Iranians parade captured navy woman in a hijab

Iranians parade captured navy woman in a hijab

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Kidnapped British servicewoman Faye Turney was forced to cover her head with an Islamic hijab in the first video released by Iran since she and 14 comrades were seized last week.VIDEO: Watch the footage from Iranian TV here

TurneyFaye Turney and the other British marines held captive as they appeared on state Iranian TV. Faye, who describes her captors as ‘compassionate’ has apologised for entering Iran’s waters

Hours after Tony Blair vowed to ‘ratchet up’ the pressure by freezing official business with Tehran, it responded with a stage-managed broadcast described by one senior politician as ‘totally repugnant’.

Pictures showing some of the 15 sailors and Marines – apparently well and eating a meal – provided brief reassurance for their worried families.

But the video footage on state TV of Tehran parading its captives inflamed the worsening crisis – and led to demands for decisive action from the Foreign Office.

Despite world-wide pressure to act, however, Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett went no further than to say she was ‘very concerned’ about any indication that the captives had suffered pressure or coercion.

Mrs Turney, 25-year-old mother of a girl aged three, was singled out by the cameras in the first glimpse of the hostages since they were seized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards six days ago. Tehran had earlier claimed it was ready to release the sea survival expert ‘very soon’, but she showed clear signs of strain.

Turney letterExtract from Faye’s letter telling her family not to ‘worry’ about her and that she is ‘staying strong’

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Words she was forced to write and speak for Tehran TV, apparently confessing that the Britons had ‘trespassed’ into Iranian waters, spoke of being well treated by her ‘compassionate’ captors.

But the harrowing footage of Mrs Turney, whose husband Adam and daughter Molly wait anxiously at their family home in Plymouth, told a different story.

Gone was the fresh-faced, enthusiastic young sailor filmed by the BBC on HMS Cornwall only hours before the British forces were captured at the mouth of the Shatt-al-Arab waterway.

She was evidently traumatised – at one point seen nervously sucking on a cigarette – in footage which the Foreign Office described as ‘completely unacceptable’ and British diplomats said was a clear breach of the Geneva Convention.


In the broadcast Mrs Turney, filmed in front of brightly-coloured curtains, is heard saying: ‘My name is Leading Seaman Faye Turney. I come from England. I serve on Foxtrot Nine Nine. I have been in the Navy nine years. I live in England.

‘I was arrested on Friday March 23. Obviously we trespassed into their waters.

‘They were very friendly and very hospitable, very thoughtful, good people.

‘They explained to us why we had been arrested. There was no aggression, no hurt, no harm. They were very, very compassionate.’

A letter allegedly handwritten by Mrs Turney and addressed to ‘Dear Mum and Dad’, says: ‘We were out in the boats when we were arrested by Iranian forces as we had apparently gone into Iranian waters. I wish we hadn’t because then I would be home with you all right now.’

She continues: ‘I have written a letter to the Iranian people to apologise for us entering into their waters. Please don’t worry about me. I’m staying strong. Hopefully it won’t be long till I’m home to get ready for Molly’s birthday party and with a present from the Iranian people.’

She ends: ‘Look after everyone for me, especially Adam and Molly, I love you all more than you will ever know.’

Leading Seaman Turney Leading Seaman Faye Turney, who was one of the sailors captured, is being kept separately from the other hostages

Not all the 15 captured sailors and Marines were shown during the brief broadcast. Only two other captives have been publicly identified, Marines Danny Masterton, 22, from Muirkirk, Ayrshire, and Paul Barton, 21, from Southport.

Condemnation of the broadcast was immediate. Defence Secretary Des Browne said: ‘It is totally unacceptable to parade our people in this way.’

Tory former Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind said the pictures were ‘totally repugnant’. He said: ‘This is a PR exercise. If they believed in their own propaganda, they would release all of our personnel.

‘We need to make clear there will be no concessions and they will suffer harsher penalties unless our personnel are handed over.’

MarinesWar zone: British marines patrolling aboard an inflatable off Basra

Mrs Turney’s husband declined to respond to the Iranian pictures but a friend, Kim Slater, 49, said: ‘It is a very shocking film. She looked very uncomfortable with what she was saying. There is something not right in her eyes. I am sure she has been forced to do that and say those things.’

