A ‘Muslim-Friendly’ America?

A ‘Muslim-Friendly’ America?

By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, May 03, 2007 4:20 PM PT

Islamofascism: You would think 9/11 would have marginalized militant Muslims. But it’s only emboldened them. Now they’re demanding foot-baths in restrooms — and getting them!

The latest appeasement comes courtesy of the Kansas City International Airport. PC-mad authorities there, supposedly on high alert for Islamic terrorists, have built a place of worship for Islamic taxi drivers.

The cabbies complained it was hard to wash their feet and other body parts before praying to Allah in the existing kaffir bathrooms. So the airport added four individual foot-washing benches, complete with knee-high faucets, drains and handrails, as first reported in WorldNetDaily.

What’s next, prayer-rug cleaning? Box-cutter dispensers?

“Will demands stop with this? Unfortunately, they will not,” laments Jihad Watch founder Robert Spencer.

“This will encourage the cab drivers to behave in accord with Sharia (Islamic law) — as the Minneapolis cabbies have already begun doing with their refusal to transport people carrying alcohol.”

Most of the taxi drivers at the Minneapolis airport, as in Kansas City, practice Islam, which forbids alcohol. So many impose their will on passengers.

One parent recently was riding home from the Minneapolis airport with two children. After casually mentioning he had wine in his luggage, his Muslim driver summarily dumped him and his kids on the street in the dark of night.

If you think that’s bad, blind passengers can get the same treatment. Muslims also don’t like dogs, which Islam views as unclean.

So some drivers refuse even the blind if they’re guided by a seeing-eye dog.

Minneapolis authorities tolerated this intolerance for years until news of it hit national talk radio and sparked an outcry. Only last month did they threaten to fine Muslim cabbies who refuse such passengers. Some cabbies are daring them to enforce it.

Seems officials are already feeling guilty about it. They just held a job fair for the Muslim cab drivers in the hopes they’ll take other jobs at the airport.

The same airport is considering adding prayer rooms at terminals for Muslims after the infamous “flying imams” scared passengers by loudly praying to Allah at a US Airways gate, mimicking the behavior of the 9/11 hijackers.

Colleges also are coping with cheeky Muslims.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College, a state-run university, plans to install foot baths for Muslim students. It explains the Islamic foot-washing ritual is a growing practice on campus, and students complained about slipping while washing their feet in sinks.

Yet the same school last year banned a campus coffee cart from playing Christmas carols.

Several other colleges across the country have already modified restrooms for Muslims, thanks to a post-9/11 campaign by the Muslim Student Association to make campuses “Muslim friendly.”

In addition to foot baths, MSA, an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood, is demanding prayer rooms, mosques, paid imams, halal cafeteria food, separate athletic facilities for Muslim women and segregated dorms for all Muslim students.

Muslim-friendly? Sounds more like Muslim-only to us. Is this where we’re headed?


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