Obama’s gobbledygook

Obama’s gobbledygook

Ed Lasky
Barack Obama continues to demonstrate that he is just not ready for prime time.

What does the following statement mean?

“There have been times when there’s no doubt that Palestinians have been placed in situations that we wouldn’t want our own families to be placed in.”

Can’t the man give a straight answer? “Placed in situations”? By whom?
How about this platitudinous aphorism?:

“Faith can say forgive someone who has treated us unjustly,” he said.

That is not a tenet of belief prominently espoused by Islamic terrorists.
He also says:

“I believe the Israelis want peace and they want security,” he said. “They’ve got bombs flying into their territories right now,” said Obama. “And we would expect them to act appropriately in defending themselves.”

“Territories”?  Does that not imply that Sderot is in a territory and not Israel proper? Is he proposing to redraw Israel’s borders and give land to the Palestinians? Or is this just an amateur blundering along unaware of the important subtleties of language in international diplomacy? 

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