Pork Has Nothing to Do with Funding the War

Pork Has Nothing to Do with Funding the War
By Sharon Hughes
FrontPageMagazine.com | May 25, 2007

While most of the media attention about the various Iraq-war funding bills has been focused on the battle between the Democrat-led Congress and President Bush on a time-table for troop withdrawal, more attention needs to be given to the ‘pork’ that has been added to the Democrat-sponsored bills, pork the White House calls, “excessive and extraneous non-emergency spending.”

Pork for items such as:

Billions of dollars in domestic spending for farm drought relief, medical coverage for poor children and hurricane recovery

Projects on the reconstruction of New Orleans levees and peanut storehouses in Georgia

$25 million for spinach growers hit by last year’s E. coli scare

$500 million for wildfire prevention for the West Coast

$120 million for shrimp and Atlantic menhaden fishermen

-$15 million to prevent salt water ‘intrusion’ on Louisiana rice fields

And there’s more as the New York Times Caucus Blog lists:

-$3 million for funding a sugar cane Hawaiian co-op
-$24 million for funding for sugar beets
-$2 million to the University of Vermont Education Excellence Program
-$25 million for the Safe and Drug Free Schools program
-$48 million for disaster reconstruction for NASA
-$13 million for mine safety research
-$25 million for asbestos abatement and tunnel repair at the Capitol Power Plant
-$640 million for LIHEAP
-$13.2 million for avian flu research and monitoring
-$3.5 million related to guided tours of the U.S. Capitol

-$22.8 million for geothermal research and development
-$12 million for forest service money (requested by the president in the non-emergency FY2008 budget)

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that this amounts to the Democrats trying to buy votes — even trying to buy the President’s vote with the last one listed. But it’s not working.

Here’s an example that the The Washington Post points out: “For more than a year, Rep. Charles Boustany Jr. (R) has tried unsuccessfully to secure federal funds to prevent salt water from intruding on rice fields in his lowland Louisiana district. So it came as a surprise last week when Boustany found $15 million in the House’s huge war spending bill for his rice farmers. He hadn’t even asked that the bill include it.”

Fortunately, Boustany is not buying it. He said, “It gives me no satisfaction to vote against measures that I have been working for since even before [Hurricane] Katrina, but I cannot in good conscience vote for a bill that does this to our troops,” Boustany said yesterday, decrying what he called the “cheap politics” of using disaster aid to win votes on a measure this controversial.”

Isn’t it interesting that Nancy Pelosi said in response to the president’s refusal to sign the last version of the bill, “It is clear that the difference between the Democrats and the president is the issue of accountability. He will not accept any accountability or responsibility for what is happening (in Iraq).”


Is filling the bill with pork to get votes being responsible and “accountable”?

John Bolten, former Ambassador to the UN, said the Democrats have made it impossible for the president to sign the bill because of insisting on a timetable for troop withdrawal. “Whether waiveable or not, timelines send exactly the wrong signal to our adversaries, to our allies and, most importantly, to the troops in the field.

Again, the The Washington Post reported, “Republicans say the Democrats’ failure to pass a “clean” funding bill without any conditions has hurt military operations around the world by requiring Pentagon planners to juggle money among accounts. Democrats say there is enough money to fund Iraq operations into July — more than enough time for the deadlock to be resolved.

I say, forget the strong-arming troopwithdrawal requirements, cut the pork, and fund our soldiers!

Congress can come up with other bills for the ‘pork’ items and even on a time-table for troop withdrawal, but let’s stop the “unaccountable” antics of loading a much needed funding bill, now.

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Memorial Day Thoughts What is to be done about the Muslim menace?

Memorial Day Thoughts

What is to be done about the Muslim menace?

It threatens civilization like no foe since Nazi Germany.

It openly plots and plans our doom and destruction.

It is developing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

It commands seemingly endless hordes of suicide bombers.

It worships, practices, glorifies terrorism.

It brainwashes and indoctrinates, preaches violence and hate.

It is hopelessly reactionary and repressive.

It is incredibly barbaric

It enslaves and oppresses.

It spreads like cancer.

It is violent and ugly.

It is truly evil.

What is to be done?

Diplomacy and dialog will do no good.

