Key Bush backers rally to Fred Thompson

Key Bush backers rally to Fred Thompson
By: Mike Allen
June 4, 2007 06:09 PM EST

George P. Bush, a nephew of President Bush, has contributed to the prospective presidential campaign of Fred Thompson and signed an e-mail asking friends and associates to do the same, The Politico has learned.

“In a field of candidates without a clear favorite among our fellow Republicans, my sincere hope is that you consider joining us in this effort to encourage Fred to run,” the e-mail says.

The involvement of a Bush family member highlights a stream of former Bush-Cheney aides and supporters who are signing on with Thompson, in some cases quietly. Thompson, the “Law & Order” actor and former Tennessee senator, filed papers Friday that allowed him to begin raising money. Aides say he remains on track to formally announce his candidacy the week of the Fourth of July, although they say no date is set in stone.

Fred Thompson

Mary Matalin, the former counselor to Vice President Cheney, says she will be advising Thompson. A campaign source says she will be an unpaid adviser. Matalin is friends with Thompson and his wife, Jeri, and her involvement began informally, the source says.

Advisers say the head of economic policy for Thompson’s fledgling team will be Lawrence B. Lindsey, who was President Bush’s first economic policy adviser and an architect of his tax cuts. Lindsey was chief economic adviser to Bush’s first presidential campaign and is a former member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Lindsey will also have a hand in the campaign’s broader policy formulation, sources say.

The head of domestic policy is to be David M. McIntosh, a lawyer and former congressman from Indiana who was an official in the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, according to the sources. The chief foreign policy adviser will be chosen soon, the sources say.

Adding to the Bush-Cheney ties, the campaign has said that the chief operating officer will be Thomas J. Collamore, a former aide to the older Bush when he was vice president and also an official in the Reagan administration.

And Michael Turk, e-campaign director for George W. Bush’s reelection campaign, will take a leave of absence from his current job with the National Cable & Telecommunications Association to assist in getting the Thompson website off the ground. He may continue in a webmaster capacity for the campaign.

George P. Bush, the chief operating officer of a real estate development firm in Fort Worth, Texas, sent the appeal Friday afternoon along with Timothy P. Berry, the firm’s president. The e-mail closes “Devotedly,” then has both of their signatures.


“Friends and Colleagues,” the e-mail begins. “We are writing you on behalf of Sen. Fred Thompson to ask for your support as he considers running for president. As you know, Sen. Thompson has generated buzz this election cycle because of his likable personality and approachable brand of politics, which, consequently, has attracted tremendous grassroots support of his potential candidacy. Additionally, his consistent record in public service and sincere vision to pursue a reform-based agenda in Washington, D.C., has primarily contributed to strong national polling numbers without having even announced.”

George P. Bush was unavailable to discuss the e-mail, although associates confirm its authenticity. He is a son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and was a popular surrogate for his uncle’s first presidential campaign, drawing comparisons to John F. Kennedy Jr. when he spoke to the Republican National Convention. Since then, he has served as a clerk for a federal judge, married and become involved in several business and charitable groups. In March, he joined the Navy Reserve as an intelligence officer.

Using language similar to other appeals for Friends of Fred Thompson, the e-mail continues: “As a ‘Friend of Fred Thompson,’ your support will finance Sen. Thompson’s efforts to test the political waters starting on June 4, 2007. If Sen. Thompson decides not to seek the presidency, any unspent funds that you contribute will be returned to your attention. Donations must not exceed federal contribution limits; therefore, an individual may contribute up to $2,300. If a joint checking account is used, the total can be $4,600, but both individuals must sign the check. Corporate and foreign national contributions are prohibited. It is very important that your check be dated June 4, 2007, even if you make out your check before this date.”

