Eating Crow


Eating Crow

by Bob Parks

To this columnist, Sheryl Crow is a tragedy.

While stationed in Yokosuka, I was joyfully subjected to a very common Japanese ritual. Whenever a major American musical act came to the main island, the concert was broadcast shortly thereafter for the millions who couldn’t get a ticket to the shows.

The big ticket at the time I was there was the Michael Jackson “Bad” tour. The album producer Quincy Jones supervised the sound at the Tokyo concert. Pioneer produced the video. It was a world-class broadcast, and as all concert videos in Japan are not available here, I may have to go back there one day just to get a copy.

Anyway, during the Tokyo broadcast, Michael sang his smash duet hit “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” Michael and Siedah Garrett, who wrote another hit from the album “Man in the Mirror”, performed the album duet. However, during the concert, Michael performed the song with one of his backup singers.

crowjackson87.gif This woman had flowing blonde hair, a short black skirt, sang with precision, and a whole lot of soul. Her name was Sheryl Crow.

That Sheryl Crow has since disappeared along with her awesome vibrato. What’s left is a mediocre singer seeking relevance. Enter: The Global Warming cause.

Her latest lament, published on the Huffington Post, decries the “arrogance” of the American people and the failure of us to believe that which she knows to be fact.

How dare we.

Let’s look at what she wrote….

Sheryl Crow: On Deception, Spin, and Losing Our Way
Sheryl Crow

It’s been well over a week since our little run in with the adviser to our president. I am just now processing all that took place during the last few days of the Stop Global Warming College tour and a few concerns still hang heavy on my mind and heart.”

Yes, it was quite the week. The Global Warming activist wife of Seinfeld producer Larry David and Crow crashed the White House Correspondents Dinner, cornered presidential advisor Karl Rove, and later claimed he was rude because he didn’t agree with them, thus blew them off. It was a week complete with Crow’s suggestion that we all use one-square of toilet paper per visit. She later said it was a joke after the country took her as one.

But we’re back to the typical liberal indoctrination tactic: take it to the kids. Crow can use her “star power” to shock and awe the students into accepting her belief simply because she’s Sheryl Crow, not a climatologist.

First, I am deeply concerned over where we are as a nation. We are so blessed to live in a country where we enjoy so many rights that other countries cannot even begin to imagine. However, what terrifies me is not what we are ignoring about the state of our planet but the fact that we seem to have lost touch with our connection to the earth. We have risen to great heights of arrogance in our refusal to acknowledge that the earth is changing. We hold steadfast to our belief that nothing can happen to us as a people. We get into our oversized, war-machine-like vehicles, get on our cell phones and blackberries, and avoid having human contact all day long.”

Sheryl Crow says she’s terrified (here we go again) that we simple people are ignoring the state of the planet. Alarmists like her say the planet is heating up. That could be proved if we knew what the “normal” temperature of the Earth is. What’s comfortable for Sheryl poolside may not be normal for our planet.

As I cited a National Geographic news report that the polar ice caps on Mars are also melting, does Crow and David plan on going there to stop the SUV’s, fossil fuel burning, and consumerism that has to be taking place there? If humans are causing warming on Earth, we surely have to be somehow causing it Mars as well. It’s got to be some interplanetary residual effect of our oversized, war-machine-like vehicles, cell phones and blackberries.

And according to her concert demands, Sheryl Crow uses war-machine-like vehicles to get her entourage and crew from place to place.

Parking as near as possible (but not to be visible or obtrusive to the audience) for 3 tractor trailers, 4 buses, 6 cars.”

Curious how she criticizes our arrogance for not acknowledging Global Warming, goes to colleges to get impressionable young people onboard, yet Sheryl Crow would seem to have a carbon footprint the size of Los Angeles with lavish fuel consumption that she purposefully hides from public view. Sounds like a little hypocrisy hitting home, then again we’re talking about a person constantly followed by a yes-person. People like this are seldom contested, and anyone who has the audacity to question them are considered “arrogant.”