Coexistence is impossible.

Appeasement will backfire.

What is to be done?

This is what is to be done:

The Muslim menace must be annihilated.

By any and all means necessary.

If that means the destruction of Mecca, so be it.

If that means deporting the Muslim aliens, so be it.

If that means attacking Iran with nuclear weapons–before Iran nukes America and Israel–so be it.

Whatever it takes, the Muslim menace must be utterly destroyed and defeated.

By any and all means necessary.

We did not start this war, but we must fight and win it.

There is no alternative.

Non-Arab Iran Commands Two Arab Legions

Non-Arab Iran Commands Two Arab Legions

Islamist non-Arab Iran now has two Islamist Arab foreign legions at its command: Hezbollah and Hamas. The former proxy is Shiite and Lebanese; the latter force, Sunni and Palestinian. Both groups function as forward strike forces for Tehran’s monstrous mullahocracy; both groups are committed to the destruction of Israel and the defeat and expulsion of the United States from the Middle East.

Iran’s secular (for how long, who knows?) Arab ally, Syria, is going along; when war breaks out, it will almost certainly join the conflict with its missiles and, even, perhaps, chemical weapons.

The situation is unprecedented and dire–and completely beyond the comprehension of America’s worst-ever Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and Israel’s worst-ever Foreign Minister, the intellectually and ethically challenged Tzipi Livni. Their collaboration has hurt their nation’s interests immeasurably.

Israel is basically left with no alternative except all-out war against its enemies, which, as we have reported, are actively planning to change history on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Israel’s dramatic Six-Day War victory in June 1967.

North Korea’s Real Target Was Washington

Friday, May 25, 2007


North Korea’s Real Target Was Washington

The missiles that North Korea test-fired Friday–modified, longer-range versions of Chinese-built, Silkworm anti-ship missiles– were physically aimed at Japan but politically directed at the United States.

When all is said and done, the Stalinist/Kimist regime–which is protected and sustained by China–is still fighting the Korean War. The North will not rest until it succeeds in driving the US military from the Korean Peninsula.

But America’s accommodating, dumbbell diplomats are likely to downplay the importance of Pyongyang’s fresh provocation.

The party line by the US State Department will probably be that while the incident is “not helpful,” we should take comfort in the fact that the missiles launched towards the Sea of Japan Friday were of the shorter-range variety and not Rodong or Taepodong 1 ballistic missiles. Merely routine exercises, the diplomats and their friendly media mouthpieces will assure us. Besides, they will remind us, the North has signed onto nuclear disarmament; excessive criticism of the test-firings could kill the deal, or at least complicate matters needlessly.

And so on and so forth.

Last month, North Korea used a massive military parade to display a newly developed ballistic missile capable of reaching the US territory of Guam.

In July of last year, North Korea–or the DPRK, as US Assistant Secretary of State delights in calling the giant concentration camp–test-fired a salvo of short and longer reange missiles, including the Taepodong-2, which can reach parts of the US.

Pyongyang provoked the US again in October with its first-ever explosion of a nuclear device. (China Confidential predicted the nuclear test–to the day.)

The State Department and its friends in the US foreign policy establishment responded true to form–by making the case that the nuclear detonation actually showed that North Korea has yet to develop a deliverable nuclear weapon.

In Frebruary, North Korea agreed to begin dismantling its nuclear program. But the regime blew off a key deadline and remains in clear violation of the flawed accord.

In addition to its nuclear and missile programs, North Korea has a robust biological weapons program that the US and the international community have decided to ignore.


North Korea Stages Fresh Provocation

Iran’s nuclear tag-team partner is back in the ring.

North Korea fired a salvo of short-range missiles towards the Sea of Japan on Friday morning, Kyodo news agency said, quoting Japanese and American officials.

