100 Days Of Nothing

100 Days Of Nothing

When a political party believes in nothing, represents nothing, and has no policies except to criticize the opposition, then nothing gets done if it is given primacy of power. America has gotten exactly what it voted for.






Pelosi Power Petering Out?

Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco’s most accomplished straight queen, came into power with great fanfare and hoopla.

It was to be a new day in America, promised the bug-eyed liberal extremist.

With a socialist female at the helm, a liberal renaissance would right the ship that had drifted so dangerously off course while evil Republican males were in charge.

Back in early January, Speaker Pelosi seemed full of vim when she boldly pledged to end the Iraq war, eliminate the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and eradicate the Culture of Corruption.

More than 120 days later, Pelosi Power has accomplished – nothing!

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