job with more reliably left Rep. Henry Waxman–dutifully responded to the NBC broadcast by holding a hearing on the subject of body armor. Alas, the story soon deviated from the script.

In testimony to the committee, the Air Force related its history with Dragon Skin. While researching flexible body armor, the Air Force purchased some Dragon Skin for evaluation. However, after being notified of Dragon Skin test failures, the Air Force requested a live fire test, which Dragon Skin failed, resulting in a recall of all its Dragon Skin. As it happens, the Army has had a similar experience. It had purchased some Dragon Skin vests for use by its Criminal Investigations Command, but recalled the vests in April 2006, not only because of test failures, but because of false certification claims. Finally, under questioning from the committee’s ranking Republican, Duncan Hunter, once an infantryman in Vietnam, one of NBC’s “experts,” upon hearing of the Army’s experience, allowed that Dragon Skin was “not ready for prime time.”

The NBC report, too, included questionable claims–and its tests were indeed “limited,” falling far short of military standards. In fact, Pinnacle’s Dragon Skin body armor has been tested a total of six times by the military, four times by the Army, and once each by the Air Force and Marines. It has failed every time.

On the Army’s website you can see footage of Pinnacle’s Murray Neal peering into a hole in ballistic clay–which simulates the human body–after a test round made a full penetration of his product. The Army standard is, not surprisingly, zero penetrations. According to the Army, Dragon Skin suffered 13 penetrations out of 48 test shots. The service also provided NBC with the results from a May 2006 test showing that Dragon Skin failed Army testing, “miserably” in the words of Brig. Gen. Mark Brown of the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground.

But why let the facts get in the way when you’re retelling a story that fits the accepted narrative? The press and the leadership of the Democratic party, in the throes of an extended Vietnam flashback, have decided the war is lost. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid even thinks he knows what’s going on in Baghdad better than does Gen. David Petraeus, the commander on the scene. But the media and the Democrats still fear that their defeatist attitudes may alienate people in uniform, or Americans more broadly. Thus the need to cast soldiers as victims. The only victim in the body army story, though, is the truth.

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Fitzgerald: What the presidential candidates should do

Fitzgerald: What the presidential candidates should do

Fred Thompson has denounced CAIR. Good. Now Thompson has to inject into the public discourse the word “Jizyah” — he, or Tancredo, or others. That word, and what it means, has to be introduced into the national consciousness. Merely using it in a speech, or in speech after speech, and explaining its meaning, will do much to rectify the complete failure of the Bush Administration — from which all Republican candidates, to be successful, should be distancing themselves as noisily and publicly as possible — to educate, to instruct, the public about Islam.

Instead, Administration officials continue nattering on about how splendid Islam itself is. Only a “handful,” they say — oh, they’re a handful all right – of the “radical wing of the Islamist wing of the extremist wing” (fill up the page, printer, with more of the same) have “hijacked a great religion.” That is why we are apparently, as long as Bush and Rice and others are in power, condemned to being instructed that we are fighting a “war on terror.”

Those candidates for President should begin to demand an end to the “payment of the disguised Jizyah of aid.” They should explain that the forcible diversion of non-Muslim taxpayers’ money by their own government elites (who are ignorant, confused, not knowing what or how to deal with Islam, either abroad or within the Western world) is wrong. The diversion of money from non-Muslim states to Muslim regimes and peoples is exactly the wrong thing to do. For that aid simply increases the opportunities for corruption, and corruption, in turn, always leads to those who are not in on the corruption to turn to Islam as their solace.

As Islam is the belief-system, the only one possible, that serves as a prism through which to view that corruption, they declare it un-Islamic — to which the only answer is not merely “more honesty” but rather “more Islam.” And the answer — of Hamas, of the Ikhwan in Egypt — of “more Islam” always makes things more dangerous for Infidels, whatever its effect within the states of Dar al-Islam. When that aid from Infidels is not only squandered, but pocketed by the Arafats and Mahmoud Abbases, the Mubaraks (father and son) and others in the ruling group, this wins no “hearts and minds” among the population. That population sees the corruption. For that matter, it wins no hearts and no minds among the corrupt rulers themselves.

There is no gratitude and there cannot be, given the hostility toward Infidels inculcated by the Total Belief-System of Islam, which divides the world uncompromisingly between Believer and Infidel. And the payment of this Jizyah does two other things. It sets up the idea in the minds of Muslims who receive the aid that it is theirs by right, it is owed to them by the Infidels. And they act according to that belief. Just look at the “Palestinian” Arabs using such absurd terms as “embargo” and “boycott” to describe the refusal of Infidel states to give aid to Hamas, or to a Hamas-linked government. What a peculiar definition — though not too peculiar, apparently, for Western media not to repeat without question such words — to apply to a halt in foreign aid that the Muslim recipients have done nothing to deserve. They have been on the permanent UNRWA dole for nearly sixty years, with the roles constantly expanding. They now exhibit the bland assumption that they will always be taken care of by others. This assumption comes naturally, as do those long hours of idleness, with hubble-bubble pipes and dominos and endless hours of television relieved only by marching around and constantly planning attacks, and sometimes carrying them out, against the perfidious Israelis. Those Israelis, meanwhile, were without any aid at all before 1967, and took in millions of impoverished Jewish refugees from the Arab lands (more Jews fled Arab lands than the reverse), from Russia, from Ethiopia, and several dozen other countries.

