France Puts On Some Pants

France Puts On Some Pants

Socialism and Islamist Appeasement Thrown Into Trash Can In Europe.

sarkozy bond

“The U.S. can rely on the friendship of France” – Nicholas Sarkozy in his acceptance speech today.

Well it’s four years too late as far as Iraq goes, but further proof that Socialism and enemy appeasement do not work has come to the fore in France.

What is notable in this election was the frightening display of the self-destructive, cowardly nature of the Leftist mind. The typically nervous little socialist he was running against had the following two things to say in the days before the election: 1. We can’t elect Sarkozy because he doesn’t like domestic Muslim terrorists and so they will riot as a response ( never fight the enemy, always appease ) and 2. Sarkozy’s election will be “like a punishment from God” because of Sarkozy’s “bad character”, ie because he chooses to allow conflict with enemies as an option to appeasement. The job of Leftism is to destroy democratic capitalist societies from within. Therefor it is important to make them militarily weak in order to allow for outside domination by more powerful Leftist countries. Unfortunately for the Left, there is no more Soviet Union, so the only outisde entities that they are setting the West up to be dominated by, are Jihadist.

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