It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Europe

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Europe

You would think 9/11 would have marginalized militant Muslims in America. But it’s only emboldened them.

Muslim countries have lower rates of adultery…

…Obedient Women…

…Respectful Children

Weekly Jihad Report
(Apr. 28 – May. 04)
Jihad Attacks: 54
Dead Bodies: 432
Critically Injured: 506
Denounced by CAIR: 0


A ‘Muslim-Friendly’ America?By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, May 03, 2007 4:20 PM PT

Islamofascism: You would think 9/11 would have marginalized militant Muslims. But it’s only emboldened them. Now they’re demanding foot-baths in restrooms — and getting them!

The latest appeasement comes courtesy of the Kansas City International Airport. PC-mad authorities there, supposedly on high alert for Islamic terrorists, have built a place of worship for Islamic taxi drivers.
The cabbies complained it was hard to wash their feet and other body parts before praying to Allah in the existing kaffir bathrooms. So the airport added four individual foot-washing benches, complete with knee-high faucets, drains and handrails, as first reported in WorldNetDaily.
What’s next, prayer-rug cleaning? Box-cutter dispensers?
“Will demands stop with this? Unfortunately, they will not,” laments Jihad Watch founder Robert Spencer.
“This will encourage the cab drivers to behave in accord with Sharia (Islamic law) — as the Minneapolis cabbies have already begun doing with their refusal to transport people carrying alcohol.” (Read More)

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CAIR Says Suppress Terrorists’ Islamic Connections and Other New Islamic Demands

CAIR Says Suppress Terrorists’ Islamic Connections and Other New Islamic Demands

by Sher Zieve


Although CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has continued to be correctly linked to Islamic terrorist groups, including Hamas and Hezbollah, it actually issued a statement Tuesday that the FBI’s arrests of six jihadists in New Jersey was acceptable. Gee, thanks guys! The six arrested men—three of whom are said to be illegal immigrants and to have entered the US via its southern border—are described as “foreign born Muslims” who had plotted the mass slaughter of US soldiers stationed at Fort Dix, NJ. An audio recording of suspect Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer revealed his comments: “If you want to do anything here, there is Fort Dix and I don’t want to exaggerate, and I assure you that you can hit an American base very easily.” Although CAIR has filed a lawsuit against US Airways’ passengers who had the audacity to report suspicious behaviors of six Flying Imams, it has apparently decided to distance itself from these most current six terrorists. However—as is the case with CAIR—there is a caveat.


Referencing the suspects involved in the Fort Dix plot, CAIR issued the statement: “Based on the information gathered in this case, it seems clear that a potentially deadly attack has been averted. We applaud the FBI for its efforts and repeat the American Muslim community’s condemnation and repudiation of all those who would plan or carry out acts of terror while falsely claiming their actions have religious justification.” It then, in direct contradiction to its lawsuit against the airline passengers, continued with: “We continue to urge American Muslims to be vigilant in reporting any suspected criminal activities that could harm the safety and security of our nation.” Hmmm. Is this another CAIR officials’ ploy of “listen to what we say but, pay no attention to what we actually do?” Or, is it only the Muslim “community” that is allowed to turn in potential terrorists? As Muslims consider Christians and Jews to be infidels, are they not included in the ‘reporting hierarchy’? But, I digress. The caveat to CAIR’s statements is an ‘advisory’ to the press. CAIR told the media to “refrain from linking this case to the faith of Islam.” However, per the instructions of the Quran, that cannot be done as Islam and Muslimism are irretrievably connected to and with one another. Apparently, the mainstream media are listening, as there are few television media outlets paying much attention to this uncovered terrorist plot on US soil. Some of those that are have reduced the six Muslim terrorists to ‘incompetent’. Note: Oddly and to the jeopardy of we-the-people, this is the usual response of old leftist media to any and all thwarted Islamic plots. Little to no credit is given to those stopping said scheme before it can be implemented and the instigators are referred to as ‘bungling boobs’. Is this yet another way in which the mainstream media attempt to steer us away from real threats to both our country and our personal survival? Or, is it simply that old media lives in fear of everything and is attempting to create an alternate and false reality? Doesn’t the media response seem eerily similar to the deceptive policies applied by CAIR and other terrorist and terrorist-supporting groups that advise ‘tell them what they want to hear and then continue with our plans to overthrow and destroy them’? It appears so. And, with our media’s apparent willing assistance, they will continue their ruse.


As well as the Islamists in our midst now demanding that all of our soldiers—within the US—must die, Muslims in New York have issued their own demand that taxpayers fund their Arabic schools. No other religion in the USA is allowed this special and discriminatory treatment. Note: They have already won concessions for Muslim prayer rooms and foot-washing basins (also taxpayer funded) in Minnesota schools and airports, as well as Kansas City International Airport and others.