Pyongyang’s provocation comes nearly a year after its July 2006 test-firing of ballistic and short-range missiles.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The realities of Muslim Immigration

The realities of Muslim Immigration

James Lewis
The time for taboos is over. We have to talk about the way in which immigration will change the United States and the world.
In particular, much of the world has never understood why the United States gives such warm support to besieged democracies — like Israel, Taiwan, Poland during the Cold War,  a near-dead Britain during the Nazi Blitz, the Free French, and many other  democracies under assault. Today Europeans pretend not to understand why we overthrew the Nazi-clone Saddam Hussein — even though they continue to benefit from our actions against the Nazis and Soviets, every single minute of their self-indulgent lives.
Many Muslims come from utterly indoctrinated countries in the Middle East, where Jew-hatred and anti-democratic ideology are daily fare, pervading radio, TV, newspapers, and the educational system. Wall-to-wall propaganda works. Single individuals cannot withstand total saturation of their lives by ideologies of hatred. All Arab countries, Iran and Turkey, have shown the TV soap opera version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on their state-sponsored television channels, to wild  applause. http://www.memri.org  
Yet  millions of Muslims are eager to move to the United States, in good part to make America more like the societies they are leaving.
The crucial question is: Will immigrants become Americans?  Or will they turn this country into Europe or the Third World? Because that is their clearly stated intention — ranging from Mexican Azatlan nationalists, to Muslims, and to European socialists. They have all been taught that America is evil, but they still want to come here to make us enlightened — by their standards. Liberal legislation is designed to do exactly that.
Steven A. Camarota is the director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies. His 2003 essay, The Muslim Wave: Dealing with Immigration from the Middle East is required reading in the crucial time of debate on the Senate immigration bill.

“… continued Mideast immigration appears likely to lead to changes in U.S. policy, as elected officials respond to Muslim Americans’ growing electoral importance. Their increasing political influence was evident earlier this year when three Democratic House members from Michigan, whose districts contain fast-growing Arab immigrant communities, were among only 21 members voting against a resolution expressing solidarity with Israel against terrorism.”

This is four years later, and we need to think and act clearly about the coming decades for America.
As Camarota pointed out:

Reducing legal immigration from the Mideast is a sensible policy, but the only way this could ever happen would be the enactment of an immigration cap that would apply across the board – to all immigrants, wherever they might hail from. The same holds for efforts to deal with illegal immigration: Given limited resources, in a time of war, it makes sense – over the short term – to pursue with special vigor those immigration-law violators who are Middle Easterners. But over the long term, such a policy would be unfair and politically unsustainable. Reducing the overall immigration level is the wisest plan, for the decades to come.

But we have not succeeded in regulating immigration in any sensible fashion. Current legislation may triple legal immigration. The Senate bill proponents are now trying to silence and twist rational opposition.
Don’t accept any taboos on free speech when it concerns the vital future of this country — which is still, as Abraham Lincoln  proclaimed, the “last, best hope of mankind.” 
Please let it remain that.
James Lewis blogs at http://www.dangeroustimes.wordpress.com

The most expensive ex-president ever

Thomas Lifson
Bookworm catches ex-president Clinton (I love that phrase, especially the first syllable) shamelessly seeking a lavish taxpayer subsidy for his career as an ex-president, one which has proven extraordinarily lucrative (for him, not for those of us subsidizing him). Clinton wants $1.16 million, with his office in New York costing half a million of that sum. This compares to $175,000 for G.H.W Bush and $102,000 for Mr. Peanut.

The Washington Post laid out the facts , but Bookworm did a little digging and puts it all in perspective.

I personally don’t recall asking him to headquarter himself in the most expensive city in America? Did you? And if he voluntarily chooses to pay a premium to be near the best babes . . . um, I mean business opportunities, should we be forced to pay for that decision?
The other little tidbit was the fact that Clinton has earned nearly $40 million six and a half years. That’s not Hillary’s money. Just Bill’s. And that doesn’t even count the $191,000 pension the American taxpayers give him annually (money that I’m okay about). And speaking of that nearly $40 million in speaking fees, money he’s pocketed without regard to us, it appears that he’s booked some of those engagements using phones he’s now trying to charge to the American taxpayers. Oh, and did I mention that he wants to have us pay an extra $10,000 a year for added health insurance, a surprising overlay given his wife’s superb Senatorial coverage?
Considering Bill’s huge income, and potential income, not to mention his “I’m one of you little people” position, you’d think that he could donate his costs to the American people. For him, the $1.6 mil he’s sticking us for is a drop in the bucket.

As Bookworm notes, the man has no shame.