A Continent of Losers

A Continent of Losers

Created 2007-06-04 12:18

The migration waves now hitting Europe are unprecedented in human history, and far, far greater in scope and speed than those which brought down the Roman Empire in the 5th century. Newsweek writes about “Europe’s invisible illegals”:

European authorities are becoming nervous about burgeoning Pakistani populations in places – such as Italy, Spain and France – where there were few or none at all just a few years ago. Now numbering in the hundreds of thousands, many of these Pakistanis have sneaked onto the Continent via Iran, Turkey and the Balkans. They’ve also begun taking a circuitous route across Africa and then by ship to Spain’s Canary Islands or the Mediterranean coasts of Europe. Almost overnight, Pakistani neighborhoods have sprung up in Barcelona and Bologna. Increasing numbers of Pakistanis now use Africa as their stepping stone. The Pakistanis, who must travel longer distances, pay traffickers almost 10 times as much as Africans do – from $11,000 to $20,000 – to get them in. In some cases they are also guaranteed help for two or three attempts to make it across the frontier. Some fly first to East Africa or the Sahara. It’s now common for African and European patrols to intercept boats carrying scores of South Asians bound for Europe.

Lars Hedegaard interviewed German professor Gunnar Heinsohn who pointed out that while “A woman in Tunisia has 1.7 children. In France she may have six because the French government pays her to have them. Of course, the money was never intended to benefit Tunisian women in particular, but French women will not touch this money, whereas the Tunisian women are only too happy to.”

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