The “Kahlil Gibran International Academy” Arabic language and cultural school in New York City is scheduled to open in September 2007. Interestingly, the poet Gibran was a Lebanese Christian. This ‘public school’ that has all of the earmarks of a Muslim separatist school is funded by US taxpayers. But, then, Muslims—via their Quran—are required to remain separate from other “infidel” religions and peoples. If this is the case, one might reasonably ask: “Why did they come here in the first place?” The answer is as obvious as it is logical. To change our way of life (as is being affected in European countries) to Muslims-only—with all others required to use separate and inferior facilities. That is, if they are allowed to live at all. Islam is now being allowed to bypass the US Supreme Court’s ruling regarding the separation of church and state. Apparently, said ruling does not apply to mosque and state. Each and every day, Muslims and Islamists in the USA are becoming bolder and making more demands. And, no matter how discriminatory these demands are, they are being met by our politically-correct appeasers—to the detriment of the rest us. However, there will be no need for the Muslim riots experienced in France, Belgium, Germany and other European countries. As our “leaders” are already giving the USA up to the Islamists, without either a battle or a whimper, Shari’a law and 5 times per day calls to prayer are in our not-too-distant future. The signs are all around us and we ignore them at our own mortal risks.

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Sher Zieve is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. ( The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.


Fort Dix Jihad: The Media Misses the Point

Fort Dix Jihad: The Media Misses the Point
It’s not about the organization, it’s the ideology.

By Andrew C. McCarthy

The mainstream media is atwitter this morning over the six Muslim men arrested in south Jersey for conspiring “to kill as many soldiers as possible” at the Fort Dix U.S. army base. The case, they tell us, reflects the new terrorism: inept, atomized cells, disconnected from al Qaeda or any other regimented international terrorist organization.
Here’s the template setter, the New York Times: “The authorities described the suspects as Islamic extremists and said they represented the newest breed of threat: loosely organized domestic militants unconnected to — but inspired by — al Qaeda or other international terror groups.”

The Washington Post echoes:

[The group] … was portrayed as a leaderless, homegrown cell of immigrants from Jordan, Turkey and the former Yugoslavia who came together because of a shared infatuation with Internet images of jihad, or holy war. Authorities said the group has no apparent connection to al-Qaeda or other international terrorist organizations aside from ideology, but appears to be an example of the kind of self-directed sympathizers widely predicted — and feared — by counterterrorism specialists. The defendants allegedly passed around and copied images of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and the martyrdom videos of two of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers.

Meet the new terrorism. Same as the old terrorism.

In 1993, Mohammed Salameh, a Palestinian immigrant who was a member of no known foreign terrorist organization, helped bomb the World Trade Center. The attack was carried out by a homegrown jihadist cell that was formed in the late 1980s. The group was inspired by the fiery cleric, Omar Abdel Rahman (the Blind Sheikh). Though Sheikh Abdel Rahman was the head of an Egyptian terrorist organization, Gama’at al Islamia (the Islamic Group), the American cell was not a Gama’at operation. It was a motley crew of Egyptians, Palestinians, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Sudanese, and others. What bound them together was ideology — not connection to a particular organization.

That ideologically inspired cell had already claimed some victims. In 1990, Salameh’s cohort, a naturalized American citizen from Egypt named El Sayyid Nosair, murdered Rabbi Meir Kahane (founder of the Jewish Defense League) at a hotel in New York City, shooting and wounding a 70-year-old man and a postal police officer as he attempted to flee. Nosair, who had helped organize the paramilitary training, was a ne’er-do-well who kept recordings and notes of jihadist preaching in his home.

Salameh, meanwhile, turned out not to be the sharpest tool in the shed — reminiscent of this morning’s media depiction of the Fort Dix plotters. He was arrested largely because, after using a rental van to house and transport the bomb into the bowels of the Twin Towers, he figured — even as his co-conspirators fled the country — that it would be a good idea to try to get his deposit back. Investigators, furthermore, found that Salameh and his confederates seemed, at times, to be Keystone terrorists, storing nitroglycerine in a refrigerator, amateurishly mixing chemicals, getting involved in traffic mishaps. None of the ineptitude, however, left the World Trade Center any less bombed or the victims any less dead.

It is often assumed, incorrectly, that the ’93 bombing was an al Qaeda initiative because its prime-mover, Ramzi Yousef, had trained in al Qaeda camps. But thousands of young Muslim men have been through the rigors of those camps; the vast majority never formally joins al Qaeda. The issue is not, and has never been, membership in an organization. The point is that those who attend the camps are in a process of being catalyzed by jihadist ideology. In any event, it is far from certain that Yousef was ever a formal member of al Qaeda. Even if he had been, the al Qaeda that existed in 1993 was a different and much less capable entity than the organization that carried out the 1998 embassy bombings, and, as noted above, the other conspirators were not al Qaeda operatives.

The bombing was almost immediately followed by a second, more ambitious (and thankfully unsuccessful) plot for simultaneous strikes against New York City landmarks — the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, the UN complex, and the FBI’s lower Manhattan headquarters. Again, few if any of the rag-tag would-be bombers were members of any formal foreign terrorist organization; they were mostly Sudanese immigrants (one of whom had ties to Sudan’s government), a Palestinian with possible Hamas ties, and a pair of Americans. At trial, the evidence showed one of the latter (a Puerto Rican named Victor Alvarez, aka “Mohammed the Spanish”) to be so dim-witted his defense became that he lacked the necessary sophistication to grasp that his associates were at war with America. The jury, exercising the sort of common sense absent from much of today’s coverage, decided that neither a Ph.D. nor the key to al Qaeda’s executive men’s room was a prerequisite for ideologically motivated mass murder.

