Blair Backs Eurabian Appeasement of Islamism

Blair Backs Eurabian Appeasement of Islamism

Falling in line with the Quislings and Chamberlains of the Eurabian (European) Union, British Prime Minister Tony Blair Tuesday urged Turkey to “keep to the democratic path” in the face of an Islamist effort to take power and begin the step-by-step dismantling of the country’s secular system.

The guardian of Turkish secularism–the military–has threatened to block the election of Abdullah Gul, the foreign minister who is a senior member of the country’s pro-Islamist political movement. The powerful Turkish military has intervened iinternally n the past, most recently in 1997 when it ousted an earlier Islamist government.

Should the military move again, it would almost certainly have the support of the country’s secularists–including most of the estimated one million Turkish men and women who demonstrated in Istanbul last Saturday.

More protests are likely. The future of Turkey–a strategic American ally vital to NATO–is at stake.

But Blair is not concerned–about the Islamist threat. In a statement, the failed politician said he had been following events in Turkey closely since the first, flawed round of presidential elections last Saturday and urged compliance with the country’s constitution in accord with democratic principles.

“I am confident that this will happen, and that Turkey will continue to play a crucial role as a key and democratic partner,” Blair said.

Turkey’s Constitutional Court is considering an appeal by the main opposition party to cancel the disputed presidential election.

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