White al-Qaeda at the Gates of the West

White al-Qaeda at the Gates of  the West

By Miroljub Jevtic, Ph.D.Recent statement by the departing Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge that a profile of a terrorist must be described in a different way is an encouraging sign. Ridge said that al-Qaeda is actively recruiting terrorists among the white race: Bosnians, Chechens and among the Muslims integrated in the Western society, in particular, women. The new profile of a terrorist – the white al-Qaeda – removes another constraint in the battle against the islamic terrorism that has become a world struggle.

The bad part of the Ridge’s statement, however, is that it has come relatively late, and that it is partially true.

The proof that Ridge’s statement is true could have been herd immediately after 9/11. For example, immediately after the hit on the World Trade Center, I was summoned by a Belgrade TV Politika where I alluded that the central threat to the West may not come from al-Qaeda members recruited from Arab countries or Asia, but from the members and sympathizers of these terrorists mingling among the white races of Europe. The rationale is simple: since the al-Qaeda attacks on US will not end, and all Middle Eastern visitors to the US will immediately become suspects, terrorists need killers that will go unnoticed by the authorities and, increasingly, the suspecting public.

Since the middle eastern racial type is unique, and despite all efforts by the US government to respect all racial types, whether they like it or not, this racial type will be profiled. Precisely because of this, al-Qaeda has decided to recruit its terrorist killers among muslims that have a racial blend in a western society and a large pool of this racial type is found in the Balkans among Albanians and Bosnian Muslims.

Also important is that the 9/11 attack should be understood as the Islamists do: that it was a prelude designed to test al-Qaeda’s possibilities and explore American vulnerabilities that are to be used in the final assault. Al-Qaeda wants the final assault to inflict a mortal blow to America or inflict sufficiently large damage so that US would become a desert that will never be able to recover into an oasis of freedom.

David Hicks aka Muhamed al-Australia

A typical example of the “white al-Qaeda” bred in Kosovo is David Hicks now renamed into Mohammed al-Australia (photo above taken in Kosovo). The commander of this mujahadeen seeking to kill Christian Serbs in Kosovo was today’s Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj. Hicks, 29, is facing charges of conspiracy to commit war crimes, aiding the enemy, and attempted murder for allegedly helping the al-Qaeda terrorist network fight US and coalition forces in Afghanistan. David Hicks is now in Guantanamo.

If the aim is a mortal attack on the US, then acts of the 9/11 type seem to be important to the terrorists only as morale boosters for their allegiance. But to achieve destruction of America, islamic terrorists want to hit targets such as nuclear facilities or the stockpiles of the atomic weapons, or use the weapons of mass destruction that will kill all alive but keep the material wealth of the US which islamic terrorists covet.In December 2003 I’ve also alluded to this nuclear and WMD threat on a Belgrade TV show, and unfortunately it seems not early enough: soon thereafter, the news came that at least 10 top secret disks pertaining to the US nuclear program have been stolen from the Nuclear Laboratory in Los Alamos. The more bizarre is that this was the second time that top secret nuclear files have been stolen from that laboratory.

The repeat of the theft would not have happened unless some serious security holes exist and not just as absence of sufficient security personnel but, more importantly, as a political refusal to look into the eyes of the truth. Because of this, there is a real possibility that the institutions such as the one in Los Alamos will become infiltration centers that will lead the terrorist activities in the US and the peoples best suited to infiltrate these institutions and destroy America from the inside are the “white al-Qaeda” found among the Muslims of the Balkans – most notably the Muslim Albanians and Bosnians. That is why al-Qaeda is actively recruiting among them.

Ridge has made a similar mistake by not including into the new terrorist profile the islamic Albanians, or more precisely, their organized political-criminal hybrid that dominates Europe and has recently dethroned the Italian Mafia in the US as the leading criminal enterprise. This failure may be a tragic result of the Balkan policies that US has had in the Balkans and it compounds the political and security mistakes that the ex-Yugoslav and now Serbian authorities are making.

In treatment of the islamic problem in the Balkans the accent of the problem was always shifted onto the Bosnian Muslims while, in the case of Albanians, the phenomena of islamic fanaticism was downplayed.

