The Fred Thompson Difference

The Fred Thompson Difference

Sunday, March 18, 2007 5:21 PM


Last Sunday, I posted the following excerpt from the Thompson interview on Fox Sunday where Thompson explained his reason for waiting to announce a presidential run with the following:

“…the trick is to do what’s necessary to be president and become president and still deserve to be president.”

He was referring to the state of modern campaigning where nothing is so crude or dishonest or otherwise underhanded as to be considered out of bounds. Today, Real Clear Politics via Powerline News links to the following article in the Tennessean further revealing why Thompson is different from the other candidates in a very important way.

If you saw last Sunday’s interview, Thompson stated he has never knocked down doors to chase opportunities and sees running for president no differently. Doors have always seemed to open for him and good things happen when he walks throught them. If the door opens for him to run, he will probably walk through it but on his terms. It would be refreshing to put that to the test.

Imagine that, a candidate with principles. Sounds very “Reaganesque” to me. You know, the “appealing to our better angels” thing?

One Response to “The Fred Thompson Difference”

  1. cumby Says:

    Still remember Thompson from his part in the crime show “Wiseguy.”

    It seems that the choices we have for Republican candidates is abysmal. I cannot bring myself to vote for McCain or Giuliani. If Thompson ran I might consider casting a vote for him, depending on his platform.

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