The dangerous game of brinkmanship at a time of world tension over Iran’s nuclear programme moved to a new level when Ministry of Defence officials told how the Iranians had launched an ‘unprovoked, unprecedented and improper’ attack last Friday.

They published detailed evidence of how heavily-armed Iranian gunships had ‘ambushed’ the British personnel while they were patrolling in Iraqi waters.

Defence chiefs also released satellite pictures and graphics which prove the British boats were well within Iraq waters – despite Iranian claims that they had strayed into their territory.

The data shows that the Navy personnel were 1.7 nautical miles inside the Iraqi part of the Shatt al Arab waterway, which forms a boundary between the countries.

The Ministry of Defence said it ‘unambiguously contested’ claims from Tehran that the UK vessel was in their waters.

Deputy chief of the defence staff Vice Admiral Charles Style said their detention at gunpoint was ‘unjustified and wrong’.

He said the British personnel had carried out an ‘entirely routine’ boarding of an Indian dhow carrying a suspicious cargo of cars off the coast of Iraq.

The ship’s co-ordinates had been confirmed by the Iraqi foreign minister and verified by the Indian vessel’s captain. They confirmed the ship was inside Iraqi waters.

The Vice Admiral also disclosed that the Iranians had changed their account of where the incident had taken place after it was pointed out that the first set of co-ordinates they gave were in Iraqi waters. The Prime Minister, who spoke to George Bush yesterday about the growing crisis, told MPs: ‘It is now time to ratchet up the diplomatic and international pressure in order to make sure the Iranian government understands their total isolation on this issue.’

He also defended the boarding party’s ‘entirely sensible’ decision not to fight back against their captors, as they were heavily outnumbered and it would have led to ‘severe loss of life’.

However the decision is being angrily criticised around the world, particularly in the U.S., with talk of ‘timidity’ and ‘ impotence’ in the face of Iran’s aggression.

One irate critic declared Britain had ‘covered itself with shame’ for failing to show a more aggressive response to Iran.

In a New York newspaper article, military historian Arthur Herman claimed: ‘The escorting ship HMS Cornwall could have blown the Iranian naval vessel out of the water.’ One reader wrote: ‘The United Kingdom is acting like the French. Say what you want about President Bush, but I bet the Iranian madmen are not mad enough to try this on our Navy.’

Left spews deadly venom over Tony Snow’s cancer

Left spews deadly venom over Tony Snow’s cancer
‘He is pure lying scum and should die ASAP!’

Posted: March 28, 2007
4:07 a.m. Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2007

Moments after White House Press Secretary Tony Snow’s new personal battle against cancer became public yesterday, a vicious assault was launched at left-leaning websites, with some message posters hoping for a swift death for the presidential spokesman.

“Under the heading of ‘What goes around comes around’, the cancer in Tony Snow is removing the cancer of Tony Snow from the national scene,” wrote TDoff on the D.C. gossip site

Omnilation wrote, “Dear Tony, I hate you. -God.”

A contributor called homofascist stated, “It is a bitch that I wouldn’t wish upon even a smarmy, evil f—face liar like Snow. Because really, isn’t he OUR smarmy, evil f—face liar?”

Some readers at reportedly said:

  • “Sure holding all that bulls**t in your gut would make anybody sick..!”
  • “The growth in his abdomen is his head stuck up his a**. F**k him!! He is pure lying scum and should die ASAP!!” Beccawalton was among those calling for end to the venom-spewing:

    “Stop these mean-spirited and hypocritical posts. Just because you don’t like his politics (and I don’t, either), don’t revel in this. It’s inhuman and cruel. I’m not going to waste space to prove my liberal cred, just stop it!”

    And PghLori noted:

    “There are freakin’ idiots on both sides of the political divide, and here you’re looking at the lib side. Aside from the fact that it is just ignorant to make jokes about cancer, it’s also self-defeating, as [Rush] Limbaugh, [Sean] Hannity, etc. will refer to these postings as examples of hate-filled libs, just as they did with the Cheney board postings. Thanks a lot folks.”

    In fact, the verbal attack on Snow came exactly one month after a similar onslaught against Vice President Dick Cheney who survived an assassination attempt in Afghanistan.

