The Self Absorbed Imperialists of Islam

 The Self Absorbed Imperialists of Islam
Glen Reinsford
Author: Glen Reinsford
Source: The Family Security Foundation, Inc.
Date: April 30, 2007


The ruthless self-obsession and stunning narcissism that is so prevalent today in the Muslim world exists in CAIR as well, Islam’s surrogate and resident chief whiner right here in America.  FSM Contributing Editor, Glen Reinsford, explains. 


The Self Absorbed Imperialists of Islam



By Glen Reinsford


“God forbid, there’s some other act of terrorism in the
United States.
  I hate to think what might happen.”

Although most Americans dread thinking about another terror attack on U.S. soil because thoughts of death, suffering and missing family members are far from pleasant, the person who spoke those words had an entirely different concern in mind.

Ibrahim Hooper is the spokesperson for the notorious CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations).  His supposed anxiety (as expressed in an interview for a recently-aired PBS program, “The Muslim Americans”) is not over the dead and dismembered victims of Islamic violence, but rather for the Muslims in America that he imagines will be harmed in a wave of reprisals the next time the radicals of Islam strike ordinary citizens on U.S. soil.

It is hardly surprising that Hooper’s sympathies should be largely confined to his own religion.  In fact, it is perfectly in keeping with his organization’s self-serving policy of complaining incessantly of minor inconveniences “endured” by Muslims in the
U.S. and elsewhere, while ignoring the far more serious violence that is occurring explicitly in the name of Allah.

Since 9/11, CAIR has not even bothered to acknowledge – much less condemn – over 99% of the bloody acts of deadly terror that are meted out on the world in the cause of Islam.  Not including the 200,000 Darfurians lost to the Janjaweed Jihad, the Religion of Peace has stabbed, blasted, hacked, stoned or shot to death close to 200 innocent people in 30 attacks, on average, each week since September 11th, yet CAIR has declined specifically to denounce all but a tiny handful.

It’s not that the organization doesn’t have the ability to do this.  In fact, CAIR sweats the details quite a bit when it comes to any misstep or slight that can possibly be perceived as an insult or inconvenience to Muslims. 

Examples of such “pressing” matters include a British woman being asked to lower her veil by an airline stewardess, dead fish found in the parking lot of a mosque in Houston, and a charred copy of the Qur’an appearing on the doorstep of a
Virginia mosque (which was later determined to have been placed there by a Muslim).
  While Jihadis rack up piles of dead bodies each day under the banner of Islam, only the relatively trivial issues that affect the sensibilities of petulant Muslims make CAIR’s list of concerns.

Clearly, the organization has its priorities.

In an interview conducted less than three and a half years after 9/11, CAIR’s Ahmed Bedier was asked if he knew of any instances where Americans had been attacked in their own country by Muslims.  Incredibly, his first response was, “Uh… not that I remember.” 

Once he was able to recall the greatest hate crime in American history, however, Bedier wasted no sympathy on the 3,000 victims of Islamic aggression, as he immediately shifted the focus of conversation to the alleged “backlash” against Muslim-Americans (which included such “horrors” as spray-painted graffiti on the side of a mosque).

Yes, in spite of the admirable level of restraint and wisdom shown by nearly every American in the wake of this massacre, CAIR selfishly insists that Muslims are the true victims of 9/11, due to so-called “Islamophobia” (a trendy term used to describe the declining respect for Islam that often results on the part of its victims). 

Americans get no credit for routinely exhibiting the sort of moderation and tolerance that is completely unheard of in the Muslim world.  Instead, CAIR dedicates itself to propagating whatever petty complaint it can find, in complete disregard for the anti-American passions aroused among those already convinced that there is a war on Islam. 

Bashing, rather than defending,
America has the effect of encouraging Islamic terror, of course.
  Yet, as Hooper’s statement implies, CAIR is already staking a claim to the future victimization of Muslims in the wake of attacks that have yet to occur.

Both Hooper and the history of his organization reflect the breathtaking egoism of Islam. 

On the day that his comments were aired, there was news of a horrific murder in
Turkey, in which three Christian men were tied up, brutally tortured for hours, and then slashed to death by Islamic radicals merely because they had left Islam and were distributing Bibles in a “Muslim land.”
  CAIR shamefully declined to condemn the murder on their website – the very website on which it actively distributes Qur’ans in the

This was not an oversight.  Last year, CAIR promoted a fatwa written by purported moderates Jamal Badawi and Shaikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah that forbids a Muslim from changing his faith – calling it “the worst form of sin” and hedging on the question of whether or not apostates should be assassinated for following their conscience.  The fatwa also bluntly declares that non-Muslims in Muslim countries do not have the same religious freedom as Muslims. 

The double-standards are by design, you see.  And, since CAIR is working to turn the
United States into a Muslim country, Americans would do well to consider the consequences of its success.

Turkey, for example, was once a Christian land before it was invaded and conquered by the “Religion of Peace.”  Now (as underscored by the string of recent murders) Christians there do not even have the right to share their faith in their own nation.  CAIR’s true vision for
America is surely reflected in its remarkable apathy for the plight of non-Muslims such as these, living under Islamic rule.

Although there are many decent people in the United States who happen to be Muslim, the ruthless self-obsession and stunning narcissism that CAIR embodies is simply too prevalent in the Muslim world for anyone to pretend that it is unrelated to the religion itself.  The history of Islam, in fact, is an unrelenting drive for political and cultural dominance by means of deception and aggression, with little regard for those outside the faith.

The truth is that Islam is not like other religions.  Neither does it afford full humanity to non-believers as other religions do. 

The executive leadership of CAIR, for example, is composed predominately of first-generation Muslim immigrants to America who hypocritically believe that Americans have no place in Muslim lands, even to the extent that they refuse to denounce the murder of America’s sons and daughters in uniform by the Mujahideen overseas.

America is a tolerant country, and should remain so.  But absolute tolerance is ultimately suicidal, particularly with a religion that rarely reciprocates and has never been known to give back what it takes without bloodshed and heartache.  If Americans expect to leave the freedom and values they enjoy to future generations, then they must cease making concessions to the imperialists of Islam, who have nothing more than their own interest at heart.  Contributing Editor Glen Reinsford is Editor of

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