The payment by Infidels, the further transfer of wealth beyond the ten trillion dollars paid to OPEC Muslim nations since 1973, also has a bad affect on the donors. They have come to act as if, and apparently to believe, that they simply must continue such payments if at all possible, for it is their duty. The absurdity of this, when Saudi Arabia alone takes in, quite undeservedly, nearly one billion dollars a day, and when the money piles up in Kuwait and the Emirates and Qatar, and yet the Muslims lift not a finger to help their fellow Muslims except for payments to suicide bombers and for every kind of weaponry and propaganda campaigns directed against Israel or other Infidel states, needs to be recognized.

Everyone is waiting for a Presidential candidate to start speaking about such things truthfully. And if he does so while also distancing himself from Tarbaby Iraq, showing why it makes no sense in the larger scheme of things in the war of self-defense against the Jihad, such a candidate is likely to be unbeatable.

And should be.

Having Your “Fix” And Eating It Too


Having Your “Fix” And Eating It Too

by Bob Parks


So, Miss Hillary and Miss Barbara are tired of that right wing radio and are thinking about how to legislatively “fix” the problem. Well, it seems the progressive left not only wants to muffle talk radio, but boost their own voices and not have to worry that no one wants to pay for their “product.”

On the Friday June 22nd Democracy Now! television program, hostess Amy Goodman interviewed Hannah Sassaman of the Prometheus Radio Project, which she hopes will help small, low-powered radio stations in urban areas spring up, and get “information” out to the community. Sounds like a good idea on its face, but when you consider what Clinton and Boxer have planned for profitable talk radio programming, one need examine what Ms. Sassaman and Prometheus really have up their sleeves.

Before we get to the interview, Hannah’s bio from the Prometheus website….

media6.jpeg Hannah Sassaman – For five years, Hannah Sassaman has led campaigns against Clear Channel, the National Association of Broadcasters, and for responsible limits on media consolidation in the United States. A key organizer of major FCC localism hearings in San Antonio and Rapid City in 2004, as well as in Nashville in 2006, Hannah is just back from building 3 radio stations across Kenya with independent African journalists, community organizations and educational groups. In 2005, she helped coordinate the successful building of an FCC-licensed emergency radio station used by families displaced by Hurricane Katrina. She has been featured in segments on NPR’s On the Media, Democracy Now, CNN, C-Span, and a variety of other TV, radio, and print sources. Fresh to Prometheus from the Philadelphia IMC and the University of Pennsylvania, Hannah is banned from all official National Association of Broadcasters events.”

Okay then….

AMY GOODMAN: As concern over media consolidation intensifies, a series of developments have occurred in Washington that could result in the creation of hundreds, if not thousands, of new non-commercial radio stations. On Thursday, Congressmembers Mike Doyle and Lee Terry introduced the Local Community Radio Act of 2007 to allow the FCC to grant more licenses to low-power FM stations. A similar bill is being introduced in the Senate. Meanwhile, the FCC is opening the door for new noncommercial and education full-power radio stations. The FCC has announced there will be a weeklong window beginning in mid-October for applications to be filed.

To talk more about these developments, Hannah Sassaman joins us here in the firehouse studio. She’s the program director of Prometheus Radio Project. Welcome.

HANNAH SASSAMAN: Thank you so much.

AMY GOODMAN: So explain this bill.

HANNAH SASSAMAN: Well, it’s really exciting. And listening to the headlines that you just read just now, it really makes me think how many communities out there, especially urban communities, don’t have their own news, aren’t able to communicate the diverse information that happens in their communities. Senators John McCain and Maria Cantwell, as well as Congressmembers Mike Doyle and Lee Terry — so these are bipartisan teams — just introduced the Local Community Radio Act of 2007. What this bill will do, if passed, is it will let the FCC grant hundreds, if not thousands of new community radio stations in urban areas.

Is there any leftist cause McCain ISN’T involved in…?