Al Qaeda is a powerful force. It is a sprawling, atomized, international network of cells. It has proved quite adept at orchestrating savage attacks. But the main danger it poses has never been the orders its generals give to its colonels and on down some regimented chain-of-command. If we had only to worry about members of al Qaeda carrying out orders of al Qaeda, the war on terror would be neither as uphill nor as infinite as it seems to be. The principal challenge posed by al Qaeda is that it spearheads the spread of a strong, though noxious, ideology.

Indeed, al Qaeda does not purport to give direction only to its own members, or even that the directions it does impart are al Qaeda’s own directions. The network presumes to be guiding all Muslims toward what Islam compels. This is abundantly clear from Osama bin Laden’s infamous 1998 fatwa — “infamous” in the sense that it is often mentioned in press, although, to judge from today’s coverage and “expert” commentary, not much attention has been given to what it actually says. Here’s bin Laden (italics mine):

The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies — civilians and military — is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it[.] … This is in accordance with the words of Almighty God, “and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together,” and “fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God.”

The direction is to everyone. And he is not ordering that it be done because Osama says so, like the mafia does something because the don says so, or the army does something because the commanding officer says so. In bin Laden’s mind, he is merely the medium; the direction, he insists, comes from Allah. In fact, bin Laden plainly knows he is not enough of an authority figure to command terrorist attacks. He needs to cite scripture to convince Muslims that it is the ideology itself which announces these commands. Commands which this ideology compels every Muslim, not just every al Qaeda operative, to perform.

Nothing new here. Bin Laden is not a religious scholar. He does not have the status in Islam to issue fatwas. After the 9/11 attacks, he claimed the authority for the operation came from the scriptures. To the extent a fatwa was necessary, he pointed to Sheikh Abdel Rahman, a Koranic scholar who does have the required status. Here’s what the Blind Sheikh said in 1996 of Americans (again, the italics are mine):

Muslims everywhere [should] dismember their nation, tear them apart, ruin their economy, provoke their corporations, destroy their embassies, attack their interests, sink their ships, . . . shoot down their planes, [and] kill them on land, at sea, and in the air. Kill them wherever you find them.

For the government and the media, it has long been an article of faith that we needn’t trouble ourselves with articles of faith … if the faith in question is Islam. The problem, we’re told — in defiance of reason and experience — is only these terrorist organizations, not their ideology. The organizations, of course, have never seen it that way. And they’re quite right: it has never been that way.

The majority of Muslims is not beholden to the various strains of jihadist ideology, especially at the juncture where word becomes deed. But the ideology indisputably springs from Islam. For that reason it has cachet and it has not been rejected out of hand even by the many faithful who regard it as an outdated, hyper-literal radicalism. And for that reason, a certain percentage of Muslims — hopefully at some point, an increasingly small percentage — will embrace it.

With modern weaponry, it doesn’t take a lot of terrorists or a lot of attacks to do a lot of damage. That was demonstrated on 9/11, but it has been true for a very long time. In a 1990 lecture in Denmark, the Blind Sheikh urged his followers that they could drive the mighty United States armed forces out of the Persian Gulf if ad hoc “Muslim battalions” would just “do five or six operations to the Americans in surprise attacks like the one that was done against them in Lebanon [i.e., Hezbollah’s 1983 attack on the Beirut barracks, killing 241 marines].” And as one of those arrested yesterday, Dritan Duka, is alleged to have put it, “We can do a lot of damage with seven people.”

My friend Bill Bennett likes to quote Hannah Arendt’s aphorism, “Nothing so inoculates a person against reality than the hold of ideology.” If we want to understand why we are at risk from cells in places like Cherry Hill which have no ties to known foreign terror groups, and if we want to learn what authentic, moderate Muslim reformers are up against, we need to open our eyes to what motivates jihadists. It is powerful, enduring and frightening because it is a doctrine, not an organization.

Andrew C. McCarthy directs the Center for Law & Counterterrorism at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Terror Fears Grip Europe

Terror Fears Grip Europe

German government warns Australians to stay away. New “Al Qaeda In The Lands Of The Villains” cell expected to strike soon.


A sort of terror fever is sweeping Old Europe. Betting money is on an attack in the next 90 or so days.

Given that their governments would be changing hands in the coming weeks, both England and France were bracing for a nasty call from Al Qaeda. Well once staunchly anti-Jihadi, anti-Muslim Street Gang politician Sarkovy was elected its President, France has been all but assuming that it will be hit in the weeks ahead, especially because…


…a very disturbing new tape, featuring a new European branch of Al Qaeda called “Al Qaeda In The Lands of The Villains” started making the international rounds on May 1. May Day. The tape features armed gangs practicing assaults on everything from buses to military installations, and lots and lots of IED making. Topographical analysis indicates it was shot in Eastern Europe, perhaps Chechnya.

The tape’s narrator lays out three specific priorities for Al Qaeda in Europe

1. A general worldwide jihadi recruitment campaign extolling the fun and virtues of killing Americans in Iraq, Jews in Palestine, Hindus in India. In other words, off-continental killing.

2. The training of believers to fight the infidels, namely the Christians and Jews living in Europe.

3. The establishment of separate Muslim states-within-states in Europe, ie the strongest admonition against culturally integrating into Western Societies. The need to remain both separate and jihadi in preparation for the ultimate conquest of the continent.