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An ‘Infidel’ Reveals Islam’s Internal Fight

An ‘Infidel’ Reveals Islam’s Internal Fight

Edward Gibbon, perhaps the preeminent historian of the second millennium, in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, wrote that Mohammed had “no more than 17 wives: 11 enumerated and who occupied at Medina their separate apartments round the house of the apostle, and enjoyed in their turns the favor of his conjugal society.”

For the practicing Muslim, the life of Mohammad cannot be judged. His is the life by which all others are judged. Islamic societies from the Atlantic to Indonesia are rife with polygamy, plagued by honor killings, and full of other forms of cruelty to females. Finally now, almost six years after 9/11, more and more Islamic woman such as Nonie Darwish, author of Now They Call Me Infidel, are emerging as the allies of Judeo-Christendom and are kindred combatants in the war against a nihilistic Islam.

Born to a senior intelligence officer in Abdul Nasser’s military of the 1950s, Ms. Darwish makes a compelling case that in lands such as Egypt, where Islam dominates, underclass inhabitants such as Coptic Christians, Orthodox Christians, Monophysites, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists, and, of course, Jews continue to be brutalized, but none more so than Islamic women. Her book is a blistering indictment of a misogynistic polygamous world of the supposedly moderate Egyptian society.

Islamic Education

In 1955, when she was a little girl, Ms. Darwish and her family moved from Cairo to Gaza, where her father was promoted to secretly head a Palestinian fedayeen movement that was tasked with launching overt and covert operations inside Israel aimed to “cause as much death and destruction as possible.” While a child attending an Egyptian grammar school in Gaza, Darwish observed that “the hatred of Israel and our obligation to pursue jihad was somehow worked into every subject we discussed in school….Peace was never discussed as an option….With tears running down their cheeks, older girls whom I admired would stand in front of the class and recite stirring poems pledging jihad … declaring their willingness to give up their lives and promising to kill the Jewish enemies of God.”

Those who might still be clinging to the belief that all civilizations merit equal respect could be dubious at the author’s assertion that her education was no different than anywhere else in the Arab world and vexed by her assertion that Arab children are universally taught that Jews are hated by God and should be exterminated.

A year after her family moved to Gaza, Darwish’s father was killed by the Israelis with a package bomb sent to him in his office. Her four-year-old brother was in the same building and also hurt when the package detonated. For the author’s family, what added to their grief was her mother’s complete isolation. Since sharia law allows men up to four wives, none of her former friends could countenance the risk of tempting their husbands with the company of a beautiful, young, needy widow. Her mother’s experience points to only one of the many destructive aspects of the culture of polygamy.

The reader learns that it also produces vast numbers of jihadists and recruits for suicide missions. The hopeless, seething “Arab Street” is made up of poor men who live in a society of extreme sexual repression and who have no future and no chance of marrying and producing a family, because women of their caste would much prefer being the second wife of a wealthier older man to life with a poor potential wife beater.

I spoke to Nonie Darwish on the day she returned from speaking at the Summit on Secular Islam held in St. Petersburg, Fla. Bret Stevens of the Wall Street Journal, who covered the event, explained that the presenters were either ex-Muslims or reform-minded Muslims. There were no “moderates,” a term Stevens points has become “remarkably elastic,” referring to people who claim to denounce terrorism but deny that their religion has anything to do with it. A significant portion of the presenters were women and distressingly a large segment of them now live in hiding or have near full-time police protection.

I asked Ms. Darwish, as an “American militant” waging psychological warfare against religious zealots of her former faith, if she would comment on the progress of the war generally, and, given the predictions of our demise, whether she believes that the West is now winning or losing the war against militant Islam.

Darwish told me: “I think we can win. But so much action is required, and we’re still not even united. Our own press criticizes us if we try to save the Muslims of Bosnia or Afghanistan or Iraq. They call us occupiers. If we do nothing but give aid or buy the oil, then we are bad for supporting corrupt Middle Eastern dictators. Americans should all be proud of their country’s foreign policy. We have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Concerning the approaching crisis with Iran, does she see how women from inside and outside the Islamic world can play a decisive role in defeating jihadism?

