The Wahhabis are up to no good in southern Europe.

The Wahhabis are up to no good in southern Europe.

The Balkan Front

by Stephen Schwartz, The Weekly Standard

[..] Yet even in the Balkans, all is not peace and poetry. The ominous presence of Wahhabi missionaries, financiers, terror recruiters, and other mischief-makers bespeaks a fresh offensive in that tormented land. From the new Wahhabi seminary in the lovely Bosnian city of Zenica, to the cobblestone streets of Sarajevo’s old Ottoman center, to the Muslim-majority villages in southern Serbia, extremist Sunni men in their distinctive, untrimmed beards and short, Arab style breeches (worn in imaginary emulation of Muhammad), accompanied by women in face veils and full body coverings (a bizarre novelty in the contemporary Balkans), are again appearing, funded by reactionary Saudis and Pakistanis. They aim to widen the horizon of global jihad–witness the revived campaign of terrorism in Morocco and Algeria. In the Balkans, their targets are both Sufis and traditional Muslims. [..]

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One Response to “The Wahhabis are up to no good in southern Europe.”

  1. batguano101 Says:

    The systematic immigration of Muslims into the EU, with it’s decreased birth rate is literally repopulating the EU.

    If this is left unchecked you can expect Shari law to be imposed on countries of the EU by simple altered demographics.

    “Chain immigration” sending arranged marriage wives from Muslim countries for EU Muslim males and Birth rate Jihad seems to be more effective than bombs as it stands today.

    The Saudi financed influx of Muslims may well be considered the new “fifth column” to western nations. It seems to be working.

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