by Bob Parks

When some of hear the words of our “leadership”, many of us are outraged. Many of us wonder how those we elect can be so callous and insensitive. Many of us wonder if those that were elected really know how their words affect people.

I’m beginning to understand.

This is a sensitive topic in my home and I can only imagine our situation multiplied by the hundreds of mothers who are going through what one is going through here.

A son who volunteered to join the United States Armed Forces is shipping out this week for training before going to The Show. A mother is facing a reality while insensitive politicians are telling her that he’s going there for a lost cause.

I keep my finger on the remote control when newscasts turn to “The War” in an effort to shield her from news that will, over the coming months, become very up close and personal. All that, while United States Senators and Congressmen privately gloat that “bad news” will be good for them politically next November.

What will these leaders say tomorrow to comfort the hundreds of mothers nationwide who break down, sobbing uncontrollably, whose minds are constantly throwing around the worst of possibilities. Instead of leading by example and being respectful of their fellow citizens and the unease that’s mounting, elected idiots are predicting electoral advantage with every star that goes from blue to gold.

The sobbing part is not a slam, but an acknowledgement of the heart these women show for their children. Big difference from those we see in videos of women in the Middle East proudly sending their children to blow themselves up along with innocent civilians. Our mothers are watching their sons and daughters go face an enemy that would blow their children up here if given the chance.

It’s not just the mothers whose lives are upside down. Whole families whose sons and daughters are in theater now are anguishing every time the news comes into their homes, just to have some reckless Washington elites act on one hand like they care about those families, and on the other hand tell the world they are a bunch of losers from the general down to the private.

Taking this one day at a time is the only solution these mothers have. Kind of like Chinese water torture. Living with someone who is directly affected brings the reality of this conflict home. While Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid salivate with the prospects of this war giving them a larger Democrat majority, those who are reeking havoc in the Middle East salivate knowing that there are Americans actively participating in the breaking of our will as a people to the benefit of terrorists worldwide.

Breaking the will of the enemy is the means to victory in modern warfare.

“They are looking at all this, they read newspapers, they see it on television and they say, ‘The American domestic resolve is weakening, therefore we should maintain our resolve. If there is a perception of an America defeat in Iraq, that will leave the whole of the Middle East in great turmoil and will be an enormous victory for terrorism.”
– Australian Prime Minister John Howard

Pelosi, Reid, and the American left have insulted the Iraqi government officials who are marked for summary execution by the terrorists. Some government officials have indeed been assassinated going to work. Our politicians’ only worry is traffic. For our elected officials to denigrate the risks the Iraqi government endures daily is another example of the heartless incompetence that is the anti-war movement. But such ignorance of what is going on there is yet another example of why their statements are irresponsible to the point of treasonous.

I wonder how President Truman would deal with a fellow Democrat that declared we were losing during the battles that comprised World War II? Although I wasn’t around then, I believe there would be a sense of compassion for the parents, especially the mothers of the sons that were living in the constant worry that only a mother can have for a child.

I wish to share this letter, in case you haven’t seen it, sent to Senator Reid and share it with all the mothers you know who have children going or already in Iraq….

When you say we’ve lost in Iraq, I don’t think you understand the effect of your words. The Iraqis I speak with are the good guys here, fighting to build a stable government. They hear what you say, but they don’t understand it. They don’t know about the political game, they don’t know about a Presidential veto, and they don’t know about party politics.

But they do know that if they help us, they are noticed by terrorists and extremists. They decide to help us if they think we can protect them from those terrorists. They tell us where caches of weapons are hidden. They call and report small groups of men who are strangers to the neighborhood. Men, who look the same to us, but are obvious to them as a foreign suicide cell.

To be brief, your words are killing us. Your statements make the Iraqis afraid to help us for fear we’ll leave them unprotected in the future. They then don’t report a cache, and its weapons blow up my friends in convoy. They don’t report a foreign fighter, and that fighter sends a mortar onto my base. Your statements are noticed, and they have an effect.

Finally, you are mistaken when you say we are losing. We are winning. I see it every day. However, we will win with fewer casualties if you help us. Will you?”

LT Jason Nichols, USN”

When listening to the words of politicians, I fear those words are being heard. Those on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan have lots worse to deal with, and claims that the war is “lost” are just pissing them off. During military training, in all phases, we do not teach how to lose.

The problem is, aside from support groups which are quite valuable and noble, no one has taught the mothers how to lose. As we’re not the ignoramii the left considers us, we all know what ultimate defeat would mean, there and later here.

The Democrat leadership obviously appreciates the fact the war is confined and won’t impinge on their opulence. The war is already here and the mothers of those serving are in a world Pelosi and Reid wouldn’t think of imposing on themselves.

They may not hear the private sobs of fear and anguish from the mothers of our soldiers, but a lot of us do, and it’s never a good idea to make someone’s mother cry.





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