WMD and the coming War

WMD and the coming War

Column One writer Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post discusses the cause and probability of the next conflict in her latest column ‘Fighting the next war’

According to Glick,

Syria has been openly preparing for war since the last summer. And in the space of the past week alone, the Syrians twice announced their intention to attack Israel. On Monday, Syria’s Propaganda Minister Moshen Bilal threatened that if Israel doesn’t fully implement the Arab plan which calls for its retreat to the 1949 armistice lines and acceptance of millions of Arab immigrants, Syria will go to war. On Wednesday, Syrian dictator Bashar Assad said, “We always prepare ourselves. Israel is a fierce enemy. We have seen nothing from it but harm.”

But if Glick is correct and Syria is indeed preparing for war with Israel, what would embolden Assad to take on such a task? Caroline has her ideas, but another consideration may be found in an article by Melanie Philips under the heading ‘The questions that need to be asked about those WMD’

Phillips begins her article,

I have written an article for this week’s Spectator magazine about Dave Gaubatz, a former USAF special agent who says that in 2003 he discovered four of Saddam’s WMD bunkers — only for the Iraq Survey Group to fail to excavate these sites, allowing the material to be looted by the Iraqis, Syrians and Russia and taken to Syria. If Mr Gaubatz is correct, it means two things: that the invasion of Iraq was more than justified on the grounds originally given, that Saddam was in breach of the terms of the ceasefire of the 1991 war and that he posed an unconscionable threat to the free world; but also that, through American incompetence, the worst case scenario has now been realised — that Saddam’s WMD are in the hands of terrorist regimes waging war against the west.

There are still a number of members of Israeli intelligence who to this day state with certainty that a massive amount of materials were moved from Iraq to Syria preceding the war.

However, the greatest concern may come in the form of a nuclear threat, not only from Iran, but also Syria,

[…]It is not widely know, but open sources identify that the US Government has a satellite capable of detecting the unique frequencies generated by high speed uranium centrifuges. The satellite confirms that uranium centrifuges are operating in Syria. Syria has no known nuclear program, not even a power plant. Nor does it have a natural supply of uranium ore. Why then, are the Syrians running nuclear centrifuges?

It is reasonable to suspect that all of Saddam’s nuclear research, scientists and equipment have been relocated to his fellow Baath party members in the nation of Syria. Indeed there is no other explanation to explain the disappearance of what Saddam himself talked about on his tapes; a massive and robust program to make an atomic bomb.

A significant percentage of the intelligence community disagrees with Mr. Negroponte’s benign view of Chinese intervention in the Middle East. The opposition ‘Blue Team’ if you will, uses the Intelligence Summit as its outlet. The Blue team theorizes the existence of an international consortium of rogue states under Chinese direction. Each state has a different piece of the nuclear puzzle: yellowcake enrichment in Iraq (now in Syria), missile production in Iran, and warhead production in North Korea. Films of military parades reveal that the mock warheads on Iranian missiles are exact duplicates of the North Korean nuclear warhead.

If the blue team is right, then Iran has distracted the IAEA into focusing attention on Tehran’s primitive P-1 centrifuges, while the advanced P-2 centrifuges in Syria have been producing weapons grade uranium to be loaded onto Iranian missiles carrying North Korean warheads.. There is circumstantial evidence to back up the satellite data. Iranian scientists attend the North Korean nuclear tests, and North Korean nuclear experts hold meetings in Damascus.

If the Blue team is correct, then Tehran may already have nuclear warheads and are merely waiting to perfect their multiple stage orbital missiles……

If western intelligence agencies are as bad as they say they are, do we really know what has been taking place over the last decade, or what information is being denied us?

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