Immigration Reform Begins in Mexico

Immigration Reform Begins in Mexico
USA Frank Salvato, Managing Editor
May 25, 2007

As the debate over the issue of immigration reform rages, we would all be wise to examine, honestly, the reasons why more Mexicans emigrate to the United States than die in Mexico each year. While the common argument is that they come here seeking work, the true root of the problem is that the Mexican government has allowed corruption to reach such alarming levels – in both government and business – that the average Mexican cannot survive within the borders of his own country.

The above statement is not an exaggeration. In 2006, 559,000 Mexican nationals emigrated from Mexico to the United States while the Mexican Demographics Agency reported a total of 501,000 deaths among Mexico’s population. The question that begs to be asked regarding the massive emigration is why?

Mexico is a country rich with natural resources. With its wealth of petroleum, silver, copper, gold, lead, zinc, natural gas and timber, it has all the resources a country would need to keep it from becoming a destitute Third World country.

Further, the median age in Mexico is 25.6 years of age and the literacy rate for the total population is at 92.2%. This demographic, combined with their abundant natural resources and central location in the Western Hemisphere, are a perfect catalyst for an employment sector that would – under normal circumstances – compete on the First World economic stage.

According to a recent report produced by the World Bank titled, Democratic Governance in Mexico: Beyond the Capture of the State and Social Polarization, a majority of the identifiable problems facing the Mexican economy are directly related to bureaucratic corruption. From the “untouchable” special interest monopolies that stifle the competitive environment to the ineffective and corrupt tax system that feeds the status quo, the Mexican government has consistently refused to do the hard work of governmental and economic reform, instead opting for short-cuts that allow corruption to thrive.

A byproduct of these short-cuts is that they allow the corrupt special interest robber-barons to run roughshod over the Mexican economy, facilitating an economic environment that encourages the mass emigration of Mexican citizens to the United States. In essence, the Mexican government, through its lack of courage to engage in governmental and economic reforms, which would strengthen its economy to the benefit of its citizens, is exporting its most crucial economic problems – unemployment and an impoverished citizen class – to the United States.

The Embassy of the United States for Mexico lists the amount of US foreign aid received by Mexico through USAID in 2004 for its development assistance, child survival and health programs and economic support at $33 million. This on-average annual and re-occurring aid package comes on the heels of a stunning $20 billion 1995 US aid package that helped to avert a monetary (peso) crisis of global proportions.

At the same time that massive amounts of US taxpayer dollars are allocated to the corrupt Mexican government through US foreign aid, the same taxpayers are shouldering the burden of Mexico’s impoverished citizen class right here on American soil.

Putting aside the fact that each and every Mexican national who has illegally entered the United States has broken US law and that the common argument that illegal Mexican border-jumpers are simply “doing the work that Americans won’t do” (a canard aimed at portraying the employers of illegal workers as the victims of a generation of American slackers), the impoverished Mexican population residing in the United States physically drains resources from the US economy.

The Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform cites statistics provided by The National Academy of Sciences that tally the fiscal cost of illegal immigration – specifically from Mexico to the United States – at $226 per household or over $20 billion. These costs culminate through taxpayer funded education, healthcare and an array of entitlement programs.

In addition to draining taxpayer dollars from a system built to support the economically compromised among the American citizenry, much of the unlawful wages paid to illegally employed Mexican nationals is sent back to Mexico.

According to a 2003 report by The Financial Times, figures released by the Bank of Mexico show that by June of 2003 over $6.13 billion in remittance was successfully transferred from the United States to Mexico. Today, because of the additional influx of Mexican nationals illegally entering the United States since 2003, logic mandates that this amount is much higher.

As American taxpayer dollars pour out of the United States and into Mexico, additional taxpayer generated revenue is used to financially support Mexican nationals here illegally, even as they facilitate the transfer of this ill-gotten wealth out of the US economy. Meanwhile, American lawmakers, blinded by political opportunism, propose opening the doors to the financial and political ruin of our country.

In the most recent legislation concocted by our elected officials – gleefully endorsed by our Executive Branch – legislators propose a $5,000 fine and considered the payment of all back taxes by any “undocumented worker” before they can be cleared for a pathway to citizenship.