“Yes,” she said, “the revolt [by Islamic women] is coming. And it’s the women inside Islam who really count, because they’re the ones who have access to the Arab street.”

Increasingly, the Islamic world is hearing from its own women who are standing up to the Islamic power apparatus and to the imposition of sharia law worldwide. The Syrian-born psychiatrist Wafa Sultan, who debated a Sunni cleric on al-Jazeera, was given an award at the conference.  In accepting her award, she simply said, “I don’t believe there is any difference between radical Islam and regular Islam.” The televised clip of her debate has been downloaded on YouTube more than one million times.

Ms. Darwish was recently interviewed on al Arabiya television, which resulted in her receiving hundreds of positive messages from Islamic viewers to her website, But alarmingly, the state-owned, largest Egyptian newspaper, Al Ahram, followed her interview with a front-page story about Darwish, including her picture and headline — “TRAITOR.” The editors had to know this story was a threat to her safety.

At the conference, an Iranian expatriate, Manda Ervin, joined the author in conducting a session titled “Muslim Women and Children.” In their session, they argued that training children to hate the infidel and to glory in jihad is not only endemic to Islam but is a form of child abuse. Ms. Ervin works with families inside Iran to publicize the plight of their daughters who are imprisoned and awaiting execution. Sadly, Ms. Ervin presented the audience with a list of eight girls who had recently been killed, publicly hung or stoned to death. She told me that in Tehran the regime has just captured 51 girls for the crime of assembling outside the Ministry of Justice and that it is executing one young girl a week.

Nonie Darwish’s book is subtitled “Why I renounced jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror.” It is the vivid account of her journey from the world of Egyptian privilege to an American combatant in the War on Terror and can stand among the growing list of anti-Islamic polemics, filled with incidents and reflections that reveal the pathologies plaguing the Muslim psyche.

There is one incident I thought contained such an enormous irony that it could be central to the plot of a modern adaptation of Greek tragedy. Years after Darwish had moved to the U.S., her brother returned to Gaza on business. There he suffered a massive stroke and was given a 3% chance of survival. Officials at the Egyptian consulate in Gaza voted unanimously to send him to the Hadassah Hospital in Israel where Jewish doctors and nurses performed a miracle in saving his life. The incident, writes Ms. Darwish, proved one startling fact: Despite their obsessive hatred of Jews, in times of crisis, Arabs trust Jews. This was an insight upon which we Westerners might invest some hope.

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BIOLOGICAL WAR-FEAR Seafood imports from China raised in untreated sewage

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INVASION USA Fed dollars proposed for La Raza`Plan would start with $5 million, then double funding

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Former German Chancellor Calls For End of Media Hysteria Over Global Warming

Former German Chancellor Calls For End of Media Hysteria Over Global Warming

Posted by Noel Sheppard on June 4, 2007 – 10:57.

Most climate change watchers are aware that leaders from the eight most developed nations will be meeting in Germany this week to discuss, among other things, issues related to global warming.

With a delicious sense of irony, former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt put his two cents into this debate with comments that will surely not be reported by America’s alarmist media even though he was somewhat speaking to them.

As reported by Deutsche Welle (emphasis added, h/t Benny Peiser):

Meanwhile, former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt called for an end to the “hysteria” over global warming in the lead-up to the summit. The topic is “hysterical, overheated, and that is especially because of the media,” Schmidt told Germany’s Bild daily.  

There has always been climate change on earth, Schmidt said.

We’ve had warm- and ice-ages for hundreds of thousands of years,” he said, and added that the reasons behind the multiple climate changes have been “inadequately researched for the time being.”

To assume that global climate change can be altered by any plans made at the Heiligendamm summit is “idiotic,” he said.