    An example from the HuffingtonPost on Feb. 27 included:

    “Jesus Christ and General Jackson too, can’t the Taliban do anything right? They must know we would be so gratefull (sic) to them for such a remarkable achievement.”

    The HuffingtonPost is run by Arianna Huffington, who has described herself as “a former right-winger who has evolved into a compassionate and progressive populist.”

    A disclaimer on her site above the remarks about Tony Snow states “these comments are the personal opinions of the individuals posting them and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Huffington Post. We do not generate, solicit, or moderate user comments, but reserve the right to remove postings as we see fit.”

    Snow, 51, had his colon removed in 2005 and underwent six months of chemotherapy. Colleagues said his cancer has returned and spread to his liver and elsewhere, and that Snow told them he planned to fight the disease and return to his position.

    “He is not going to let this whip him, and he’s upbeat,” President Bush said. “And so my message to Tony is, ‘Stay strong; a lot of people love you and care for you and will pray for you.'”

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    Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border

    Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border

    So says the Russian News & Information Agency Novosti (thanks to Davida):

    MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti) – Russian military intelligence services are reporting a flurry of activity by U.S. Armed Forces near Iran’s borders, a high-ranking security source said Tuesday.”The latest military intelligence data point to heightened U.S. military preparations for both an air and ground operation against Iran,” the official said, adding that the Pentagon has probably not yet made a final decision as to when an attack will be launched.

    He said the Pentagon is looking for a way to deliver a strike against Iran “that would enable the Americans to bring the country to its knees at minimal cost.”

    God bless Texas!

    God bless Texas!

    This good-news article clearly has nothing to do with China, but a heck of a lot to do with America’s frontier spirit, which the nation needs to strengthen and revive if it is to survive and thrive in the coming years.

    Texas Governor Rick Perry today signed into law Senate Bill 378, extending Texans’ rights to use deadly force for means of self-defense, without retreat, in their home, vehicle or workplace. The law takes effect Sept. 1, 2007.

    “The right to defend oneself from an imminent act of harm should not only be clearly defined in Texas law, but is intuitive to human nature,” said Perry. “Today, I am proud to sign the Castle Law which allows Texans to not only protect themselves from criminals, but to receive the protection of state law when circumstances dictate that they use deadly force.”

    In 1995, the Texas Legislature created an exception to a 1973 statute, which required a person to retreat in the face of a criminal attack. The exception allowed a person to use force without retreat when an intruder unlawfully entered their home. Senate Bill 378 extends a person’s right to stand their ground beyond the home to vehicles and workplaces, allowing the reasonable use of deadly force when an intruder is committing certain violent crimes, such as murder or sexual assault, or is attempting to commit such crimes as unlawfully trying to enter a protected place, or unlawfully trying to remove a person from a protected place.

    Texas joins several other states including Florida that have or are considering similar laws.

    The news from Texas brings to mind the courage and fighting spirit of theTexas Rangers–the legendary law enforcement agency, not the Major League baseball team (though the team is a nice enough outfit). In the face of the looming conflict with Iran and the gathering Islamist threat, the Rangers’ motto–“One riot, one Ranger”–should inspire every American and every freedom-loving person in every democracy on earth.

    That, and the Rangers’ famous distaste for red tape and paperwork. An 1875 telegram by a Ranger illustrates the point. The Lone Star state lawman sent the telegram to his superior officer from Matamoros, Mexico, after pursuing raiding bandits across the border. It reads: “Had a fight with raiders, killed 12 and captured 265. Wish you were here, Captain Leander McNelly.”

    Apparently, the rules of engagement were different back then.

    Understanding The Saudi Plot to Destroy Israel

    Understanding The Saudi Plot to Destroy Israel

    The outlines of the Saudi plot to destroy Israel are becoming increasingly clear.

    The official version of the kingdom’s peace plan calls for all Arab countries to formally recognize Israel’s existence and establish relations with Israel if it withdraws from all land held since the 1967 war, recognizes the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and provides the so-called right of return for all Palestinian refugees.

    The latter is a non-negotiable issue for Israel since it, in essence, means the end of the Jewish State.

