Hagee brought the House down

Hagee brought the House down
Pastor Dr. John Hagee spoke at the AIPAC Convention to 6200 members and brought the house down.

He is on the Board of Directors for Christians United For Israel (CUFI) together with Gary Bauer, Jerry Falwell, George Morrison et al.

Pamela of AtlasShrugs was there and videotaped his rousing, optimistic, courageous, uplifting speech.


The Jewish community will never be the same. Now, if only a Jew can stand up and make half the speech that Hagee made, Jews and Israel will be saved.

Nobody spoke at the convention about the harmful peace process, not the Israeli leadership nor the Jewish leadership in the US, but Hagee did.

Nobody spoke against the future dismemberment of Judea and Samaria, but Hagee did.

Nobody spoke in favour of a United Jerusalem, but Hagee did.

Nobody demanded that the so called Islamic moderates reign in the Islamists, but Hagee did.

Nobody took Saudi Arabia to task but Hagee did.

Nobody demanded victory but Hagee did.


One Response to “Hagee brought the House down”

  1. cumby Says:

    John Hagee is something else all right. I agree with most everything he preaches but I wish he, Pat Robertson and others, would stop making predictions that don’t come true. It makes the Christian community look silly. I think he and Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu make an awesome team. Too bad they both can’t run on the Republican ticket in 08.

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