How marvelous. Think Katie, Charlie, or Brian will be reporting this tonight? If the answer is “No,” would they report it if he said that global warming is the biggest challenge facing the planet today, and that if the leaders of the G-8 don’t do something immediately, homo sapiens might face extinction?

Yeah, I think so, too.

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A Continent of Losers

A Continent of Losers

Created 2007-06-04 12:18

The migration waves now hitting Europe are unprecedented in human history, and far, far greater in scope and speed than those which brought down the Roman Empire in the 5th century. Newsweek writes about “Europe’s invisible illegals”:

European authorities are becoming nervous about burgeoning Pakistani populations in places – such as Italy, Spain and France – where there were few or none at all just a few years ago. Now numbering in the hundreds of thousands, many of these Pakistanis have sneaked onto the Continent via Iran, Turkey and the Balkans. They’ve also begun taking a circuitous route across Africa and then by ship to Spain’s Canary Islands or the Mediterranean coasts of Europe. Almost overnight, Pakistani neighborhoods have sprung up in Barcelona and Bologna. Increasing numbers of Pakistanis now use Africa as their stepping stone. The Pakistanis, who must travel longer distances, pay traffickers almost 10 times as much as Africans do – from $11,000 to $20,000 – to get them in. In some cases they are also guaranteed help for two or three attempts to make it across the frontier. Some fly first to East Africa or the Sahara. It’s now common for African and European patrols to intercept boats carrying scores of South Asians bound for Europe.

Lars Hedegaard interviewed German professor Gunnar Heinsohn who pointed out that while “A woman in Tunisia has 1.7 children. In France she may have six because the French government pays her to have them. Of course, the money was never intended to benefit Tunisian women in particular, but French women will not touch this money, whereas the Tunisian women are only too happy to.”

Source URL:

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Murtha needs to check his facts

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Freezer burn Louisiana Democrat Rep. William “Cold Cash” Jefferson has been indicted

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‘Su Casa es Mi Casa’

‘Su Casa es Mi Casa’