    Which is why it is also a non-negotiable issue for Saudi Arabia. The family business disguised as a country is determined to wipe Israel out; unlike Islamist Iran, however, the Saudis believe they can achieve their aim without a full-blown war. The Saudi strategy calls for the piece-by-piece dismantling of the Jewish state, first shrinking it down to size and then flooding it with enemy aliens.

    There is more to the plot. Israel’s extinction depends on delegitimizing Zionism–ending the Jewish right of reutrn and discrediting the Zionist idea of an independent Jewish homeland in historic Palestine in favor of a binational state slated for eventual Muslim Arab domination.

    The Saudis are counting on their European Union friends–and the openly anti-Israel wing of the American foreign policy establishment–to help make their dream of Israel’s downfall a reality within a decade or so.

    Nuclear-arming Iran, which has vowed to destroy Israel the old fashioned way–through blood and fire–is skeptical about the Saudi piece-by-piece plan. But Iran’s energy-starved ally, China, is a believer. Sun Bigan, Beijing’s special envoy to the Middle East, is said to be urging patience and restraint, advising Iranian monster-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that a deescalation of his country’s nuclear standoff with the West would allow for implementation of the Saudi scheme.

    Post Script: Sun’s circle of foreign policy experts are terrified by the prospect of a Middle East conflagration that could trigger soaring oil prices–and the possible destruction of major oil fields. Saudi fields are rumored to be wired for self-destruction; and Israeli officials have quietly suggested over the years that the Jewish state would radiate Arab oil before allowing itself to be conquered by a foreign enemy.

    What Makes Christians so Gullible?

    Will chant “No blood for George Soros?”

    Will chant “No blood for George Soros?”

    Dr. Soros-stein Betrays his Monster, buys 1.9 million shares of Halliburton
    by Bill Levinson

    George Soros should remember those scenes from those old black and white horror movies in which the monster discovers that its creator has betrayed it–and MoveOn should remember what happens to those who bite the hand that feeds them.

    Dr. Frankenstein Betrays his Monster
    Reuters reports, “Soros also added 1.9 million shares of Halliburton (HAL.N)”

    Now the people who chant “No blood for Halliburton” can chant “No blood for Soros” instead. Bites its Sugar Daddy’s Hand

    While soldiers are dying in Iraq, Dick Cheney’s old company Halliburton has overcharged the government millions and charged for meals for the troops which were never delivered. We need to raise $1.1 million to get a new ad exposing the Bush Administration’s ties to Halliburton on the air. Please help by contributing below.

    Here is what’s ad script says about the company in which its patron, George Soros, is now a major shareholder.

    Ad Script
    ANNOUNCER (VO): But Halliburton wanted more. They overcharged millions for gasoline. Worse, they charged hundreds of millions of dollars for meals for our troops that they never delivered.


    ANNOUNCER (VO): And George Bush is still doing business with them.

    And now benefactor George Soros owns 1.9 million shares of the same company.

    We do not have any problems with Halliburton or Soros’ ownership of its stock, but obviously does. Now, either is asking its members and supportors for money to propagate lies about Halliburton, or is telling the truth. Let us examine each of these cases by itself, without passing any judgment on the merits of either. We don’t have to in order to prove our case.

    (1) is lying about Halliburton
    If is lying about Halliburton, then it is asking its prospective supporters to donate up to $2000 on false pretenses. This should be enough to make every single rank-and-file member quit in disgust. We remind MoveOn of what happened to Soros’ other organization, the Million Mom March, when it came out that the organization was soliciting money under false pretenses.

    (2) is telling the truth about Halliburton
    If is telling the truth about Halliburton, then its patron George Soros has bought 1.9 million shares of the same “evil company.” It may also be noted that Soros is a major backer of Barack Obama, to whom he and members of his family gave $60,000 to support his Senate primary.

    Now our question to both and George Soros, and we are sure the nation’s entire progressive community wants a prompt and unambiguous answer, is as follows: Did solicit donations from its followers by lying about Halliburton, or is it telling the truth about the company whose stock its benefactor just purchased?

    Now here is a bonus piece of information:

    As WND reported, another outspoken leftist who had criticized Halliburton was discovered to own stock in the company – filmmaker Michael Moore.

    Posted by Bill Levinson @ 12:09 pm |