Were Dems negotiating with terrorists?

Were Dems negotiating with terrorists?

James Lewis
What was Nancy Pelosi really doing in Damascus last month? Call me suspicious. But we know that Steny Hoyer, the House Democrat Whip, flew to Cairo at the same time. It’s on the public record that Hoyer talked with Muslim Brotherhood honchos in Egypt. The MB is the parent of Hamas and of much Salafist terrorism. It inspired Al Qaida. If you wanted to negotiate directly with a major branch of Islamist terror, you would fly to Cairo and tell the MB to spread the word to the shadow groups.

So if Hoyer is talking with the Muslim Brotherhood, what’s Nancy doing in Damascus at the same time?
Well, there are three things we know about Bashir Assad Jr., the dictator of Syria’s Baath paradise.

  • 1. Syria is a major transit point for terrorists heading to Iraq to drive car bombs aiming to kill American troops and Iraqi civilians.
  • 2. Damascus is headquarters to Hamas and other anti-Israel terror groups.
  • 3. Syria has a formal alliance with Iran, the biggest terror sponsor in the world, and regularly sponsors assassinations in Lebanon.

By talking with Bashir Assad, Nancy could send a signal to all those terror groups and their bosses. If you were trying to send a message to Al Qaida and the rest, you would do exactly what Nancy and Steny just did.
Question: Would Steny and Nancy, House Democrats who may not know Sunnis from Shi’as, do such a thing without the backing of the next Democrat President, Senator Hillary Clinton? There’s an out-of-power foreign policy establishment waiting — people who hope to go back to the center of power if Hillary or Obama win. They include people like Richard Clarke, Joseph Wilson IV, Sandy Burglar, probably Colin Powell. Even old Zbig Brzezinski. Nancy and Steny are therefore probably not acting alone.
So what was the message they might have sent to the terrorists? This is admittedly a guess. But remember that  Leftist paranoids who believe in the October Surprise theory for the Carter-Reagan election believe that what you do in a crisis is to fly over to the enemy and tell them to hold on until your candidate becomes President of the United States. You promise to be nice to them if your guy or gal gets in. Then if you win, you pay off the enemy, and achieve Peace in our Time.
A lot of Democrats believe that’s what the Reagan campaign did to Carter. Further, we know that Ted Kennedy sent messages directly to the Soviets during the Reagan years, and the Congressional Democrats sent delegations to Nicaraguan Communist Ortega during the Reagan administration.
Yes, privately negotiating with the enemy wihtout authorization violates the law. But nobody is going to enforce it in this Justice Department, which can’t even enforce election laws in Chicago and New Orleans.
My guess is that Nancy and Steny gave this message to the terror bosses:
“Hang on. Don’t do another 9/11 in the United States before we get into the White House in January, 2009. Then we’ll get out of Iraq, we will let Tehran have its nukes and missiles, and we’ll sell out our allies so fast it will make Saigon look like a day on the beach. The American people have practically forgotten all about 9/11. Just don’t attack the US to remind them, so we can be elected in 2008. We own the US media. Play along with us, and we’ll get out of the Middle East.”
I don’t know if it’s true. Call me suspicious or even paranoid. But would you be surprised? Isn’t it at least a possibility worth considering?
James Lewis blogs at http://www.dangeroustimes.wordpress.com/

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