USS Enterprise Heads To Iran…

USS Enterprise Heads To Iran…

…to join the world’s largest sea-based strike force already on their doorstep. More of what the MSM won’t tell you:


The Enterprise makes three. Three carriers and three strike groups, total.

This finalizes the first phase of military escalation against Iran that VP Cheney promised to the Gulf States.

The message we sent to Iran in Baghdad was signigicant only to people who don’t know better, like the media and dumb politicians. The real message is in the weapons of mass destruction, the instruments of the apocalypse of Iran’s nuclear facilities and infrastructure, that we have strung like a Damocles sword above their heads. Bush has made it quietly clear to them that we are going to strike. Forget Condi’s for-the-press face today. For many months now, while no one has been able to really see and understand, we have been waging a war of finality against Iran and her ambitions. While everyone in the media, and on the media’s receiving end, have been wringing their hands in anquish at our seeming impotence and inaction, the VP has been functioning as a nearly one man army/terrorist wreaking havoc through the halls of power in Tehran. Why do you think he has been taking all those trips through the region? To discuss the latest trends in couscous recipes? He has been shoring up relationships, building strategy, and waging the necessary war against Iran. Why is he about to visit all of Iran’s northern neighbors? Why has Iran been taking Americans captive in a feverish panic? Coincidence? Why is the architect of Iran’s nuclear program, Vladimir Putin, about to head to a private summit with Bush? Why all the posturing about a missile shield? It’s all about Iran, and Putin is working to get all he can as the price for his blessing.

No one is asleep at the wheel. Except the media and the Democrats.

There’s a lot, and I mean A LOT, that’s been going on behind the scenes. An entire war, in fact. More to report shortly…


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