HANNAH SASSAMAN: When the FCC established the low-power FM radio service, low-power FM, groups in cities like New Orleans, Minneapolis, Albuquerque, San Francisco, would have been able to have their own community radio stations. One fantastic group, the Hmong Community Art Center in Minneapolis, was raring to go. They were about to build their station, but because the National Association of Broadcasters, which is the large lobbying agency that represents Clear Channel, Cumulus, ABC, all the big broadcasters, worked together with NPR to convince Congress that low-power FM, if you built these community stations — 100 watts — in big cities would interfere with large stations of 50,000 watts or higher. So Congress limited low-power FM to towns like Opelousas, Louisiana, rather than New Orleans, and Oroville, California, rather than San Francisco.

media2.jpg These bills would reverse that ban, taking into account essential research conducted by the FCC that proves there’s plenty of room for these stations. Now is the time when we have to act to let thousands of communities have their own community radio.

Okay, so it’s starting to come out in drips and drabs. Corporate radio is the bad guy. No one is willing to pay for liberal radio that no one listens to, SO let’s get the taxpayers to give us stations for free!  Ain’t that always how it works with these people?

Let’s continue….

AMY GOODMAN: How do people find out about it? How do people apply to get a community radio station?

HANNAH SASSAMAN: After Congress — well, first of all, Congress needs to get these bills passed. And there are thousands of community members and many, many strong organizations, everyone from the Christian Coalition to Free Press to the Future of Music Coalition to Consumers Union and many, many other groups, are letting people know that these bills are on the table.

Mention the Christian Coalition to make her come off as fair and non-partisan….

Once these bills are passed, the FCC will announce a licensing window, when any noncommercial group, whether you’re a community church, a department of transportation, a chamber of commerce or a school, you can talk to the FCC, fill out your form and get a free license, in order to serve your community with essential information.

One of the stories I really like to tell is of WQRZ-LP in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. When Hurricane Katrina made landfall at ground zero, basically, in Waveland and in Bay St. Louis in Hancock County, of the forty-one stations lining the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast, only a handful stayed on the air, and WQRZ-LP, this low-power noncommercial station, was one of them. When this station was broadcasting about the storm, local volunteers swam across the floodwaters with batteries strapped to their back to keep the station on the air. It was the only source of local information for forty-eight hours after the storm, and because it was so essential, the Emergency Operations Center of Hancock County set up shop with that station and became the FEMA headquarters, and it got a commendation from the President.

Hurricane Katrina is always progressive code for “Black people.”  Whenever using Black people, liberals love to cite Hurricane Katrina.  I’d be willing to bet that the majority of these new radio stations will be owned and operated by liberal whites.  Just watch….

media3.jpg HANNAH SASSAMAN: These stations not only save lives, but are deeply relevant to their communities. If you’re a farmworker community and you speak Zapotec and Quiche as your primary languages and Spanish as a second language, you can’t rely on Clear Channel, Viacom or Infinity for your news. In order to connect to your community, to organize for rights in the fields, you need your own community radio station, like Radio Consciencia of WCTI-LP in Immokalee, Florida, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ station. These stations are tools for social justice, and if we don’t take this chance to build them now, we’ll never forgive ourselves when we turn around in twenty years and hear the same corporate drivel and the same Christian right radio that we now have to abide by in our big cities and our small communities.

“Stations are tools for social justice” and here’s the money line, “… same Christian right radio that we now have to abide by.”

So while the intentions may be veiled to be one of providing the poor with community information communications opportunities, Hannaman admits it’s that damned Christian right radio that’s bringing everyone down and this is a way to even the playing field.

AMY GOODMAN: And then you have a window opening up in October for full-power FM radio stations.

media4.jpg HANNAH SASSAMAN: It’s very exciting. This is the last time in a generation that groups living in primarily suburban and rural areas will get to apply for stations like WBAI, which is the flagship for Democracy Now! — 50,000 watts, 100,000 watts — serving huge areas. The FCC is giving away these licenses for free, but only for the week beginning October 12.

The Radio for People Coalition at, which consists of the Pacifica Network, of groups like Free Press, the Future of Music Coalition, many associated churches, schools, civil rights organizations are doing their best to get the word out. media5.jpg If listeners to this program care about building an infrastructure that can talk about local peace issues, about local political issues, about youth issues and about the diverse news that we need to survive, it is everyone’s responsibility to tell people that now is the chance to build their own full-power stations, as well.
“Peace issues, diverse news that we need to survive.” Sounds like good lefty stuff here.

AMY GOODMAN: So when that window opens for one week in October, what do people do?

HANNAH SASSAMAN: What people do is, is they need to start now, because it’s not just like low-power FM, where it’s actually quite a simple process to get a station, which we’ll come to after Congress passes these bills, but for full-power FM, you have to prove to the FCC that there’s plenty of room in your local community for a 10,000- or 50,000-watt station.

The Prometheus Radio Project is a group that’s been helping people since 1998 to apply for their own stations. So us, the groups like Public Radio Capital and the Radio for People Coalition can help you connect with a lawyer and engineer to create the engineering exhibits you need to prove that there’s room to build an institution for media democracy in your town.

