Former Jimmy Carter/Iran Hostage Schools Us All

Former Jimmy Carter/Iran Hostage Schools Us All

Excerpts of An Interview On Hannity & Is Anybody Homes ( OLIVER NORTH: First of all, you’ve got to remember, the Iranians will repeatedly lie. I mean, they do it all the time. COLMES: Why would you say that? ):

DAVID ROEDER, FORMER HOSTAGE IN IRAN: Well, as David Jacobson said last night on your show, who knows who was behind the scenes with a gun to one of the other sailors or royal marines? Obviously, the young lady is scared, and that’s understandable. This is deja vu all over again, as Yogi said. I think leaving the folks with blindfolds, the nice little communal meal. What they don’t tell you is, after the cameras go off, all the food disappears.

And we don’t know whether they’re being interrogated and to what extent. I agree with what Ollie just said, but I think, unfortunately, that we have to take some of the responsibility for what’s happening now. Once we were released on President Reagan’s inauguration day, as he mentioned, from that point on, for almost 25 years, the U.S. government basically ignored Iran. They got away with what they did to us, and they’ve never paid a price, not a cent for it. The U.S. State Department and Justice Department defended Iran against the former hostages in U.S. federal courts. So it worked once; why not try it again?


HANNITY: Now, Colonel Roeder, I want to ask you specifically here. This is not the first time you have dealt with Ahmadinejad. You were one of the hostages. You were held against your will for a long period of time, but you believe Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, was one of your interrogators back then.

ROEDER: Not the interrogator, but present at several of my interrogations. I was one of the six that identified him when he was announced as the president of Iran. He appeared about the fourth interrogation that I had. And I know, 99.9 percent sure, that this is the same guy. And the reason for that, Sean, is that this man is what I call a blinker. He blinks his eyes more often than an average human being does. And everybody changes in 25, 26 years, but that’s something you can’t change. He’s the same guy.

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