World Council of Churches & Pelosi Use Same Playbook

World Council of Churches & Pelosi Use Same Playbook

By Arlene Bridges-Samuels

Much has been written about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the Middle East rattling diplomatic cages and US and Israel foreign policy leaving behind a messy path of media bullet points for Syria and its cohorts in terror to use as propaganda tools. Another meeting took place in the Middle East in February prior to Pelosi’s Syria visit between Ahmadinejad and representatives from the World Council of Churches (WCC). This delegation traveled to Tehran armed with Pelosi’s same naive illusion that the west and the Middle East terror states share the same desires for negotiation leading to peace. When it comes to the west- Israel Europe, and the US in particular- these terror supporting nations don’t want negotiation; they want annihilation. The WCC delegation was the first to visit Iran in 28 years and here’s their message: establish diplomatic ties
with Iran.

Just as Great Britain’s Chamberlain wanted to believe Hitler in WW II, this well meaning group is following the Chamberlain path just as Pelosi did in Syria. Rev. Dr.Shanta Premawardhana, Associate General Secretary for Interfaith Relations at the National Council of Churches USA, said, “When political leaders mess up, religious leaders ought to be here to go and build up the people, build up relationships, and bring the conversation up to the high moral ground.” Unfortunately, Ahmadinejad and Assad’s moral ground is not only twisted; it is evil.

Ahmadinejad, like a snake charmer- through his translator- used the meeting to paint himself as the great peacemaker. Here are several of his quotes. (Thanks to “You can buy friendship with kindness, but you cannot buy it with bullets, shells and bombs.” And this from the lips of a modern day Persian Haman/Hitler who wants to “wipe Israel off the map.” The “peace loving” leader of Iran also encouraged the delegation to “advise President Bush to have a little love for people.” In response to the WCC’s concerns about the nuclear proliferation issue, Ahmadinejad told the group that Iran already had the technology now and “it cannot be stopped. The train is in motion.”

Here is a list of those from the World Council of Churches who visited the terror leader of Iran: Mary Ellen McNish-General Secretary,American Friends Service Committee, Rev. Ron Flaming-Director of International Programs Mennonite Central Committee, Rev. J. Daryl Byler-Washington Office Director Mennonite Central Committee, Joe Volk-Executive Secretary,Friends Service Committee on National Legislation, Jonathan Evans-Special Representative for Iran American Friends Service Committee, Maureen Shea-Director, Office of Government Relations Episcopal Church USA, Rev. Dr. Shanta Devadasa Premawardhana-Associate General Secretary for Interfaith relations national Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, Rev. Jeff Carr-Chief Operating Officer Sojourner/Call. These leaders appeared on PBS and you may see the interview online at You may also view the WCC statement at

I want our Jewish friends to note that this delegation didn’t include distinctly evangelical Christian denominations. Most of the denominations represented above lean toward Replacement Theology which basically says Israel is no longer on God’s radar screen and Christians have replaced the Jews as God’s covenant people. Others in the list above are pacifists whose values I greatly respect but it doesn’t get us anywhere in this world right now. The WCC is blatantly anti-Semitic at times calling for the divestment from Israel a few years ago. I know these WCC Christians meant well but their walk along the gray path between good and evil only blurs the reality of the world we live in.

None of us WANTS war, Christians or Jews. We don’t seek it. We don’t glorify it. We always make it our last option. But some believe that ALL people are basically good and want to get along and evil is over-rated. Others believe humans are basically bad and that our lights shine only by God’s good graces. If we remain naive about good and evil, we may someday be staring at each other while we are imprisoned, or worse.

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