Al Qaeda has only released tapes revealing new cells if those cells are about to launch attacks. In addition, Al Qaeda chatter in Spain is currently “off the charts”, and has been for the last two weeks. And the G8 Summit goes down in Germany next month, which resulted in a series of raids which just started today ( the growing links between American/European socialists and Islamic terrorists is also disturbing. This alliance is in fact the very lifeblood of George Soros and, and their puppet entity, the Democrat political party. Soros’ direct communication with terrorists is currently under both official and private surveillance and review ) As a result, the governments of all nations concerned consider May, June and July to be critical.

And also just in tonight:

Australian travellers are being warned to exercise caution if travelling to
Germany, which may be at an increased risk of a terrorist attack.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade tonight reviewed its travel
advice for Germany, alerting travellers that the German government had
warned terrorist attacks might be possible.

“German government public statements continue to note the possibility of
terrorist attacks in Germany,” DFAT said on its website.

“The German Interior Ministry has said the threat has become more serious.

“On 20 April 2007, the United States Embassy issued a warden message
advising that US diplomatic missions and installations are increasing
security in response to the heightened terrorist threat.”

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What Does Muslim Immigration Cost Europe?

What Does Muslim Immigration Cost Europe?

Do gang rapes boost GDP? That was an offensive question, you say? 100.000 young Swedish girls live as virtual prisoners


From Global Politician
Fjordman – 5/10/2007
Do gang rapes boost GDP? Was that an offensive question, you say? Well, according to Sweden’s finance minister Pär Nuder, more immigrants should be allowed into Sweden in order to safeguard the welfare system. However, in reality estimates indicate that immigration costs Sweden at least 40 to 50 billion Swedish kroner every year, probably several hundred billions, and has greatly contributed to bringing the Swedish welfare state to the brink of bankruptcy. An estimated cost of immigration of 225 billion Swedish kroner in 2004, which is not unlikely, would equal 17.5% of Sweden’s tax income that year, a heavy burden in a country which already has some of the highest levels of taxation in the world.

At the same time, the number of rape charges in Sweden has quadrupled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six times as common today as they were a generation ago. Resident aliens from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate the group of rape suspects. Lawyer Ann Christine Hjelm, who has investigated violent crimes in one court, found that 85 per cent of the convicted rapists were born on foreign soil or by foreign parents. Swedish politicians want to continue Muslim immigration because it boosts the economy, yet the evidence so far indicates that it mainly boosts the number of gang rapes. Meanwhile, research shows that fear of honor killings is a very real issue for many immigrant girls in Sweden. 100.000 young Swedish girls live as virtual prisoners of their own families. (Read More)

UN Attacks Alternative Fuel Industry

UN Attacks Alternative Fuel Industry

The United Nations’ first major report on biofuels is a classic UN work product: biased and out of date.

Reflecting the views of extreme conservationists–who fanatically oppose technology-based solutions to the energy crisis–multinational oil companies, and major oil producing nations such as Venezuela and Iran–the so-called study suggests that the benefits of biofuels are likely to be offset by serious environmental problems and increased food prices for the hungry. The report also asserts that many biofuel crops require the best land and a lot of water and environment-damaging chemical fertilizers.

Suffice it to say the world body is wrong, as usual. In addition to painting with a brush that is way too broad–little distinction is made between ethanol and biodiesel, for instance–the report ignores technologies that promise to put waste lands in developing nations and idle farm lands in industrialized nations to productive use in sustainable fashion. For example, the cultivation of jatropha–a hearty, perennial oil-seed plant that grows well in arid conditions, requires no irrigation, and can prevent and perhaps even reverse desertification–is ignored by the UN. Its ideologues are appalled by the mere thought of a wonder crop–watch for a UN report calling for its eradication.

This reporter is only half-joking. Experts estimate that more than half of Africa could grow jatropha; if half of this area were to actually grow it, the output could meet America’s oil needs, permanently end the cycle of poverty in Africa … and put an army of UN aid workers and NGO scammers out of work.

In the United States, where subsidized (and inefficient), corn-based ethanol production has indeed caused the price of animal feed to rise for already hard-pressed dairy farmers, commercial and cooperative-style production of non-toxic biodiesel–a renewable replacement for petroleum diesel that extends engine life for tractors and farm equipment–offers real hope for people trying to preserve a way of life and remain on the land. America’s family farmers are keenly interested in growing canola, sunflower, and camelina, as well as soy, for use as biodiesel feedstock.

Much more promising than the above-mentioned crops, in terms of oil yields per acre, is algae. Yes, algae; for farmers and biodiesel producers, slime can be beautiful. An acre of canola produces 70 gallons of biodiesel feedstock, compared with just 40 gallons for an acre of soy. But algae–which could be grown in greenhouses–hydroponically and vertically–could yield thousands of gallons per acre. And there is no reason to rule out algae-oil production for deveoping nations.

None of which interests the UN. Like 1960s American welfare workers and leftwing urban activists, zealously anti-business UN bureaucrats prefer to keep people poor and dependent on state aid and private-sector handouts. The only agriculture of real interest to the UN is collectivist; the survival of family farms–anywhere–offends UN sensibilities.

As for the problem of imported oil, for all its expressed concern for the problem of global warming, the anti-American UN is clearly commited to increasing, rather than reducing, the petro-power of Middle Eastern and Third World potentates and despots.

