U.S. signs security pact with Kurdistan, warns Turkey not to invade / Turkey invades

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China Sides with Russia on Missile Defense

China Sides with Russia on Missile Defense

EDITOR’S NOTE: As indicated by the following VOA dispatch, the incredibly incompetent Bush administration has been spectacularly successful in driving rising China and resurgent Russia closer together. Richard Nixon must be rolling in his grave. Dr. Kissinger, where are you? Read on….

China made clear Tuesday that it opposes the US plan to put interceptors in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic to deter potential missile attacks from so-called rogue states.

At a weekly press briefing, Jiang Yu, spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said the shield would upset a delicate balance of security among major powers.

“The Chinese side has always held that missile defense impacts the strategic balance and stability,” Jiang said. “It is not conducive to mutual trust between major powers and also regional security. It can also bring new proliferation problems.”

China sides with Russia, another vocal opponent of the proposed missile defense system, in demanding the US scrap the plan. US officials say the shield is not offensive and would only be used to defend against attacks from nations such as Iran and North Korea.

China has repeatedly criticized US plans to deploy a missile defense system in Asia with the cooperation of Japan.

Last week, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates offered to brief China on the proposed Asian missile defense shield with the aim of reassuring Beijing that it would not threaten China’s nuclear deterrent.

Russian president Putin has warned that his country could target missiles at Europe if the US deploys the defense shield in Eastern Europe.

President Bush on Tuesday insisted during a news conference in Prague that the shield is not aimed at Russia and invited the Russians to take part in the project.

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Muslims Must Know Mecca Will Go if Islamists Attempt Atomic Attack Against US or Israel

Muslims Must Know Mecca Will Go if Islamists Attempt Atomic

Attack Against US or Israel

A piece of ancient Jewish wisdom: He who is compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate.

Amid increasingly credible intelligence reports that Al Qaeada and Iran may be preparing nuclear attacks against the United States and Israel–using smuggled atomic warheads, North Korean missiles, sea-launched nuclear-tipped Scuds, or radioactive dirty bombs–the Muslim world must be told in no uncertain terms that Mecca and all other Muslim holy sites will be destroyed in the event of another mega-terrorist assault against the West.

In fact, a case could be made for taking out Iran, Pakistan, and Mecca now–while there is still time to strike first.

Islam and Islamism are virtually synonymous; the organized religion–inherently intolerant and violent–has essentially been taken over by the fascist creed that cloaks itself in clerical garb. Ugly, bloody Islam and imperialist Islamism are one and the same. Therefore, winning the war against Islam/Islamism can only be achieved (a) by delivering mass death and dstruction to the Islamic/Islamist enemy, and (b) by causing a crisis in faith among tens of millions of ordinary Muslims.

Like the German Nazis, the Muslim masses must be brought to their knees–not in prayer–but in mass hysteria and despair in the face of actual proof that their barbaric beliefs have led only to self-destruction.

We’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating: End Islam before it ends us.

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Fred Thompson, what’s NOT to like?

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Who voted against the Cornyn amendment? Which Repubs voted for the Kennedy amendment?

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Fred Thompson For President New Website

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European Lessons The Last Days of Europe show how immigration is at the root of Europe’s current problems.

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Will GOP Infighting Give Dems the Edge in 2008?

Will GOP Infighting Give Dems the Edge in 2008?

By Pamela Meister

There are people asking me, “Why do you think Hillary Clinton’s got 80% chance?”  Well, because of what’s happening to the Republican Party right now.  I hate to use the word war, but I mean there’s going to be a battle within the Republican Party for who controls it, who defines it and who shapes it.  The country club blue-blood types or the conservatives.  Make no mistake about it, the country club blue-blooders have resented the conservative dominance of their party for as long as Ronald Reagan brought it about ~ Rush Limbaugh

Conservatives are angry. Those who have continued to stand by President Bush through thick and thin feel that his support of Ted Kennedy’s “comprehensive” immigration reform bill is not only a slap in the face to all Americans, but a slap in the face to the Republican base in particular. In reality, what’s being called a reform bill amounts to amnesty (albeit a conditional one) for millions of illegal aliens who feel that their presence in America is a right, not a privilege, and the GOP base is not being backward about letting its thoughts be known.
Various headlines from the last couple years indicate that the rift is not new, but has been slowly gaining steam:

Conservatives, GOP Split on Illegal Workers – FOX News Online, February 22, 2005
Immigration tears Republicans in two – BBC News Online, May 17, 2006
Immigrant legislation splits GOP – Washington Post, May 18, 2007
Immigration reform debate puts up a wall within the GOP – Los Angeles Times, June 5, 2007

The worry, of course, is that Republicans will stay home on Election Day in 2008, in order to teach the elected politicians the lesson that they seemingly didn’t learn in November of 2006. There is also at least some talk of the possibility of a new party rising from the GOP like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes.
Republicans should think long and hard before allowing their unhappiness with GOP leaders split the party, figuratively or literally. While there’s nothing wrong with communicating displeasure with policy, the only ones who would benefit from a permanent rift within the GOP would be the Democrats, as they did nearly 100 years ago.
After declining to run for a third term in 1908 (at the time, the presidential term limit had not yet been enacted), Theodore Roosevelt presented William Howard Taft as his hand-picked successor to be nominated at the Republican convention. (This happened in the days before candidates were selected by the voters in primary elections.) He did so because although he wasn’t going to run and he was afraid that his supporters might not vote for a candidate not endorsed by him in the general election, thus allowing a Democrat to win. Taft did win by a comfortable margin over his opponent, William Jennings Bryan, and Roosevelt went on a well-deserved trip abroad with his family. When he returned over a year later, he found that the Progressive wing of the GOP was unhappy with Taft, who thought his term thus far was not nearly as impressive as Roosevelt’s stint had been.

The final straw for Roosevelt was when Taft filed a government anti-trust lawsuit against U.S. Steel. Roosevelt had previously promised financier J.P. Morgan that such a thing would not happen under the Sherman Act as long as U.S. Steel could keep the country out of an economic depression. That the lawsuit was filed on Roosevelt’s birthday may or may not have aggravated the situation.
Giving in to Progressive pressure, Roosevelt agreed to run for the GOP nomination again in 1912. The former friends engaged in a heated contest, complete with schoolyard name calling and finger pointing, forcing Republicans to choose sides. Taft received the nomination at the convention in Chicago. Within hours, Roosevelt and his supporters had formed their own Progressive Party (nicknamed the Bull Moose Party), with Roosevelt as its presidential nominee.
The final outcome of the 1912 election was that the winner was neither Taft nor Roosevelt, but Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Afterward, Roosevelt convinced the Progressives to rejoin the GOP, but by then the damage was done. As a direct result of GOP bickering and feuding, they lost the White House. The same thing could very well happen today.
While it’s all well and good for the party faithful to let their leaders know when they’re unhappy, it’s quite another to throw out the baby with the bathwater. If Republicans nurse a grudge over the immigration bill, this (combined with the anger of pro-lifers if someone like Rudy Giuliani is nominated) it could very well mean we can look forward to hearing State of the Nation addresses from either President Hillary Clinton or, less likely, President Barack Obama, both current front runners on the Democrat ticket. Even a President McCain (whom analysts believe could never garner the nomination) would be preferable to either.
President Bush and some Senate Republicans may be squandering the good will of the party faithful, but to penalize the party as a whole because a handful disappoints would indeed be folly, both in terms of national security and economic policy. Do Republicans really believe that such a “lesson” would be beneficial? Does the idea of Mrs. Bill Clinton’s socialism appeal to them more than forgiving those whom they think have wronged them? If so, get ready for four to eight years of it.
But if eating crow doesn’t sound appetizing to you, it’s time to put a bandage on the boo-boo and get a Republican elected to the White House. There’s a lot more hinging on this election than bruised egos.
Pamela Meister is proprietor of the website Blogmeister USA.

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Jihadists in Pakistan “luring” children to become suicide bombers

Jihadists in Pakistan “luring” children to become suicide bombers

Bet you didn’t think of this scenario when telling your kids not to talk to strangers. “Jihadi groups ‘luring’ kids to turn suicide-bombers,” from India Daily:

Jihadi groups in Pakistan’s Dir district in the North West Frontier Province are “luring” school children to become suicide bombers, prompting some parents to send their wards outside the area for their education, a media report said Sunday. Hashim Hussain, opposition leader in the District Assembly, took up the issue on the floor of the House a few days ago, demanding that the administration should stop jihadi organisations from ruining the children’s future.

