FBI Agent German blows whistle on White Supremacist Islamist Meeting in U.S.

FBI Agent German blows whistle on White Supremacist Islamist Meeting in U.S.

by Jerry Gordon

I watched the Senate Judiciary FBI oversight hearings, today live and on-line from Washington, DC. FBI director Mueller was being grilled about the alleged misuse, some say abuse, of the National Security Letters authorized by the Patriot Act to conduct domestic counter-terrorism activities. There were also questions regarding the FBI position relative to the 8 U.S. attorneys fired by embattled Attorney General Gonzalez.

In the midst of this was a jarring statement read by Iowa Republican Charles Grassley about an FBI Agent ‘whistle blower” German, by name and a cover up by superiors in the FBI about a meeting between a White Supremacist and an Islamist. Below is an excerpt of the Statement of Senator Grassley about the matter. All FBI director Mueller could say in response to questions by Grassley following this statement was : ‘I’ll get back to you on that.” Grassley had a transcript in his hand of the alleged conversation between these two antisemites and implored Mueller to find out why it was kept in someone’s drawer for ‘months’ until an Inspector General investigation unearthed it. FBI Agent German was trashed by FBI spokespersons as being “unreliable”.

As you will see in the excerpt from Senator Grassley’s statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee the conversation by the terrorists was all about a common hatred – read that as Jews; their unabashed love of Hitler, their common objective of killing Jews, obtaining weapons from Iran, fomenting a civil war in the U.S., lauding suicide bombers, and targeting pro-Israeli jounalists for ‘hits


A lot of us knew the FBI was terrible at the domestic intelligence game after reading the horror stories in the 9/11 Commission Report. But after 5 years, you would have thought they would have gotten it. Apparently, not. But this is not surprising as FBI Director Mueller and his senior staff are into “sensitivity training” in how to deal with Muslims, sending Special Agents out in Los Angeles to make praising sounds at CAIR fund raisers, letting CAIR chapters like the one out in Louisville get in to see how the local field office does its ‘job,’ holding palaver sessions in Brooklyn with Imams from Wahhabi Mosques with al Qaeda Connections.

But then this is the same FBI whose Counter Intelligence chief David Szady perpetrated the case against the two former AIPAC senior officials Ken Rosen and Steve Weissman who go on trial next month in a Northern Virginia Federal Court on the flimsy grounds of having violated a 90 year old sedition law out of phase since the end of World War I.

Read the Grassley Statement and wonder why the domestic counter-terrorism program is in a shambles.

I was asked not long ago for my candid opinion by two concerned FBI special agents involved in counter terrorism about what I thought about the current program. I told them that it “sucked” and was run over by the “PC Machine” that one of them cited.

Read this excerpt from Senator Grassley’s statement and shake your head in bafflement as to what is going on in the FBI and for that matter in the entire doimestic counter terrorism effort.

Excerpt from U.S. Senator Charles Grassley’s Statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee March 27, 2006

“Second, I want to mention the Michael German case. Former Special Agent Michael German has publicly said that the FBI missed a golden opportunity to infiltrate a terrorist group operating on inside the United States. Remarkably, the opportunity came in the form of a recorded meeting between a white supremacist and an Islamic extremist. Over a year ago, the Inspector General found that the FBI retaliated against German and falsified records related to the case. It appears that the FBI failed to take any of this seriously. It’s not clear whether the FBI official who retaliated against German was or ever will be punished. The case on two extremists who were meeting with each other to talk about operational ties doesn’t look like it ever went anywhere. The FBI went on television and claimed that, essentially, Agent German was full of hot air. Referring to German’s claim about a connection between domestic and foreign terrorist groups, the FBI spokeswoman said, “It did not exist, there was not a coming together of those two separate groups.”

“However, after years of effort by this Committee, the FBI finally provided a transcript of the meeting, and it flatly contradicts statements made by Bureau officials trying to downplay the incident and discredit Michael German. The transcript clearly shows a white supremacist and an Islamic militant talking about building operational ties between their organizations. Moreover, it is clear that what brings them together was anti-Semitism. According to the transcript these two groups also discussed (1) shooting Jews, (2) their shared admiration for Hitler, (3) arms shipments from Iran, (4) their desire for a civil war in the United States, (5) their approval of suicide bombings, and (6) assassinating pro-Israeli journalists in the United States. This was all the very first time they met.”

The FBI’s public statements about German’s claims were misleading at best, and the transcript makes that clear. My bigger concern, however, is that the FBI seems incapable of mining its criminal cases for valuable intelligence like this and distributing it to the rest of the intelligence community. According to Agent German, this transcript sat in a supervisor’s desk drawer for months, while he first raised his concerns and while other FBI supervisors were busy playing defense, claiming to headquarters that the meeting was not even recorded.”

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