The French Left’s Lost Balloon

The French Left’s Lost Balloon

A quote from Nidra Poller in The Washington Times, 9 May 2007

On the eve of the final round, Miss Royal declared on RTL television that Nicolas Sarkozy was a liar, a brutal man and a danger to the nation, and that his election would provoke a massive domestic uprising. If, as alleged in Le Monde on Monday, the Socialist candidate knew by then that she had no hope of winning, the implicit call for rebellion is all the more reprehensible. […]

After [UDF centrist Francois] Bayrou was eliminated, Miss Royal tried frantically to win back the misguided votes by courting Mr. Bayrou. The sluggish centrist took advantage of her ingenuity to keep himself on the front pages for one whole week of the two-week second-round campaign. Meanwhile, all but one of the 29 UDF deputies threw their support to Mr. Sarkozy. The final tally showed that 40 percent of Mr. Bayrou’s vote went to Miss Royal, 40 percent to Mr. Sarkozy, and 20 percent down the drain in abstention. Mr. Bayrou’s vainglorious promise to make a big showing in the mid-June legislative elections with his new Mouvement Democrate is floating high in the sky like a lost balloon.

Still playing the “tous sauf Sarkozy” tune, the Socialists are trying to grab the legislature under the pretext that their majority will temper President Sarkozy’s “absolute power.” Again, they are pandering to undemocratic forces determined to overthrow the newly elected government by street warfare.

Shortly after Mr. Sarkozy’s victory was announced, clashes began at the Bastille in Paris and in countless French cities. […] There is no guarantee that the banlieue will not explode in turn, but the current center-city uprising is led by extreme leftists, revolutionary Communists, anarchists, nihilists and misguided Segolene groupies. One rioter justified the violence as a protest against the police brutality that Mr. Sarkozy “plans to impose.” […] France is aflutter with hope. […] Accountability just might enter the French vocabulary.

Rush Derangement Syndrome

The War on Terror Comes to Cherry Hill

The War on Terror Comes to Cherry Hill

By Jerry Gordon

Cherry Hill, New Jersey is an upper middle class Philadelphia suburb across the Delaware River bridges in Camden County.  Camden itself is ranked  the ‘most dangerous city’ in the U.S.  But Cherry Hill is ranked 47th by Money Magazine as one of the best places to live in America.  The township’s website trumpets this accolade: “you couldn’t pick a better place”.  

