French Fear Islamist Intifada

French Fear Islamist Intifada

Early warning.

French security officials and intelligence experts are seriously concerned about the likelihood of new domestic Muslim uprisings that could see thousands of rioters flooding into Paris from impoverished, no-go Muslim suburbs.

The most immediate concern centers around this June, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Six-Day War that began on June 5, 1967.

Looking ahead, the French are also concerned about the 40th anniversary of the May 1968 student revolt, which grew to include millions of striking workers, split French society, and nearly toppled the government. The students drew on a long revolutionary tradition, building barricades in the same streets that saw them go up in 1848 and 1871.

The next big Islamist intifada, if it occurs, will have nothing in common with those events. The gangsters and clerical fascists will be fighting for the opposite ideals of the revolutionaries of 1848 and the Paris Commune and, for the most part, the revolutionaries and radicals of 1968, for all their flaws and faults. Islamism is clerical fascism, pure and simple.

Ironically, however, the intifada to end all intifadas–the final conflict between Radical Islam and secular French society–will probably have the support of the deformed and dysfunctional French Left. Incredible!

Karl (“Religion-is-the-Opium-of-the-People”) Marx must be rolling in his grave. The worst reactionary rabble–an Islamist indoctrinated and inflamed sub-proletariat–is poised to torch the City of Light.

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