What Laurie and I were proposing by encouraging every college student to change a light bulb was actually meant to be not only useful in the fight against global warming but also symbolic of a change in attitude. Clearly, the subject of global warming remains a partisan issue in the minds of many conservatives. It appears to me that many on the right want to see this as a liberal issue, as demonstrated in the continued debate, rather than accepting the peer-reviewed science that is so clearly laid out for us earthlings.”

With all due respect for Sheryl Crow, this IS a liberal issue. The science may be peer-reviewed, but it’s also been peer-dismissed by some who know more about the subject than Sheryl and Laurie.

This is a partisan issue as liberals plan on using the global warming to regulate our behavior. I say “our” as the rules will never apply to those, like Crow and David, who can buy their way around them. Just ask All Gore who uses 20 times the amount of power in his home a month, the average American family uses in a year, yet he’s telling us how we should live.

Liberalism is based on arrogance and the superiority complex. As a conservative I tend to use common sense, as I’m not properly equipped to discuss the “science.”

For example, Mars is heating up. The Earth is heating up. There is one constant: The Sun. Our small star is the one factor Sheryl Crow declines to mention in her blog entry. Why? Because as powerful as Crow is within the Hollywood elite, she can’t control The Sun. She can’t push the government to penalize The Sun, and The Sun wouldn’t have to comply with any regulation imposed. The Sun has no idea who Sheryl Crow is. To The Sun, Sheryl Crow is irrelevant.

I suppose after my encounter with Rove, I got a little taste of what it feels like to have dipped my thumb into the political pie for a brief moment, over what I failed to realize was still a political topic, or at least an insulting topic. I got my hand slapped, as if to say, ‘don’t mess with the big boys, even on topics as humanitarian as global warming.‘”

Or maybe Karl Rove was just having dinner with a few friends and didn’t feel like being interrupted by two know-it-all women who weren’t engaging in conversation. They were there to issue a tongue-lashing. They were there to get in the face of the liberal’s Public Enemy Number One.

Here’s another example of the Hollywood superiority complex…. Can anyone just go up and talk to the President’s Advisor. That is, unless your name is Sheryl Crow and Laurie David. Then Rove needed to drop everything, because if you remember, one of the ladies reminded him whom he works for: the American People. As they are a rung above the rest of us, a personal meeting at their convenience was in order.

Within hours, the climate certainly changed. It was me at the center of a storm-like spin. I have seen ranting political pundits work their spin before but, like most people, I have always tuned it out until it involved my reputation. It feels pretty scary to watch credible news outlets run with a story that is clearly not true, debate my patriotism over my alleged desire to have toilet paper legislated, and be the joke of late night TV monologues, all as a result of a 2 week old blog and nightly comedy routine that was spun as truth, instead of the joke it clearly was. “

Suggesting we all use one piece of toilet paper per bathroom visit is a challenge to her patriotism? Here’s a clear illustration of a Hollywood celeb that thinks the political world revolves around her.

No one was challenging her patriotism. Just her sanity….

What terrifies me the most is that we not only accept this of our journalists today but we are oblivious to it, and thus, oblivious to the damage it causes. When “news stories” are broken, do we not expect a certain amount of fact checking or source-checking? One has to ask if this falls under the guise of sloppy reporting or deception as a source of spin. We seem to accept a certain amount of deception and we seem to be helpless to doing anything about it, as illustrated so clearly by where we are right now in this moment in history.”

In a nutshell, Sheryl Crow is implying that she should be able to say whatever she wants without scrutiny. She should be able to throw out suggestions on how all of us little people should live without the masses concluding she’s an idiot.

Which brings me back to my original subject: the planet.”

Thank God. Finally….