Mayor Bernie Platt, long time Mayor and South Jersey politician and scion of a Jewish funeral home family business in the area is one of Cherry Hill’s biggest boosters, attaching great stock to the city’s diversity, as embodied in its significant affluent Jewish community and successful immigrant communities.  “We are a diverse suburban municipality with representatives of many faiths and ethnic backgrounds,” Keashen, spokesman for Mayor Platt, said in a Courier Post article.  About 12.5 percent of Cherry Hill’s residents are foreign born.  
Last Sunday, John Adler, New Jersey State Senator (D. Camden) attended the groundbreaking ceremony for a Mosque being built by Indian Muslims who live in Cherry Hill.  He considers Cherry Hill a “a place of peace and tolerance.” Quresh Dahodwala, a leader of the India-based sect Dawoodi Bohra, which is building the Anjuman-E-Fakhri mosque, said his group has about 60 members.
He said, “he did not know the total number of Muslims in Cherry Hill. But he estimated the total number in South Jersey as between 8,000 and 10,000.”
On Monday that diversity boosterism by Mayor Platt and others in Cherry Hill was set back by the arrest of six Muslim suspects in an attempted al Qaeda-like plot to attack Fort Dix, New Jersey. The  Fort Dix Six also had plans to attack Dover, Delaware, Air Force Base, Coast Guard and Navy facilities, and the Federal office building in Philadelphia. The latter were targeted during the traditional Army Navy game held in the City of Brotherly Love.
Five of those suspects charged by the Federal prosecutors were residents of Cherry Hill.   Four were Albanian Kosavar Muslims, including brothers Dritan, Eljvir, and Shain Duka.  The Duka boys were apparently smuggled into the U.S. by their parents in 1984.  A Turkish Muslim, Derdar Tatar, a naturalized citizen is also a Cherry Hill resident as is Philadelphia cab driver Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer – whom the FBI considers the alleged ‘mastermind. ‘ Shnewer originated from Amman Jordan and has Palestinian relations in the West Bank village of al-Dhaheriyeh, near Hebron. 
Of special interest was a fourth Albanian Kosavar Muslim gun broker in the plot, Agron Abdullahu, who lived in Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County, New Jersey. He was a former sniper in Kosovo who trained with the Egyptian military; Abdullahu is a legal U.S. resident. Could he also have been a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) – a known terrorist group in the breakaway Serbian province?
The FBI had been alerted about this terrorist plot by a sharp eyed Mount Laurel, New Jersey Circuit  City store clerk in January, 2006  who was transferring a video tape to a DVD brought in by one of the suspects, when he spotted something in the video that didn’t sit right with him-training using AK-47’s and other semi-automatic weapons. 
We’d like to think that the Circuit City clerk and ‘local hero’ will get some protection under the pending ‘John Doe’ amendments to H.R. 1-the 9/11 legislation, currently before a joint U.S. Senate House conference committee. But, it’s unlikely that the tipster will get any indemnification for having alerted the FBI to ‘suspicious persons’ in case of a law suit brought by Muslim advocacy groups like CAIR.  The legislation only covers persons who report such information on federally regulated transportation systems, not mall video stores.
Secret recordings , made by an FBI informer revealed that the ‘South Jersey Six’ had become radical Jihadis.
“My intent is to a hit a heavy concentration of soldiers,” said the alleged mastermind, Philadelphia cabdriver Shnewer.
“It doesn’t matter to me whether I get locked up, arrested,” said Serdar Tatar, the 7-Eleven clerk who worked near Temple University in Philadelphia.
“We can do a lot of damage with seven people,” Dritan Duka, allegedly said on an FBI tape.
Eljvir Duka said “In the end, when it comes to defending your religion, when someone … attacks your religion, your way of life, then you go jihad.”
I have a special interest in Cherry Hill and environs because my sister and brother-in-law reside there when they are not snowbirding in Florida.  In a phone call with them Tuesday night, they wondered if the Jewish community in Cherry Hill would ‘be shocked’ to the point of realizing that their prized diversity came at a high price: welcoming Muslim terrorists into their midst. 
The only time that the Cherry Hill Jewish community was in ‘shock’ was the tawdry public trial and conviction of a Reform Rabbi  Fred Neulander , currently serving a life term  in a New Jersey prison for arranging  the contract murder of his wife Carol  in 1994.
The most prominent of the arraigned Fort Dix plotters are the three Duka brothers: Dritan, Eljvir, and Shain, whose family had settled in Cherry Hill, built a thriving roofing business, and whose friendly Jewish neighbors brought them fresh garden vegetables every summer.  One neighbor, a Michael Levine noted that the women wore head scarves, but he thought nothing of that. But now Levine commented: “They seemed like normal people – you’d have no idea,” he said. “It’s unsettling. You don’t know who your neighbors are.”
The other Cherry Hill resident plotter was Derdar Tatar  the son of Turkish resident aliens who have built a thriving pizzeria business in Cookstown not far from the giant McGuire Air Force base adjacent to Fort Dix in southern, New Jersey.   The family has recently sold the business and Derdar Tatar was seen tooling around in an expressive Cadillac Escalade SUV. Clearly neither he nor the other members of the ‘South Jersey Six’ were impoverished and desperate enough to strike back at fellow American neighbors and infidels. His father Muslim Tatar commented that his son was ‘not a terrorist’.
“Mainstream Muslim” community leaders, because of the eruption of profiling complaints against Muslims in the wake of 9/11 when hundreds of Muslim men were detained, are concerned about a repetition. “What we’re all afraid of is a new backlash,” said Hesham Mahmoud, a spokesman for the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee.
CAIR didn’t waste any time holding a news conference on Tuesday and issued a damage control statement: “It seems clear that a potentially deadly attack has been averted,” the group said. “We applaud the FBI for its efforts and repeat the American Muslim community’s condemnation and repudiation of all those who would plan or carry out acts of terror while falsely claiming their actions have religious justification.”
Yaser El-Menshawy, chairman of the Majlis Ash-Shura of New Jersey, the state’s council of mosques, while condemning the plot, noted that those who plot against the government “cannot be stopped simply by law enforcement or military means alone.” “It’s all about U.S. government in the Middle East”-meaning Iraq, Israel and the Palestinians. “We are going to have to take a look at it and see where we are right and where we are not right,” El-Menshawy said. “If that’s not the case, then I fear we are in for a very long and difficult period.”
Meanwhile the federal prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie in Camden, New Jersey – where the arraignment of the Fort Dix plotters had occurred – did everything possible to separate the actions from the Muslim Community. Christie did not want to injure the FBI and Homeland Security’s special relationship with the Muslim community, when he noted, “We would not want this to tar the reputation of the Muslim community in New Jersey and the work they do for law enforcement every day.”
Even White House spokesperson, Tony Snow, piled on this disclaimer in his statement on Tuesday by indicating that there was ‘no direct evidence’ that the men have ties to international terrorism.
“They are not charged with being members of an international terrorism organization,” Snow said. “At least at this point, there is no evidence that they received direction from international terror organizations.”
But there is a connection to international Islamic terrorism. The internet connected these plotters.  According to an MSNBC report, FBI affidavits noted that among the materials used in organizing, training and proselytizing the Jihadis were al-Qaeda training videos, the video wills of two 9-11 hijackers, and videos of U.S. soldiers being killed in Iraq.
“The leader of the group is described as smiling while watching the deaths of the U.S. soldiers.”
“You know the world has changed when videos shot in Iraq and Afghanistan can be an inspiration for a bunch of Albanians in Cherry Hill, N.J.,” said the official.
Neither the FBI, nor Department of Homeland Security want to ‘go there’, despite the compelling evidence to the contrary. After all they, along with Cherry Hill Mayor Bernie Platt, don’t want to be accused of being “racist” or “bigoted” do they?  Our humanitarian refugee laws instituted by President Clinton have opened us up since the late 1990’s for immigration from territories where terriism is a popular activity. They are an open running spigot through which terrorists like the Kosovar Albanian Muslim sniper in the ‘South Jersey Six’ or the tough Islamist Somalis I’ve written about in Nashville got into the heartland of the U.S.
Yes, we’d all like to believe that it’s only those extremists fringe Muslims behind the Fort Dix plot  So terror has jarred the peace and tolerance of Cherry Hill, New Jersey and my sister and brother-in-law who live there have every right to be concerned. So do we all.
Jerry Gordon is a Member of the Board of American Congress for Truth.

