CAIR Representing Flying Imams against Airline and Passengers


CAIR Representing Flying Imams against Airline and Passengers

by Sher Zieve


In a first of its kind lawsuit, CAIR (Council on America-Islamic Relations) attorneys are representing the so-called “Flying Imams” in suing both US Airways and passengers. The suit stems from an incident that occurred on a US Airways’ flight in November 2006, from Minneapolis to Arizona, on which six Islamic Imams were reported to have stood up on the plane and prayed loudly, took seats that were not assigned to them (reminiscent of the 9/11 hijackers’ locations) and requested seatbelt extensions (which can be used as weapons) when they were neither required nor justified. They are also reported to have made anti-American and pro-Saddam Hussein and Osama bin-Laden comments. The actions of the Imams were not only overtly menacing but, seemed designed to instill fear amongst their fellow passengers. Several passengers, including at least one who speaks and understands the Arabic language, reported the Imams’ behaviors to flight attendants. The Imams were, subsequently, removed from the flight.


On Monday, CAIR attorneys filed a “Civil Rights Complaint for Declaratory, Injunctive and Monetary Relief” lawsuit in federal court against US Airways, Inc., John Does (the passengers who reported the Imams behaviors) and the Metropolitan Airports Commission. The suit also alleges “Defendants had no legitimate non-discriminatory reason to justify their treatment of Plaintiffs; rather, Defendants based their actions on Plaintiffs’ race, religion, color, ethnicity, alienage, ancestry, and/or national origin.” Note: CAIR and the Flying Imams appear to be asserting that Muslims, in general, have the right (above all others) to do anything and everything they wish on any and all airline flights. Might that also include the rights to wear ski masks, carry weapons and actually hijack planes? Not yet but, the future is unknown. The verbiage in the suit filed by CAIR strongly suggests that Muslims should not only be allowed to exhibit threatening behaviors to others but, that passengers should be prohibited from reporting any of these behaviors—to anyone. If they do, they will be sued by CAIR or some other Islamic organization. In other words, if Muslims stand up on planes shouting their prayers, make threatening comments against the US and voice their support of Islamic terrorists, the other passengers must remain silent and airline employees may not stop them. Is CAIR advising us that we must make (or already have made) preparations to die if Muslims are on our flights? Are Muslims now to be granted “rights” not granted to non-Muslims? One has to wonder how long it will be until the ACLU (CAIR’s partner on multiple other lawsuits) enters this fray and demands that terrorist activities be allowed—as they are actually free speech. Then again, maybe it’s already working on it.

No doubt CAIR is already shopping for a US judge who is friendly to Islam. Some Clinton or Carter appointee, perhaps? Included with the other inanities in the filed lawsuit is: “Defendants, with the intent to cause harm to plaintiffs’ reputation, maliciously, recklessly and without regard to their privacy and integrity, defamed and made false reports against Plaintiffs to justify their illegal action.” In a post-9/11 world (with due consideration given to all of the other worldwide Islamic bombings and terrorist attacks in myriad other countries), it is neither malicious nor reckless to take notice of and stop threatening behaviors aboard an airline flight. And suffice it to say, the reports made about the Imams were not false. If the Imams truly wanted to preserve their “privacy and integrity” they should not have infringed upon the same privacy and integrity of the other passengers. But, that is precisely what they are reported to have done.


This latest CAIR lawsuit is merely another attempt to place Islam above the law and to bully non-Muslims and the “politically correct” crowd into acquiescing to their demands. If any US court agrees to this bogus and frivolous suit, it will be another huge step in the Islamization of America and another nail in the coffin for the USA. And it certainly seems that this “discrimination” lawsuit was carefully strategized from well before the first Flying Imam set foot on that now famous US Airways’ flight.


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