“I asked the assembly members if participation in jihad at such an early age guarantees a place in paradise … no one responded to my question,” he was quoted as saying by Daily Times. Hussain claimed the children were not given military training, but “only given a suicide jacket to blow themselves up in public places.” A man whose son was taken away from school and later found with a jihadi organisation [which had] enrolled his kid in a school in another district, relatives of the boy said. The father said he was taking his son hundreds of miles away from the influence of the extremist groups. Ten school children have been reported “missing” from a school in the district. Local policemen said they are investigating the cases

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U.K. jury told of “terror hoard” on defendant’s computer

U.K. jury told of “terror hoard” on defendant’s computer

“Police found a number of job descriptions and applications including one for a cleaning supervisor for Greater Manchester Police and another for a job as a trainee teacher at Bolton College,” along with computer contents discussing, among other things, “killing soldiers and police officers,” and “demolishing infidel universities.”

“‘Terror hoard’ on dad’s computer,” from the Manchester Evening News:

TERROR manuals and graphic images of executions were stashed on a computer by a father-of-three at his Greater Manchester home, a court was told.

The jury was told Omar Altimimi has links with convicted terrorists overseas and was discovered with false identity cards hidden in the sole of his shoe when he was arrested.

Manchester Crown Court was told there was a “considerable amount of serious terrorist related material” on two computers found at Altimimi’s Bolton home and another address in the town used by him. The computers included bomb instructions and details of how to run terror cells as well as video footage of terrorists and of executions in Iraq.

The 36-year-old faces a series of charges under the Terrorism Act, including possession of instructions on how to make a detonator and explosive device and instructions on the use of chemicals and bombing strategies. He denies the charges.

Prosecuting Tim Barnes QC said: “There was a large number of files which were concerned with a variety of terrorist activities and which also included graphic and appalling video footage of the execution of those who had been taken hostage or were considered enemies by insurgent factions in Iraq.” He added: “The terrorist content of this computer-held material becomes still more significant when we consider associations which the Crown can prove this defendant had with other terrorists convicted in Holland and France.

“He is associated through an address in Rotterdam with Arab terrorists in Europe. The Crown can also prove that he sent a money order to Thailand to a man who was subsequently convicted in his absence of terrorist offences in France.”

The court heard sections from a chart found on one of the computers talked about the organisational structure of a terror cell with information on explosives, chemicals, kidnapping and assassination, the monitoring of presidents, police, diplomats, the media and other organisations.

One section, it was alleged, referred to Jihad and the holy war against democracy and communism. It was said to talk of, killing soldiers and police officers, assassinating the head of the country, demolishing electricity stations and petrol stations, demolishing “infidel universities”, mixed schools and pubs and killing embassy diplomats.

Foreign travel

Describing “intelligence” it talks of following the movements of the president and military including foreign travel and where they spend their leisure time. It said the information should be passed to the operational arm for use in planning assassination.


Mr Barnes said further investigation revealed Altimimi was a failed asylum seeker who claimed to be an Iraqi fleeing persecution. His claim failed because the authorities did not believe his story. He said Altimimi’s nationality was not known.

The court heard police found a number of job descriptions and applications including one for a cleaning supervisor for Greater Manchester Police and another for a job as a trainee teacher at Bolton College.


The jury was told police initially began investigating Altimimi and two other men after being called in to look at a fraudulent bank transfer of $54,610 from the Yemeni Tourist Board to the Nationwide Building Society in Bolton.

Mr Barnes said the fraud investigation widened when Altimimi was searched at Astley Bridge Police Station after his arrest and found to have the documents in his right shoe.

They included an Immigration and Nationality Directorate card issued by the Home Office in the name of Iraqi, Abdullah Mahr Abou Hawas, a Halifax debit card in the name of AHM Abdullah and a Co-op bank card in the name of Abou Hawas.


The jury was told co-accused Yusuf Abdullah, 29, also known as Nashwan Gassar, of no fixed address was charged with acquiring criminal property, namely $54,610. He pleaded guilty to the charge under the Proceeds of Crime Act on Monday. Another defendant by the name of Bakhtiyar Berwiss wanted in connection with the bank transfers absconded while on bail.

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