Soros and Hillary: Partners on Israel?

Soros and Hillary: Partners on Israel?

By Richard Baehr

George Soros, like many megalomaniacs, particularly the wealthiest ones, likes to keep his hands in those enterprises in which he invests.  As he has turned over more of the day to day operations of his Quantum hedge fund to his sons, Soros has stepped up his involvement in a variety of political activities directed towards his principal political goals- weakening and undermining George Bush, pressuring Israel to negotiate  with, and make concessions to Hamas, and shifting America’s political trajectory sharply left
Soros’ interest in Israel has become much more visible in recent months. He was rumored to be a behind the scenes funding source for the creation of a new group which would be an alternative to AIPAC, the principal  American lobbying  group on US relations with Israel, and has called for Israel to negotiate with  Hamas leaders in an article in the virulently anti-Israel New York Review of Books.
Now, another of the many left wing groups Soros has funded, The Center For American Progress, has begun a new initiative to produce an alternative to the Daily Alert, a roundup of articles on Israel, Jewish life, Iran, radical Islam, and the Iraq war that is sent by email to a large list of over 100,000 people.  The impetus for the creation of the alternative email, the Middle East Bulletin, which will be a thrice weekly email on the same subjects, is that the Daily Alert, produced for the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, is too far to the right. Evidence of this for its critics, is that the Daily Alert is prepared by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs headed by Dr. Dore Gold, former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations when Benjamin Netanyahu was Israel’s Prime Minister from 1996 to 1999.  The fact that the Conference of Presidents includes groups from across the  political spectrum is ignored by its critics. Some of the groups supporting the new alternative email are represented on the Conference.
As to the charge that the Daily Alert is a right wing mouthpiece, this much is true: unlike many of those associated with the new Center for American Progress email newsletter on the Middle East, the Daily Alert is clearly in Israel’s corner. Those who prepare the Daily Alert, and presumably its many readers, care deeply whether Israel survives. On this subject, George Soros and many of his allies lose no sleep. The Daily Alert is concerned with the Iranian nuclear program, Hamas’ military buildup in Gaza, Hezb’allah’s continuing threat in the North, the actions of radical Islamists around the globe, and the calls for the destruction of Israel, America and the Jews that are repeatedly broadcast in mosques, and on the media, and in schools in the Palestinian territories, and in Muslim countries around the world.  The Daily Alert provides evidence each day that there are real threats from Islamic radicalism to Israel and to Jews and others in many countries.
Some of the groups that are providing material for the Middle East Bulletin, Americans for Peace NowBrit Tsedek v Shalom, Ameinu, and the Israel Policy Forum, believe their principal enemies to be Israeli settlers and their right wing allies in the Likud Party, and hawkish American Jewish supporters of Israel, and their Christian evangelical allies. Their thesis is that Israel’s Arab enemies would disappear if Israel only withdrew from the West Bank and reached a peace deal with all the Palestinian moderates clamoring for such a conflict resolution.  Evidence for this presumably must be the way Hezb’allah became friendly after Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, and the way Gaza became pacified after Israel withdrew and dismantled settlements  in the summer of 2005.  Additional support for this thesis must be the way the supposedly moderate PA walked out of Camp David, rejecting President Clinton’s best efforts at peace making in the summer of 2000 and started a second and far deadlier intifada just months later.
The peace groups on the left believe the key to getting Israel to withdraw from the West Bank is changing the policies of the American government, so that it becomes more balanced between Israel and the Palestinians.  In short, the leftwing Jewish groups believe America should be neutral between Israel and those who have provided every bit of evidence one might require over 60 years that they want to destroy Israel. 
There is willful blindness about what happened during the Oslo process , and at Camp David and Taba in 2000-2001. Ken Levin, author of  “The Oslo Syndrome” has argued that the Jewish peace camp is suffering a form of mental illness, including a desperate need to be liked by Israel’s enemies.
One of the individuals who has attacked the Daily Alert, Gidon Remba,  executive director of Ameinu, the Labor Zionist Alliance, argued that Daily Alert is being used by opponents of the two-state vision. “I view it as a kind of propaganda that is intended to strengthen the regressive forces in the Jewish community.”  Remba is an individual so afraid of hurting the feelings of Palestinians that upon the death of Yassar Arafat, he told the Chicago Tribune  that Arafat was a man who had  been involved in some terror attacks, but had also saved Jewish lives during the 90s. In other words, collaborating on the planning and financing of terror attacks, and then alerting the Israelis about a few of them, meant for Remba that Arafat saved Jewish lives. 
The obsession among leftist Jews with Israel’s right wing is also evident in the comments of M. J. Rosenberg, another lifelong believer in the God of the moderate Palestinian:  “It [the Daily Alert],” is very skewed to the right said M.J. Rosenberg, Israel Policy Forum’s director of policy analysis. IPF is an American Jewish advocacy group that supports intensive American efforts to help secure a two-state solution. “When you read it, you get the feeling it is coming from the Israeli right wing and from the Jewish right wing.”
Other comments echoed these: “It is as if there is no peace process, as if there is no one in Israel who supports dialogue with the Palestinians,” said an official of one Jewish group. According to another Jewish group official, Daily Alert consistently emphasizes threats to Israel while ignoring peace overtures by Israelis and Arabs.
The latest version of the Saudi “Peace Plan”, calling for a 100% Israeli evacuation from all territory captured in the 67 war, as well as addressing the Palestinian right of return, is the “good deal” now being offered on a take it or leave it basis by  the Saudis. This is apparently the new lodestone for peace making in the region for the Israeli and Jewish American left.
The Center for American Progress is an interesting organization. Some have referred to it as the shadow Clinton White House, a place keeper for Clinton acolytes to wait until their power is restored after the 2008 Presidential election and the ascension of Hillary Clinton.  The Center has been run since its creation in 2003 by John Podesta, former Chief of Staff in the Clinton White House, and other former Clinton administration figures are also working for or are affiliated with the Center. David Horowitz has identified some of the Clinton linkages:

“‘Persistent press leaks confirm that Hillary Clinton, and not Podesta, is ultimately in charge of CAP. It’s the official Hillary Clinton think tank,’ an inside source confided to Christian Bourge of United Press International. Robert Dreyfuss notes in The Nation, ‘In looking at Podesta’s center, there’s no escaping the imprint of the Clintons. It’s not completely wrong to see it as a shadow government, a kind of Clinton White-House-in-exile — or a White House staff in readiness for President Hillary Clinton.’ Dreyfuss notes the abundance of Clintonites on the Center’s staff, among them Clinton’s national security speechwriter Robert Boorstin; Democratic Leadership Council staffer and former head of Clinton’s National Economic Council Gene Sperling; former senior advisor to Clinton’s Office of Management and Budget Matt Miller; and others.
“In addition to the aforementioned individuals, CAP’s key personnel also includes Director of Media Strategy Debbie Berger, daughter of Clinton national security chief Sandy Berger; Sarah Rosen Wartell, who serves as Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and General Counsel; Mark David Agrast, Senior Vice President for Domestic Policy; and Robert O. Boorstin, Senior Vice President for National Security and International Policy.”

The Center was ostensibly created to develop ideas and strategies for the Democratic Party and to promote a progressive think tank alternative to the papers and books prepared by the collection of prestige thinks tanks on the right: The Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, The American Enterprise Institute, the Hudson Institute, and the Manhattan Institute, among others. 
Since its founding, the Center has  been far more involved in day to day partisan politics than in the activities normally associated with the think tank world. One of its units, a group called Media Matters, run by former conservative and serial fabricator David Brock, has become little more than a daily attempt to attack the credibility of anybody who appears on the Fox News Channel, conservative talk radio, or offers conservative commentary in other media venues.
So the question arises: If the Center for American Progress is in fact a Clintonian organization, why is it associating itself with a very soft dovish, and utterly unrealistic position on the Israeli Palestinian conflict? In her campaign to date for the White House, Mrs. Clinton has tried to position herself as a champion of Israel and a more reliable protector of Israel’s interests than the untested Barack Obama, her principal opponent at the moment, whose political leanings may lie further to the left. When Obama told a small group in Iowa that nobody had suffered more than the Palestinians (tell that to those in Darfur, or Zaire, or Rwanda, or the Kurds, or Tibetans), that suggested a tendency to reflexively sympathize with the weaker party, or the perceived victim in a conflict, whatever the contribution that party may have made to its own suffering.
To the extent the Center for American Progress is seen as a Soros front, it is not at all surprising that it is looking for new ways to influence the debate on Israel in this country in a direction inimical to recent US policy.  But to the extent it is also seen as tied to the Clintons, it may be a way for Mrs. Clinton, to signal to some on the left that she is not a captive of the right wing pro-Israel community, and will be more open minded on the subject should she be elected.
Mrs. Clinton was not viewed as  very pro-Israel when she ran for the Senate in 2000 (barely winning half of the Jewish vote in a race against a political unknown, Congressman Rick Lazio), and spent much of her first term building up her bona fides with the pro-Israel community in a state where 10% of the population is Jewish. But in the current political climate surrounding the Democratic nomination fight, Mrs. Clinton is viewed by the agitated and aggressive anti-Iraq war left as having been an enthusiastic advocate for that war in 2002 and 2003.
One of the new litmus tests for anti-war advocates is to also be unsympathetic to Israel (to put it in the most delicate terms You need to see the signs at rallies or read the posts at or to gauge the real hatred for Israel on the left).  Many on the left would be happy if Israel disappeared.  Could Mrs. Clinton, through the Center for American Progress, be signaling to the anti-war left that while she can not reverse her vote on the original Iraq war resolution, that she can create a new policy towards Israel and the Palestinians if elected?
It is hard to see how a very calculating woman, as Mrs. Clinton surely is,  could put herself in a position of seeming to endorse the most naive aspirations  and worldviews of  the left wing Israeli and American peace camp. There are many reasons why this community has been marginalized in Israeli politics, but the biggest is that they have been consistently wrong in believing a partner for peace existed among the Palestinians. Like a subway rider who becomes a law and order enthusiast after getting mugged, many Israelis saw the second Palestinian intifada as bursting the euphoric balloon about the potential for ending the conflict in short order through negotiations.   Of course, there are many in academia, and the media already fighting hard to shift American policy on the conflict despite strong support for Israel in this country.
Someone should ask Mrs. Clinton if she believes the Daily Alert is a right wing broadside, and whether there is need for a new information source to get other ideas heard on the conflict. We already know what George Soros thinks on the matter.
Richard Baehr is chief political correspondent of American Thinker.