Somali Grant Fraud and al Qaeda Investigations in Nashville

Somali Grant Fraud and al Qaeda Investigations in Nashville

by Jerry Gordon and Andrea Lyn Andersen, American Congress for Truth, May 2, 2007


This is an update of a scoop by American Congress for Truth (ACT), posted on our website in early April following an investigation and interview with Steve Gill, moderator of Tennessee talk radio powerhouse Gill Report. An update interview with Steve Gill occurred on May 2nd. What started the ball rolling was a tip by one of our ACT members who wrote us asking for help. This is what your vigilance as members can do in helping us protect our country. Credit must also go to the Channel 4 News I-team at NBC affiliate in Nashville, WSMV, in their on-going investigative reporting on this story with segments that will run this week and next. Watch the first segment here. This is a cautionary tale that goes far beyond Nashville. It questions how far Islamist infiltration has gone in the heartland of the US with abuses of federal programs and taxpayer funding. It needs Congressional scrutiny. Witness this comment from Nashville U.S. Representative Jim Cooper:

“I think it is a very upsetting story. I get mad every time I see even a dollar of taxpayer money misspent. It looks like in this case hundreds of thousands of dollars were wasted or misspent. I think we welcome the diversity in our community but it also worries me that there may be a safety issue here. This is an amazing and troublesome story. We need to make sure that this is solved and solved quickly.” CONTINUE

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