If There’s A War With Iran, It’ll Be The Dems And The MSM Who Caused It

If There’s A War With Iran, It’ll Be The Dems And The MSM Who

Caused It

Thought For The Day


A little over a year ago, George Bush and the Administration began the campaign to stop Iran from killing any more Americans in Iraq. They began to make it clear to Iran that if they didn’t stop killing our troops we would attack them. However, seconds after George Bush signaled this threat in his State of The Union Address, the MSM and Democrat Party began a feverish campaign to convince Iran that we would not attack. Their underlying strategy was to convince the American people that Iran was innocent and that George Bush merely wanted to start another war for implicitly nefarious reasons that they were never able to articulate. So they ramped up a massive media campaign to eliminate any public support for this possible war, a war the administration didn’t even want to wage, but whose specter it needed in order to avoid bloodshed and bring peace to Iraq. The Dems and MSM have been doing everything they can to remove any fear from Iran that this war will ever happen. They have been quite succesful. So now Iran does not sufficiently fear it, and has no reason to back down. So, ironically, the only way to solve the situation in Iraq, and to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons, may be to start a war with them, a war that could have been avoided if the Democrats had followed Diplomacy 101 and allowed us to maintain a credible threat of war. But that would’ve been far too politically inconvenient for them, I suppose. I guess we’ll see if all the unnecessary bloodshed they have caused and continue to cause, isn’t.

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