The progressives almost always say Conservatives tell lies.  People like Ms. Hannaman try and come off as non-partisan compassionates, but in the end, they are the same old shrill, screaming liberals that have to deceive those they believe are intellectually inferior to get their way.

The layers of the “Silence Dissent” onion are being peeled off one-by-one.

New Media Alliance Television

Bob Parks is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. ( The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.


Illegal Immigration: Senate’s Desires Trump American People

Illegal Immigration: Senate’s Desires Trump American People

by Sher Zieve


In recent history it has it never been so patently and painfully obvious that the wants of our elected officials supersede those of the US electorate. The Illegals’ Immigration and Amnesty Bill has not only brought to the forefront our senators’ House of Lords proclivities and behaviors directed against the will of their own communities but, is now being used to smack their constituents in their faces. Firmly and finally our senators—along with our president—have now told we-the-people that only their desires, wallets and pocketbooks count. We-the-people can either accept their increasingly totalitarian dictates—or leave the country. Illegal Aliens are now the important class of people. US citizens and their needs and desires are no longer important. The latest scuttlebutt is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Senate Minority Whip Trent “I hate conservative talk radio” Lott (RINO-MI) have come to agreement on one of their back-door deals. They plan to push through their ‘amnesty-for-everyone-except-legal-US-citizens-and-those-trying-to-enter-the-country-legally’ in spite of the rising voices of the American people against it.


This week, US politicians intend to lay down the law to the American people: “Our ambitions are more important than yours. Consequently, they override any possible loyalty we had for either you or this country. Get used to it!” Our voices and our votes have now become irrelevant and our political leaders are increasingly listening to and supporting the radical elements of La Raza and MEChA. Recently, the racist group La Raza was given not only input into the Illegals Amnesty Bill but, veto power over it as well! What is the reason for these disloyalties to the United States of America and its people? Answer: The planned replacement of the aforementioned USA by the ‘North American Union’s Security and Prosperity Partnership’. This is, yet, another issue that the corrupt leftist media does not and will not report. Although we in the New Media have been reporting on this vital to the US’ survival issue, it is still largely a secretive one. WND’s Jerome Corsi reports that the US Department of Commerce SPP NAFTA head Geri Word says the reason for the secrecy is: “We did not want to get the contact people of the working groups distracted by calls from the public.” There goes that pesky public again! The ones who actually still think both their voices and votes count. From the mouths and actions of both the US Senate and president—they don’t.


If it meets all expectations, the current Amnesty bill will reduce illegal immigration by only 13%, provide legal status for south of the border gang members and terrorists, still create a permanent illegal underclass and still force US citizens to pay for the illegals’-to-be-made-legal medical care and schooling. In other words, we-the-people continue to receive only the shaft. The bill also provides permanent legal status for current illegals, by providing them with a renewable and open-ended green card. The bill includes the continuation of Chain Migration (allowing families, relatives and friends of illegals-now-legal to enter the US also) until 2016. As the North American Union (NAU) is already planned to be in full force by 2010—well before the 2016 date—along with the end of US sovereignty as a distinct nation, any actual enforcement of this Amnesty/Open Borders bill will have been rendered moot. Unfortunately, this appears to be part of the New World Order—one that was talked about under Bush I and is now being implemented by Bush II. And what began as the highly-touted NAFTA has now, via the US government’s passing regulations largely unfamiliar to the US citizenry, become the means to the end of the United States of America. I cannot help but wonder what promises have been made to our senators for assisting in the dissolution of the country. Doesn’t this constitute treasonous behaviors and actions? However, with no independent country, the concept of treason is also moot. As with the Illegals’ Amnesty Bill, a multitude of criminal behaviors can be removed with the stroke of the presidential pen. As our sovereignty will be reduced to the back pages of history and some yet-to-be-determined-by-the-elites form of government has not yet been announced, one is left to muse as to what will replace Congress and the presidency. Will the new presidential title be Emperor?


If you think I’m exaggerating, unfortunately you’re wrong. Take a look at the references I’ve provided, as well as looking up North American Union and SPP for yourselves. I suggest that you will be shocked and will notice that I have actually been quite conservative in my assessments.


Never in the history of our country have we more fiercely required a real leader who will actually fight for it. This time, due to our recent several decades of past “leadership”, it is the fight for the very existence of the United States of America. Without an elected president who still believes in the sovereignty of our country, it and the American people are already finished. And the bogus Immigration Reform and Border Security Bill will help to herald our demise. Please continue to call, screaming if you must, your Senators and Congress people. Tell them NOT to pass this treasonous bill. And I’m still asking if there are some conservative groups out there with the resources to plan and implement some major marches on Washington D.C. Are there?




New Media Alliance Television

Sher Zieve is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. ( The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.