Non-Arab Iran Commands Two Arab Legions

Non-Arab Iran Commands Two Arab Legions

Islamist non-Arab Iran now has two Islamist Arab foreign legions at its command: Hezbollah and Hamas. The former proxy is Shiite and Lebanese; the latter force, Sunni and Palestinian. Both groups function as forward strike forces for Tehran’s monstrous mullahocracy; both groups are committed to the destruction of Israel and the defeat and expulsion of the United States from the Middle East.

Iran’s secular (for how long, who knows?) Arab ally, Syria, is going along; when war breaks out, it will almost certainly join the conflict with its missiles and, even, perhaps, chemical weapons.

The situation is unprecedented and dire–and completely beyond the comprehension of America’s worst-ever Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and Israel’s worst-ever Foreign Minister, the intellectually and ethically challenged Tzipi Livni. Their collaboration has hurt their nation’s interests immeasurably.

Israel is basically left with no alternative except all-out war against its enemies, which, as we have reported, are actively planning to change history on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Israel’s dramatic Six-Day War victory in June 1967.

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