Pelosi’s Culture of Corruption: Dianne Feinstein and the DNC

March 30, 2007

Pelosi’s Culture of Corruption: Dianne Feinstein and the DNC

Nancy Pelosi ( yeah, I know, AGAIN! ), lambasted the Republicans for being nothing but crooks.  Her silence on the Democrat Culture of Corruption has been deafening.  This weeks’s scandal?  Dianne Feinstein.

Dianne Feinstein had been on the Military Construction Appropriations committee for six years.  During four of those years, Perini Corporation and URS Corp were MAJOR recipients of the largess that is the Military Construction Appropriations committee.  The good folks of California were often critical, and surprised, at Feinstein’s support of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  They never bothered to ask why very much tho.  Feinstein’s husband’s company, Perini, received $500 million in Iraq and Afghanistan contracts.  Now, we can assume Nancy Pelosi knows Dianne Feinstein pretty well.  We can also assume Pelosi knew what Feinstein’s husband did as well.  What we can also assume is Nancy said NOTHING during the entire time Feinstein was lining her pockets with BILLIONS in federal money.  Feinstein was profiting off the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts very overtly while Nancy Pelosi and the DNC constantly harassed Dick Cheney for once being an employee of Haliburton.  And why do you suppose Nancy kept her mouth shut during all this corruption?

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Because Howard Dean, who was screaming the loudest about Republican corruption, was taking money from the Feinsteins as fast as he could stick his hands out.

Yes folks, the entire Democrat Party was profiting from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars while Koz and all the other sheep harped on the Republicans profiting in ways they could never prove.  There it is folks, in black and white.  It’s overt.  It’s obvious.  It’s undeniable.  What it also is, is cmpletely ignored by CBS, The New York Times, LA Times, etc. etc. etc..  You name a major media outlet, they’ll be on the ignoring this issue list as well.  So, people like me have to rely on Rush Limbaugh and Michele MalkinSome blogs are taking a little credit because Feinstein resigned from MILCON this week.  She really didn’t have any reason to stay on MILCON any longer tho, her husband sold out of Perini and URS two years ago.  Now, a lot of people will dismiss the credibility of this story because I cite Rush and Michele.  I’m sure that couldn’t make Nancy, Howard, and Dianne any happier.

It just amazes me how people like Dan Rather could look the country in the face and blame it all on Dick Cheney, knowing the entire damn time it was Feinstein and the Dems making all the money off the deaths of our soldiers.  And ya wanna know something else?  It was that same MILCON committee shelling out billions to Feinstein at Feinstein’s direction that failed to provide adequate body armor to our troops in Iraq.  And, it was that same MILCON committee handing out billions to Feinstein at the direction of Feinstein that failed to provide adequate health services to our troops that the media is whining about now.

Can we assume my “investigative” abilities are that much superior to CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox, the LA Times, the NY Times, or even the BBC?  Or, can we assume that because Dianne Feinstein is an uber-liberal Democrat woman from California they all chose to look the other way while she profited off the deaths of our soldiers?

Regardless, there’s a LOT of explaining that needs to be done by Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and Howard Dean.  However, I doubt CBS, ABC, NBC, or CNN will time to squeeze this topic in while they continue to dedicate every waking second to Gonzales firing a bunch of lawyers.

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