The most expensive ex-president ever

Thomas Lifson
Bookworm catches ex-president Clinton (I love that phrase, especially the first syllable) shamelessly seeking a lavish taxpayer subsidy for his career as an ex-president, one which has proven extraordinarily lucrative (for him, not for those of us subsidizing him). Clinton wants $1.16 million, with his office in New York costing half a million of that sum. This compares to $175,000 for G.H.W Bush and $102,000 for Mr. Peanut.

The Washington Post laid out the facts , but Bookworm did a little digging and puts it all in perspective.

I personally don’t recall asking him to headquarter himself in the most expensive city in America? Did you? And if he voluntarily chooses to pay a premium to be near the best babes . . . um, I mean business opportunities, should we be forced to pay for that decision?
The other little tidbit was the fact that Clinton has earned nearly $40 million six and a half years. That’s not Hillary’s money. Just Bill’s. And that doesn’t even count the $191,000 pension the American taxpayers give him annually (money that I’m okay about). And speaking of that nearly $40 million in speaking fees, money he’s pocketed without regard to us, it appears that he’s booked some of those engagements using phones he’s now trying to charge to the American taxpayers. Oh, and did I mention that he wants to have us pay an extra $10,000 a year for added health insurance, a surprising overlay given his wife’s superb Senatorial coverage?
Considering Bill’s huge income, and potential income, not to mention his “I’m one of you little people” position, you’d think that he could donate his costs to the American people. For him, the $1.6 mil he’s sticking us for is a drop in the bucket.

As Bookworm notes, the man has no shame.

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