Deeper than temperature and the extinction of the polar bear is the idea that we all share this beautiful, ailing planet, Democrats and Republicans alike. The lightbulb may be symbolic of a change in attitude but it is also illustrates a shift in consciousness. It is bound by the belief that perhaps what each of us does in our personal lives does truly affect another person’s freedoms. If I drive a gas guzzling 12 cylinder vehicle knowing what I know now about carbon emissions and our dependence on foreign oil, I am basically saying that I don’t care about the planet I leave behind for your or my kids.”

polarbears.gif A lot of people by now know that the picture of doomed polar bears stranded on an iceberg is anything but what was assumed. The picture was taken in 2004 and the ice sculpture created by the waves and freezing became a Jungle Jim of sorts for the polar bears. Nevertheless, this picture was misrepresented by the UK Daily Mail and subsequently sent millions of children to bed in tears. I guess Sheryl Crow was sucked in as well, but who am I to correct her?

And talk about arrogance. Crow writes, “If I drive a gas guzzling 12 cylinder vehicle knowing what I know now about carbon emissions and our dependence on foreign oil, I am basically saying that I don’t care about the planet I leave behind for your or my kids.”

Remember: Three tractor trailers, four buses, and cars….

I have been saying all along that this issue is deeper than recycling. It is more telling than unplugging gadgets not in use and not taking 35 minutes showers. It’s about waking up. It’s about understanding and embracing the fact that we don’t own anything here. We are renters and that our lack of respect for the planet and the people inhabiting it will be the thing that takes us down, not simply the temperature or inevitable shortage of water.”

How many people do you know that take 35-minute showers? Maybe things are different in Beverly Hills.

During the late 90’s, I remember seeing something on television with Ted Danson. Another actor….

He was telling us all that we were polluting the oceans to the point that within ten years we’d all be dead from a lack of drinking water. We’re going on 20 years and the oceans are still… oceans. In the early 80’s, we were told the world was going into a new ice age. All these people know is doom, gloom, and relinquish our freedoms and tax money to some international organization that can will better care of us.

But as in Ted Danson’s case, and those who predicted the deep freeze that never came, do these people ever offer an apology when they’re wrong? The answer so far is no.

That is called “arrogance.”

The planet will live on in whatever state it is in, however, it is humanity that will suffer. And as I sit and wonder, like so many other people in this country, where are the marchers in the streets, where are the voices screaming for injustices to cease, for greed and apathy to let go of it’s hold, I can only come up with one supposition: Perhaps we have lost our sense of who we were born to be and instead, are numbed out beyond recognition by the ceaseless chatter that is the soundtrack to our lives.”

crow-david.gif Well, maybe things aren’t as bad as Sheryl Crow says they are. Maybe people don’t march in the streets over weather because, despite the condescension from the usual suspects, we can read the alternate opinions. We also read and hear the opposing view of scientists that aren’t buying the hype. Maybe the voices of Sheryl Crow and Laurie David aren’t enough for making us want to act the fool en masse.

“Perhaps we have lost our sense of who we were born to be.” At least you were born, Sheryl.

“It is my truest fear that we are losing our way. Every night on the stop global warming college tour, Laurie and I would tell these great young people that they have the power to do anything they want. That we all have the power to create a movement for change. That the best part of ourselves is the part that rises up instinctively from compassion. I believe this to be true. I believe that divinity exists in all of us and that if we eliminate some of the chatter in our lives, the voice of compassion will have a chance to be heard. And, if we were to act from a place of compassion in every act of our lives, would we be arguing about whether global warming exists? Or would we simply be living our lives peacefully knowing that how we live will affect the planet we leave for our children and for their children. If compassion was the motivating factor behind all of our decisions, would our world not be a completely different place? Food for thought.”

And it must be really cool to have a movement that a couple of people can control. It must do really great things to already inflated egos, and it must really suck that people have the nerve to argue with Sheryl Crow and Laurie David.

Crow has the right to say anything she wants, and we have the right to respond.

There are some that say Global Warming is like a religion. This is true. People can’t see God but believe in him anyway. People dispute the existence of global warming, but some believe blindly and demonize anyone who does not. But if I choose not to believe in God, that’s that. Should I choose not to believe in global warming, that’s that. That is until they can get politicians to craft legislation to alter all of our behavior patterns.

All of us except Sheryl Crow.


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Bob Parks is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. ( The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

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