It is astounding that this needs to be pointed out: If Mexican nationals here illegally could afford to pay a $5,000 fine and all back taxes (the fine alone works out to be over 53,900 Mexican pesos) they wouldn’t be here in the first place as they would be comfortably ensconced in the Mexican middleclass.

I have stated time and again that I am in favor of meaningful immigration reform. Our country needs an updated 21st Century immigration policy that takes into account the trials and tribulations of the world while we continue to embrace the principle of e pluribus unim.

That said, the currently proposed immigration reform proposal does nothing for the elimination of the problem; all it does is benefit the politicos on the backs of the American taxpayers and at the price of very real threat to our country’s future.

It is imperative that we, the American people, insist that before any immigration reform proposals are proposed, debated or even entertained, that:

The federal government first successfully and completely secure our borders.

Government officials enact policy that ties any future US foreign aid to Mexico and any future trade agreements with Mexico with the reform of their government and economic community.

Then – and only then – should our elected officials tackle the important issue of immigration reform. There isn’t one good reason to have the issues of immigration reform and border security addressed as one. We all need to speak clearly on this point when we contact our elected officials.

American taxpayers would be justified to threaten Election Day revolution targeting both the political opportunists of the Republican and Democrat parties should we see one more penny of our hard earned money lining the pockets of a corrupt Mexican system.

US Immigration reform starts in Mexico City, not in Washington DC.

Frank Salvato is the managing editor for The New Media Journal. He serves at the Executive Director of the Basics Project, a non-profit, non-partisan, 501(C)(3) research and education initiative. His pieces are regularly featured in over 100 publications both nationally and internationally. He has appeared on The O’Reilly Factor. He hosts The New Media Journal on BlogTalk Radio and is a regular guest on The Right Balance with Greg Allen on the Accent Radio Network, The Bruce Elliott Show on WBAL AM1090 in Baltimore and The Captain’s America on WWPR AM1490 in the Tampa Bay area, as well as an occasional guest on numerous radio shows coast to coast. His organization, Basics Project, is partnered in producing the first-ever national symposium series on the threat of radical Islamist terrorism. His pieces have been recognized by the House International Relations Committee and the Japan Center for Conflict. Mr. Salvato is available for public speaking engagements [read more]

Commissioner Speaks Tough: Illegal Is Illegal

Commissioner Speaks Tough: Illegal Is Illegal

A quote from EU home affairs commissioner Franco Frattini at EUobserver, 25 May 2007

In terms of illegal immigrants currently present [in the EU territory], we have to encourage them to return and follow procedures for legal entrance. This can be co-funded via European projects. […] Illegal [immigrants] must remain illegal. You cannot make something illegal legal.

Blogging the Koran

Debbie Schlussel: When Your Doctor is a Muslim: Medical Terrorism Comes to America

Debbie Schlussel: When Your Doctor is a Muslim: Medical Terrorism Comes to America


By Debbie Schlussel

Sometimes–so many times–diversity is not what it’s cracked up to be.

Just ask Joseph Applebaum. Well, you could ask him. But you won’t get an answer. He’s dead. And he’s dead because he was a Jew, and his doctor is a Muslim and grad of “Ayman Al-Zawahiri” Medical School.

But Applebaum wasn’t denied treatment for being a Jew in Egypt. Or elsewhere in the Muslim world. It happened right here on U.S. soil. In Chicago.

As Muslim doctors continue to flood into the country under lax immigration laws, hospitals around the country have acquired their fair share of them. Many hospitals in the Detroit area are now dominated by Muslim doctors and have been for some time.

josephapplebaum.jpgyellowstar.jpgJoseph Applebaum, Z”L*: Muslim Doctor Refused to Treat Him, Let Him DieBut even in hospitals where they do not predominate, Muslim doctors are starting to demonstrate behavior toward non-Muslim patients that is beyond alarming.

On December 1, 2003, Joe Applebaum was admitted to Rush North Shore Medical Center, a major hospital in Chicago. He was stricken with an acute (or distended) abdomen–a swelling of the stomach that is easily diagnosed and treated. But it was never treated by anyone at the hospital. For 12 hours, Joe Applebaum was left alone–left to die, which he did the next day.

