Bill Clinton’s Escapades Will Sink Hillary, Tyrrell Says

Dick Morris says that “when Hillary wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, the cause is most likely R. Emmett Tyrrell.”

Hillary will be screaming about Tyrrell’s latest blockbuster: The Clinton Crack-Up.

Tyrrell shows that Bill Clinton is the boy president that never grew up, the high-school jock of America’s political locker room—complete with fawning co-eds and a bully’s cocksure posture.

But as New York Times best-selling author and America Spectator founder and editor in chief R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. reveals in this uproarious expose’, behind the façade is a dissipated disaster of a man—undisciplined, unbalanced, and unscrupulous.

With his legendary investigative eye for the Clintons’ mischief, Tyrrell sheds glaring light on Bill Clinton and reveals:

  • How he crashed Bill Clinton’s 60th birthday party in Toronto – and the surprising reaction he had when he first saw Clinton.
  • What young Clinton aides say behind Clinton’s back about the former President and why they mimic his “quirky mannerisms.”
  • The real story of how Clinton’s team trashed the White House as he left the Presidency in 2001.
  • Why Clinton is nothing more than a 1960’s generation first President: “a smiling, pouty, hulk of a man – an overgrown adolescent.”
  • Clinton’s $43 million money grab – after expenses and living costs – since he left the White House.
  • Clinton’s “Taj Mahal:” his Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, that cost an amazing $165,000,000.
  • Why history will remember Clinton for being the most undisciplined President of the modern era and the least ethical.
  • What FOBs Rick Kaplan and Jeff Greenfield told Tyrrell about Clinton’s scandals after he left the White House.
  • Clinton’s “funk” in 2001 and what Secret Service agents said about Clinton’s chatter about becoming Secretary General of the United Nations.
  • Terry McAuliffe’s recollections about he boy President after he left the White House: Clinton did not know how to use an ATM card.
  • Clinton is such a no show in Chappaqua and despite claims by Hillary and Bill of intense religiosity, Tyrrell uncovered that there’s no church within thirty miles of Chappaqua that has Bill or Hillary as even casual visitors.
  • The true story of Secret Service agents who work for Hillary and why they “detest” her and their true feelings about Bill.
  • The secret “deal” that Hillary and Bill made to keep their marriage together that has often times resulted in “verbal violence.”
  • Why the New York City Police Department Dignitary Protective Unit is so angry with the President’s desire for “off-the-beaten-path” night spots.
  • The Clinton curse: Why both Clintons’ friends and enemies seem to suffer so much.
  • “The Chop Suey Connection:” The Clintons’ ties to China and why it portends such dangers if Hillary ever becomes President.
  • How Bill Clinton used his book “My Life” to sabotage any plans John Kerry had in using him to campaign during the 2004 election.
  • Why the Clintons have become “the two most exaggerated figures in modern American political history.”

Tyrrell’s visit to the Clinton Library and the surprising revelations he made.

Tyrrell follows the boy president’s wayward trail from Washington to Harlem, from Chappaqua to Hong Kong, from his double-wide presidential library with the penthouse on top in Little Rock to the moneychangers’ dens of Dubai.

Globetrotting, shady backstage dealing, and chumming up to Hollywood’s dubious elite, keep Clinton’s larger-than-life image alive—helped all the while by his enraptured admirers and Episodic Apologists. But Tyrrell reveals the real Clinton, a Clinton rarely reported: easily distracted, easily seduced, and a prodigal child of the Sixties as prone to squander his potential as an elder statesman as he was while ensconced in the West Wing.

Debunking the lies and dismantling the myths, Tyrrell takes a genuine look at the post-presidency of Bill Clinton, his legacy, and his future in American politics—including his backdoor chance at returning to the White House in 2008.

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. is founder and editor in chief of the famous and feared American Spectator, a political and cultural monthly, which has been published since 1967. The author of several books including the New York Times best-selling Boy Clinton, Madam Hillary, The Liberal Crack-Up, and The Conservative Crack-Up, Tyrrell’s syndicated column appears in such venues as the New York Sun, the Washington Times,, and Additionally, his writings have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Harper’s, New York Times, National Review, New York Magazine, and in the UK’s Guardian, Independent, the Evening Standard, and The Telegraph newspapers.

“Whew! Bob says things about Bill Clinton that even Hillary wouldn’t say.” —P.J. O’Rourke

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