By James Lewis

The traditional gracious Mexican host would welcome honored guests by telling them, “Mi casa es su casa” — my house is your house. It was a warm offer of hospitality. But of course a grateful guest would never take advantage of the literal words. Everybody understood that “Mi casa es su casa” was a polite fiction.
Mexico today has flipped that polite phrase by exporting tens of millions of its poor people to the United States, and insisting they be treated as honored guests — in our house. Today, the slogan of Mexico is “Su casa es mi casa”your house is mine. That is a slogan for home invaders.
As usual in such cases, a host of rationalizations has grown up around the new entitlement to US residency and likely citizenship for anybody who hoofs it over the border. The multicultural crowd claims there is no distinctive American culture at all, which would have surprised Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR. The Left is obsessed with guilt and rage for America’s defense of itself during the Cold War, and even from its very birth. And Mexican nationalists are engaged in a reconquista, a reconquest of New Mexico, California and Texas, Americanized but150 years ago. This is a far cry from the gracious tradition of “Mi casa es su casa.”
The Left, which has brought its burning hatred for America to an historical boiling point, views the illegal flow of immigrants as yet another deadly spear aimed at the heart of the Republic. It is following European socialist parties in that respect. The British socialists (Labour) imported millions of back-country Pakistanis into London and other British towns, which are now out of control, and increasingly governed by the shari’a law of the lawless Pakistani Northwest Territories. Honor killings of women have multiplied, and are generally covered up.
As Tony Blair points out in his valedictory statement, the British Left (including his own wife Cherie, a “human rights lawyer”) has made it impossible to deport fraudulent asylum seekers. There is a direct causal connection between asylum-seeking radical imams and the 7/7 underground suicide bombing last year, performed by brainwashed British Muslims. Suicidal immigration of pre-medieval peoples continues into Britain, undermining its fast-fading tradition of civilized tolerance day by day. Anti-Semitism is now a barely disguised theme of London’s Labour Party, run by Mayor “Red Ken” Livingstone. The ship of state is listing, and will soon capsize into the Europe Union, which is even more liberal in its attitude toward immigration. London is now Londonistan. And there is no end in sight to the suicidal course of the Left.
The Islamist radicalization of Europe has been a self-inflicted wound, courtesy of the multicultural delusions of the Left. Spain has just declared another North African immigrant amnesty under its current socialist government. France is trying desperately to claw back   from the suicidal abyss, by electing Nicolas Sarkozy, the man who became famous for calling the nightly car-burning mobs “racaille,” or “rascals.” He thereby voiced what decent French people had said in their hearts a thousand times. The France-hating immigrant population was imported with malice aforethought by the socialists, and whipped up by the Leftist media; those voters are bought by welfare. Today, Islamic muggers on the Paris subway are dressed in new clothing bought by welfare. But they still hate France, which is facing a rising tide of Islamofascist rebellion. And the socialists are still bound and determined on the same policy course. They will never change.
The Democrats are simply following other socialist parties by undermining US immigration policies. There is a reason why we have lost control over immigration. It was a matter of deliberate policy by those looking for cheap votes to buy. This was no accident.
Once we are caught in a powerful immigration undertow, things only get worse. We are now at the point where even Republicans are giving in on genuine immigration reform, and competing for the votes of illegals — to be legalized the moment the current bill passes. Ted Kennedy has been working toward this goal since 1965, with the aid of Republican Senators like McCain and Kyl. A few percentage points shift in the voting population toward the Left, and it becomes increasingly impossible to change the trend. You just sink in deeper and deeper.
So President Bush and Karl Rove have opted for a desperate gamble.  They are betting that immigrants can be assimilated, and that the GOP will get its share of their votes. But with the attitude of “Su casa es mi casa,” impoverished people from Mexico and elsewhere, indoctrinated in an entitlement mentality, are not likely to become self-sustaining American citizens in large numbers. Why should they, when the welfare state beckons with goodies as long as they vote Democrat?
Conservatives have belatedly realized what’s happening. They are now in a last-ditch battle to preserve American sovereignty. As usual, conservatives have been out-strategized by the Left, with its control over the dominant media, the educational establishment, and of course the teachers’ unions, which stand to gain from endless flows of unassimilated immigrants. Big Business simply sees which way its bread is buttered, and opts for cheap labor by supporting the Left. The logical result of that is a European syndicalism, where establishment business is in constant back-scratching arrangements with the Left, and markets are less and less free.
So this is a fateful time. If immigration is not controlled, HillaryCare becomes a sure thing in the next decade, because the voting balance will shift leftward, as it has in Europe. Healthcare is now a trillion-dollar industry in the United States, in a total GDP of about 7 trillion dollars per annum. Put that trillion bucks under the monopoly control of Hillary and her friends, and the government sector will tip over the crucial fifty percent GDP mark. Welcome to France.
Foreign policy will inevitably follow. The Left is not shy about revealing its objectives. American sovereignty is seen as the last obstacle to its total control.
The sovereign nation state is our little wooden life boat. It has preserved our country and the civilized world for two centuries, but it is by no means invulnerable — not when half the political culture keeps trying to knock holes in the bottom. In the Left’s fantasy life, sinking the nation state will inevitably lead to a glorious, peaceful future. How we will get from here to there is anybody’s guess; it’s a pure act of faith, and has been ever since Karl Marx articulated it. The end of the viable nation state is much more likely to lead to a century of chaos and war than it is to usher in an age of everlasting peace and prosperity.
Immigration is one domino. HillaryCare is another. Sinking the US Constitution by adopting UN “standards” for human rights is another (already well on its way in Britain and Europe). Clintonizing our defense and Carterizing our foreign policy are logical next steps.
Even the Wall Street Journal, which takes a libertarian view of immigration, has published an op-ed by Peggy Noonan calling the present Senate bill a “Rube Goldberg contraption.” This is not responsible legislation; it’s a jumble of self-delusions and vain hopes. It must be stopped until voters are sure that we can trust immigration enforcement. The burden of proof for that rests on the government, not the voters. Building a border fence would be an important symbol of our determination to keep our identity as a nation.
What we have going for us in this battle is the power of individuals and individualism, the creativity of free markets, and the robust identity of Americans who are not yet ready to surrender. At this point things do not look good, but twelve   years ago, during the Clinton years, HillaryCare also looked like an unstoppable juggernaut. The Senate bill’s farrago of nonsense must be stopped. Then we must start from scratch, hopefully under the guidance of a sensible conservative president who takes our borders seriously.
There’s a lot at stake.
James Lewis blogs at