A Jewish man, he was identified as a Jew on the front page of his medical chart. The chief resident doctor assigned to treat Mr. Applebaum, Osama Ahmed Ibrahim, MD, sure noticed the religious notation on Applebaum’s chart. And it appears that this is why he never once checked or examined this emergency patient, Mr. Applebaum, and left him to die. When another doctor at the hospital finally examined Mr. Applebaum–not his assigned doctor, Dr. Ibrahim, he told Applebaum’s son, Michael, to say good-bye to his father because he was about to die.

Dr. Ibrahim, is a Muslim from Birmingham, England–a hotbed of Islamic radicalism and terror planning. It is breeding ground for anti-Semitic hate. He is a graduate of Ain Shams University Medical School in Egypt. This extremist school is also the alma mater of Al-Qaeda mastermind and number two, Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Zawahiri’s father–a Muslim Brotherhood enthusiast–also taught at the University.

Other Ain Shams grads and faculty members include:

* late HAMAS leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin;* Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Mahdi Akef;

* LAX terrorist shooter Hesham Mohamed Hedayet;

* Extremist Canadian Imam, Aly Hindy; and

* Co-leader of Yemen’s extremist Al-Islah Party, Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani.

Why did Dr. Ibrahim neglect a patient who came in with an easily treatable condition and leave him to die, 12 hours later? It appears it can only be because he did not want to treat a Jewish patient and let him live. There can be no other reason.

Mr. Applebaum’s son, Michael, is a medical doctor and an attorney. While he was waiting for Dr. Ibrahim to see his father, he called Dr. Ibrahim and alerted him to the growingly severe condition his father was in and that his father was suffering from an acute abdomen. Dr. Ibrahim claimed he examined Mr. Applebaum. But that was a lie. He’d never seen him.

And he essentially murdered him by denying treatment. It’s a case of extreme negligence and medical malpractice for the apparent purpose of anti-Semitic murder.

Joseph Applebaum’s son Michael is now suing Dr. Ibrahim, the hospital–Rush North Shore Medical Center, and others involved in his father’s murder. The case is filed in Illinois, and he is looking for a good attorney to pursue the case he has filed. If you are interested or can help, please contact him at the website he set up to document this ongoing tragedy.

This isn’t the only case where a Muslim doctor deliberately let his Jewish patient die, it is just the first that we know of. And it likely won’t be the last.

Muslim doctors–especially those from foreign medical schools deep in the world of anti-Semitic, anti-American hate; but many from here, too–have backgrounds that are incompatible with the basic level of care that is required and expected in America. Sadly, no-one is vetting them out of our healthcare system. And no-one will.

But we know that there are many doctors who’ve been at the forefront of taking lives–not saving them–in the name of the “Religion of Peace”:

* Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri–Al-Qaeda mastermind and number two man, reportedly a surgeon and/or psychiatrist;* Dr. Mohammad Rabi Al-Zawahiri–Ayman’s father and a Muslim Brotherhood enthusiast, pharmacologist and professor at Ain Shams Medical School;

* Dr. “Abu Hafiza”–Al-Qaeda master planner who was the brains and commander of the Moroccan cell that provided logistics for the 9/11 attacks, and he recruited Qaeda insurgents for battles in Fallujah, Moroccan psychiatrist;

* Dr. Abdel Aziz Al-Rantisi–Late HAMAS leader, pediatrician;

* Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar–HAMAS co-founder and leader, surgeon and lecturer at the Islamic University in Gaza;

* Dr. Fathi Abd Al-Aziz Shiqaqi–Late founder of Islamic Jihad and active in Fatah, physician;

* Dr. George Habash–Founder and chief of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), pediatrician (which is interesting since he rocketed a school bus full of children in Avivim, Israel;

* Dr. Bashar Assad–President of Terror-sponsor state Syria, welcoming home to every Islamic terrorist group imaginable, ophthalmologist.

And there are other issues, such as infectious disease. We are no seeing cases in Britain in which some Muslim doctors refuse to wash their hands with alcohol-based disinfectant, per the Muslim prohibition on alcohol consumption.

