Chavez Sees Nuclear Missiles Ending US Hegemony

Chavez Sees Nuclear Missiles Ending US Hegemony

Like Iranian monster-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez dreams of “a world without America.”

China Confidential has learned that the Crackpot of Caracas has told close friends and associates that America’s days as the world’s leading military power–or hegemon, in Chinese military and political parlance–are clearly numbered.

Chavez reportedly sees air power–actually, the threat of annihilation by nuclear-tipped missiles–as the key to cutting Washington down to size and driving it from its overseas bases and commitments.

In less than a decade, according to Chavez, the United States will face a “perfect storm” of potential nuclear missile attacks from North Korea, Iran, and China, which is known to be augmenting its estimated strategic nuclear arsenal of about 20 intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear submarines capable of hitting the US. China is also developing a space-war program aimed (a) at blinding US satellites, and (b) at attacking the US from orbiting weapons systems.

Sources say that Chavez, inspired by the Cuban missile crisis, hopes that China or its vassal, North Korea, will eventually supply Venezuela with missiles capable of destroying Washington.

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