Redzep Boya

Kosovo Albanian Wahabi Myphtiu dr. Rexhep Boya. Boya was recently removed because his association with the Wahabi sect may cause damage to the Albanian image as lovers of peace.

When analyzing the Albanian society, for example, the typical depiction is of a conglomeration of 3 religious groups, and that the Islamic one is made up of Sunnis and many other dervish sects among whom the Becktesh was the largest. The cliché was that Albanians have overcome all of their religious differences and achieved national unity so, the cliché goes, religion does not matter to the Albanians. Therefore, the impact of Islam on the politics of Albanians was neglected and with that the potential influence of the al-Qaeda type organizations was also neglected.Many superficial elements did give this clinched impression. Albania was ruled by an atheistic regime for 50 years and it was removed only recently with the fall of communism; all Albanian separatist groups that operated in the Balkans had a distinctly marxist outlook and were nostalgic of Albania that was stalinist at the time.

The clinched political profile of Albanians in the Balkans suggested that the Albanians are secularized society with a negligible Islamic influence. Along with the neglect of the force of Islam among Albanians, whether deliberate or not but nevertheless a false religious picture was also portrayed of the Albanian population. For example, the much touted “Balkan expert” Stephen Schwartz recently made a claim that 15% of Albanians in Macedonia are Christian while a more realistic picture is a negligible decimal. Similarly, in Kosovo, claims are made that hundreds of thousands are Catholic when in fact the Kosovo Albanian Catholic congregation led by Bishop Mark Sopi is at 20,000 – just below two percent.

In addition to the overwhelming numbers and behind the surface of clichés attempting to whitewash the Islamic influence among Albanians are cultural practices that suggest a much more “islamic” character of Albanians then Bosnian Muslims.

For example, even during the years of hyper-atheism of the communist Yugoslavia, Albanian recruits in the ex-Yugoslav army refused pork products at an overwhelmingly larger rate then did the Bosnian Muslims; Albanian soldiers demanded that the toilets be outfitted not with paper but water hoses; belief in djenet and huria (islamic heaven’s virgins) that are waiting for the devout ones is much more widespread among the Albanians then the Bosnian muslims. What’s more alarming is the spread of the Wahabism among the Albanians across Balkans. In fact, the most prominent Kosovo Albanian clergyman, Redzxep Boya, is a Wahabi schooled cleric and exerts tremendous influence on the political landscape of this province. In Albania itself, furthermore, Muslims are increasingly renouncing moderate Henif-Islam and flocking to the militant Wahabism.

Chief of the Becktesh sect in Albania, Resat Bardi, recently testified that Wahhabists are increasingly physically attacking his members.

The Wahabi Redzxep Boya was recently removed from the leadership position and along with these traditional Islamic practices of takhiyah that require a Muslim to deceive the infidel in order to bring victory to Islam; the upsurge in Islamic fanaticism among Albanians; sheer scale of population numbers; general cultural predisposition to the extreme Islamic practices, as well as the vast and brutal criminal network that stretches across the world… all represent a terrorist profile that should alarm the West and in particular, the US.The profile should be even more alarming because the al-Qaeda has already established a good terrorist network among the Albanians in the Balkans. During the mandate of the post-communist President of Albania, Sali Berisha, al-Qaeda infiltrated that country with great deal of help from Berisha’s chief of security (SHIK) Baskim Gazidede who may have organized bin-Laden’s visit to Albania. Gazidede also organized the secret training camps for the Albanian gunmen, KLA, in Albania itself, Kosovo and Macedonia, and some of the financing for the camps came from al-Qaeda.

The prefix “Gazi” in Gazideda’s name means Hero of Jihad and is given to an Albanian Muslim who’s ancestor participated in a violence in the name of Allah and was successful at it.

After the fall of the Berisha government, Gazidede allegedly flew to safety to Syria. Despite his departure and presence of the NATO troops in Albania and Kosovo, the goal of Islamic terrorists is unchanged for this region: to create a large, majority Albanian and Muslim state in the Balkans by annexing territories from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece to Albania and to use that islamic state as a launching pad for destruction of the West.With its support for the extreme islamic forces in the Balkans, the US has contributed greatly to the spread of terrorism and insecurity in the region. Extremists used this support very well and now are ready to repay it back to America and the payment may be too dangerous to collect.

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