In New Jersey, Dr. Ahmed Rashed, a Muslim Arab resident, severed and stole the hand of a cadaver as a gift for a stripper. Such little respect for life from a religion now very much participating in a profession that takes an oath to do no harm and to preserve patient’s lives. Not only did he get a slap on the hand–no jail time and, likely, no criminal record–but he currently has a job practicing medicine at Maimonides Medical Center in New York. The real Maimonides–a legendary, brilliant Jewish doctor, rabbi, and religious scholar–is turning over in his grave.

Perhaps, Dr. Applebaum’s suit against Rush North Shore Medical Center will make hospitals think twice before they hire Muslim doctors inclined to practice Medical terrorism against their patients. Today, the victim is a Jew, solely because he is Jewish. But tomorrow, it will be a Christian, solely because he/she is a Christian. Or some other non-Muslim victim, solely because he/she is a non-Muslim victim.

Can we afford to have doctors in America whose allegiance to their patients is far less than their allegiance to an extreme observance of a religion of hate? If they cannot and will not tender care, they should not be licensed to practice medicine in the United States.

Like I said, Maimonides is turning over in his grave. Joseph Applebaum, *Zichrono LiVrachah–Blessed Be His Memory.


What Conservative Media?

What Conservative Media?

By Ari Kaufman

Despite decades of evidence from Walter Cronkite’s offense at Tet and “Bush lied about WMDs” to the contrary, today’s liberal is fond of claiming there is not only zero lefty bias in today’s mainstream media, but often a conservative bias.

The Nation’s resident leftist provocateur, Eric Alterman, most recently contended so last Fall, after he became enraged by the “lies in ABC’s mini-series Path to 9/11” (the one the Clinton’s had changed in a remarkable cover up). Others look to their perception of the media’s “build up of the Iraq War” in 2003, or the Downing Street Memo that a professor in Florida once told me he “writes to the Times (NY, of course) daily imploring them to publicize it more” and many others.
But, naturally, facts tell a different story, as evidence amounting to a left-leaning bias in the mainstream media is as deep as the Marianas Trench.
Led by their long time hero, Chris Matthews, today’s media will mention any minor scandal from Scooter Libby to Tom Delay in order to market their erroneous claims, despite nearly a century of history showing the dangers in losing focus of the America’s true enemies.
If you watched the deplorably irresponsible journalism the host of Hardball displayed at the first GOP debate, or his racial dividing remarks prior to the Democrat debate on April 26, it is obvious his bias as thick as a humanities professor’s at an “elite” northeastern liberal arts college. Yet, the Democrats’ refusal to have Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Brit Hume moderate their debate was scarcely mentioned nationally? Too bad, as honest analysts noted Brit and Chris W. were “fair and balanced” as can be last week.
The next argument would state that talk radio and internet blogs are dominated by right-leaning folks. Well, that is true. But a closer examination makes clear why. Air America Radio and left-leaning blogs like the Huffington Post and Daily Kos continuously fail or significantly lag behind their competitors due to lack of listeners and readers. There are two overarching reasons for this:
Firstly, the writers, especially on Kos, cannot write. Seriously. It reminds me very eerily of rants of drunk collegians bashing Bush, our soldiers, Christians, anyone but the enemy, etc. Perhaps this toilet humor occurs because the “grassroots” lefty blogs are in fact run by college kids, often left with a lack of facts to support their views. If military history is tragically being retired on campuses, where will bloggers go for proper history? The “Peace Studies” Department?
People, regardless of their political persuasions, are not interested in reading such naive commentary. Kos and Huffington, who rarely pen anything of their own, might also think that having guest writers (often Democrat politicians or celebrities like Laurie David, Bill Maher, Jim Lampley and Harry Shearer) throw out their conjectures makes a blog. This has never been true. The most successful blogs—conservative ones like Michelle Malkin and Little Green Footballs–have no editorialists, but rather are created via links, text, photos and an occasional salient editorial comment at the end or onset, often just a line or two.
Secondly, in a classroom, the NY Times newsroom or in the studios of CNN, CBS or Comedy Central, you need not back up your partisan stances. Make your case to nodding heads, type it up and go to lunch. But live on radio, Rush Limbaugh must back up his claims. Blogs must often do the same in their comment section or with the links to facts.
Truth be told, I’m not really concerned with the Washington Post or SF Chronicle’s editorial pages being chock full of leftists; that’s just the way it is and always will be. But it’s the news stories where the subtle bias is real and disingenuous, since most folks admittedly only glance at the headline and first few lines of a “news” story on their way into work.
My neighbor just canceled her subscription to the Indianapolis Star for those exact reasons. She, a customer for more than three decades, had finally had enough. And though I put the nail in the coffin for her when a recent “news” piece included a Bush-bashing quote from a Chicago-based dental professor with zero relation to the topic {mid-way through linked article}, she had been itching for the time to cancel for a few years now.
When she emailed the paper’s ombudsman, he was concerned and informed her that the Star “does carry “conservatives” like Cal Thomas and George Will.” He missed the point, naturally. Seems too many liberal media members do this everyday.
Ari Kaufman is the author of Reclamation: Saving our schools starts from within He is currently a military historian for the State of Indiana’s War Memorials

