Kim Disappoints Hill; More Missiles Could Fly

Kim Disappoints Hill; More Missiles Could Fly

American envoy Christopher Hill has urged North Korea–or the DPRK, as he delights in calling the Communnist hell-hole–to begin dismantling its nuclear weapons program in accord with the promise Pyongyang made in February. But North Korea, which is more than a month and a half overdue on an April deadline to begin the denuclearizing process, says it will not move ahead until it takes possession of $25 million of its (ill-gotten) funds from a bank in Macau. There have been technical delays in transferring the money.

Our forecast: China’s secretive vassal state will continue to disappoint Hill and the other dumbbell diplomats who seem incapable of seeing North Korea (and China, too, for that matter) plain. The Stalinist/Kimist regime is essentially a criminal enterprise in totalitarian garb. Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il is committed to totalitarian ideology and ways as a means of control and crime as a means of wealth creation.

Like Iranian monster-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim does not fear the United States. Unlike Ahmadinejad, however, who actually believes in his insane Islamist creed, Kim believes in nothing but raw power and material gain.

The Macau money is more important to Kim than Hill ever imagined.

We expect Kim to green-light new provocations, such as more missile launches–maybe another July 4 salvo, like last year.

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