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Massive Terrorist Plot! NYT: See Page 30

Massive Terrorist Plot! NYT: See Page 30
By Ben Johnson | June 4, 2007

This weekend, federal authorities foiled a stunning terrorist plot by Muslim extremists to kill thousands of our readers, strike the international transport grid, and depress the nation’s economy during its slowest quarter since late 2002 – but enough about that.

That was the message of Sunday’s New York Times.


The FBI had prevented four men, including a former member of Guyana’s parliament, from blowing up John F. Kennedy International Airport – and possibly part of Queens. They hoped to ignite underground fuel pipes, setting off a chain reaction of explosions that would envelop the entire complex. The NY Post and New York Daily News made it front page news. The NY Daily News headlined its story, “They Aimed to Kill Thousands.” The Post included a chilling sidebar, “Pipeline Security A Joke.”


The (inexplicably) most prestigious newspaper in the world put its bland story on page 30. Instead, page one featured yet another story about Guantanamo Bay detainees.


Any junior editor at any county newspaper in the country would have been fired for putting the most reported story in the nation two-and-a-half dozen pages into the well. Aside from burying a major international story that took place in its metro area, the Newspaper of Record took pains to make the Muslim battle plan that could have atomized a portion of its immediate readership appear utterly irrelevant.


The NYT began by obscuring the terrorists’ target. Although it faults the U.S. military for using the term “collateral damage,” the Times wrote as though the plotters only planned to blow up inanimate objects, certainly not human beings. Its opening line read, “Four men, including a onetime airport cargo handler and a former member of the Parliament of Guyana, were charged yesterday with plotting to blow up fuel tanks, terminal buildings and the web of fuel lines running beneath Kennedy International Airport.”


Secondly, it minimized the severity of the plot. JFK “was never in imminent danger because the plot was only in a preliminary phase and the conspirators had yet to lay out detailed plans or obtain financing or explosives.” Besides, “safety shut-off valves would almost assuredly have prevented an exploding airport fuel tank from igniting all or even part of the network.” Move along. Nothing to see here!


And, as they have for the last several plots (Ft. Dix, Miami, etc.), the Old Gray Lady portrayed the would-be mass killers as pathetic and sympathetic. Plot originator Russell Defreitas, 63, was “divorced and lost touch with his two children.” Once homeless, he moved into an apartment where “the weather was rough on his health and the cold was tough on his arthritis.” He now lives on “a run-down block full of graffiti.” He liked jazz, “especially the saxophone.” Friends described him as a “polite man” and “not that bright” – not bright enough to pull off a serious attack.


Much deeper into the story the crack staff fesses up: “Defreitas envisioned ‘the destruction of the whole of Kennedy” and theorized that because of underground pipes, ‘part of Queens would explode.’” He told his co-conspirators he wanted to inflict such massive loss of life that “even the twin towers can’t touch it.” Beyond crippling the U.S. economy (during a downturn), the move would have symbolic value, as well. Americans “love John F. Kennedy,” he said. “If you hit that, this whole country will be in mourning. It’s like you kill the man twice.” Apparently murdering the president’s brother once was not enough for Muslim extremists. 


