Democrats – Empowering Conspiracy Theory Wackos

Democrats – Empowering Conspiracy Theory Wackos
by Omri Ceren

Another month, another left-wing rag with another Christopher Katcham article about how shadowy Israeli spies were involved in 9/11. This time his oh-so-brave (and oh-so-rare) wide-eyed anti-Semitism anti-Zionism is in Counterpunch. Here he is in 2002, with an absolutely enormous article in Salon. And more recently, on Indymedia UK. Or – maybe our favorite – when some groupie posted him on misc.activism.progresive. That’s just the kind of community he runs in.

It’s OK. It’s not like the nuttiest of the nutroots are in control of the Democratic Party machinery. Except for how this week they are. Like last week and next week. Now in fairness: there are rational dKos voices that are not this crazy. Ditto for MoveOn.

But the pathological need to blame Bush and Israel for everything – along with the left’s continuing fascination with what they take to be representatives of the Third World – inevitably metastasizes into pathological hatred. One-fourth of the American people, remember, believe in some of the wackier 9/11 conspiracy theories. Now how many of that one-fourth do you think are passionately pro-Bush? As opposed to how many are passionately anti-Bush? And which side do you think the nutroots that control the Democratic party are on?

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