Westminister Cathedral to stage new musical work based on Qur’an

Westminister Cathedral to stage new musical work based on Qur’an

Commissioned by the Prince of Wales. What a surprise. The Hermeneutic of Continuity blog reports (thanks to Rather Not Say):

Westminster Cathedral has attracted the notice Private Eye. In the current edition, there is a piece on page 12 “Music and Musicians” reporting on a new work by John Taverner, commissioned by the Prince of Wales that is to be performed in the Cathedral. According to the article:

It is based on the Koran and sets the 99 names of Allah to music, to be intoned over an hour and a half with choir, full orchestra and Tibetan gongs.

The same blog points out that the same Cathedral played host to another form of Islamic expression not too long ago, as we noted here at the time:


Fatah al-Islam leader: “I advise the British people to cease their destructive policies in the Islamic world and to take an example of the fate of the United States, which is on its way to destruction.”

Fatah al-Islam leader: “I advise the British people to cease their destructive policies in the Islamic world and to take an example of the fate of the United States, which is on its way to destruction.”

“You must return the rights of the people you have erred against . . . or pay the price,” by Hala Jaber for The Sunday Times:

The leader of Fatah al-Islam has threatened Britons with “destruction through resistance and attacks” for their government’s policies in the Middle East.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Shakir al-Abssi, whose militant group is locked in a battle with the Lebanese army, said: “I advise the British people to cease their destructive policies in the Islamic world and to take an example of the fate of the United States, which is on its way to destruction.

“We tell the British people to exercise pressure on their government not to continue to be the arm and tail of the United States. They must understand that it is in their interest to ensure that unless we as a people are safe, they cannot be safe as a people themselves.”


Abssi was refusing to meet us in person, apparently because we were women and it would contradict his Islamic teachings.


During the interview Abssi blamed Britain for most of the ills of the Middle East.

“The British are the primary cause of the Middle East problems and they should be correcting their errors in the region and returning the rights of the people they erred against instead of blindly following the policies of the Americans,” he said.

“Is it just that we should accept their slaughtering of us and our people, and do nothing for fear of being labelled terrorists?” He spoke calmly, with none of the ranting of some jihadists, but it was clear he believed attacks against the United States and Britain would be justified.

“The crime is for them [Britons] to follow the Americans in their policies. If they want to be safe, especially since they are the principal culprits in the region, then they should now start supporting and backing the oppressed people,” he said.

He argued that both the US and Britain had preached democracy in the Middle East, but failed to recognise the democratically elected Palestinian government on the grounds that it was Islamist.

“How can we swallow this or even accept it? So yes, we do not denounce attacks against the United States. Under what logic should we, given what it is doing in Palestine and the region?” he said.

Demonstrating the fallacy of the Bush administration’s Wilsonian designs on Iraq, Abssi admits the democratic process can and will be used to undermine the West– if it continues under the illusion that introducing democracy alone can instill a nation with the values that have enabled it to be a force for good in the West.

But Abssi is not lashing out only at Britain: “Islamist militant in Lebanon vows to fight U.S.: report,” from Reuters:

“We say to you, the guardians of the American project, the Sunni people will be leaders in fighting the Jews, the Americans and their loyalists,” Abssi said, referring to Lebanese leaders.