Later still, the Times notes that, while they weren’t al-Qaeda operatives, the four sought help from “extremist Muslim group based in Trinidad and Tobago called Jamaat al-Muslimeen.” They had “precise and extensive” surveillance of their target, which serves 1,000 flights a day. The quartet “was very familiar with the airport and how to access secure areas.” The plotters were motivated by “fundamentalist Islamic beliefs of a violent nature.” (Coincidentally, every terrorist who has killed Americans since the late Clinton administration has also shared “fundamentalist Islamic beliefs of a violent nature.” In fact, “Mr. Kadir, who, along with being a former elected official [in Guyana], is an imam.”) An unnamed law enforcement official told reporters they stopped the plot early for a reason: “if we let it go it could have gotten [serious]; they could have gotten the J.A.M. fully involved, and we wouldn’t know where it could have gone.”


Oh, and one of the plotters is still at large. Perhaps getting “J.A.M. fully involved” now. “The fourth suspect, Abdel Nur, 57, remained a fugitive.”


Too busy to concentrate on news that doesn’t fit, the Times featured another front page story in which the terrorist is portrayed as a victim, this one set in Gitmo. The story begins: 


The facts of Omar Ahmed Khadr’s case are grim. The shrapnel from the grenade he is accused of throwing ripped through the skull of Sgt. First Class Christopher J. Speer, who was 28 when he died.


To American military prosecutors, Mr. Khadr is a committed Al Qaeda operative, spy and killer who must be held accountable for killing Sergeant Speer in 2002 and for other bloody acts he committed in Afghanistan.


But there is one fact that may not fit easily into the government’s portrait of Mr. Khadr: He was 15 at the time.


Not only a mere teen, Khadr is:


the youngest detainee at Guantanamo Bay, nearly blind in one eye from injuries sustained during the July 2002 firefight in which Sergeant Speer was mortally wounded and another American soldier was severely injured. Last week, Mr. Khadr said he wanted to fire all of his American lawyers, and some of them said they understood why he might distrust Americans after five years at Guantanamo. (Emphasis added.)


His lawyer, Muneer I. Ahmad is – surprise! – an associate professor at the American University Washington College of Law. Saith Ahmad, “If Omar had had his free choice, what he would have chosen to do is ride horses, play soccer and read Harry Potter books.”


Another innocent betrayed by Bush’s War on Terror! Just like Hillary Clinton.


Only in the 17th and 18th paragraphs of the story do we learn Omar’s father, Ahmed Said Khadr, was a “senior deputy to Osama bin Laden,” and one of his brothers told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, “We are an al-Qaeda family.”


Moreover, the story grudgingly acknowledges international law does not forbid the United States from doing precisely what it is with Omar. Not only is this a non-story, it is an old non-story. FrontPage Magazine covered The Littlest Jihadist as early as 2002 and has run numerous stories about this extremist family, with its extensive ties to the 9/11 plotters. But to the Times, his alleged suffering trumps the suffering of its own readers.


In addition to this meager coverage of a legitimate threat, the NYT editorial page had not a single editorial on the threat to its readers’ hometown, although Sunday’s issue had three editorials targeting President Bush, Dick Cheney, and the “harsh” jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas.


The decisions to put a story portraying the plight of Guantanamo Bay’s beleaguered terrorist population on page one and to ignore the JFK plot in its editorial coverage were transparently political moves. While Muslim extremists wage a hot war against the United States – often centered in one of the bluest cities of the nation – the Left sees its war on President Bush as infinitely more important. Why do anything that would put the spotlight on terrorism, vindicate the present administration, or – worse yet – perhaps elect a Republican in 2008? The NYT would not take that chance, and it had no difficulty altering its news coverage to fit that political template.

 Ultimately, said Mark J. Mershon, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s New York office, the JFK plotters based their actions on “a pattern of hatred toward the United States and the West in general.” One suspects the same could be said of the New York Times.

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