The Inconvenient Truth about Muslim Extremists

The Inconvenient Truth about Muslim Extremists
Jason Rantz
Author: Jason Rantz
Source: The Family Security Foundation, Inc.
Date: February 7, 2007

While a documentary based on questionable science is honored at the Academy Awards and shown throughout college campuses, another one based on the cold stark facts of our real world is not.  FSM Contributing Editor Jason Rantz explains how such a travesty could happen.

The Inconvenient Truth about Muslim Extremists

By Jason Rantz

Former Vice President and apocalyptic visionary Al Gore is one happy man today. Fresh off a win for Best Documentary Film by the Academy Awards Sunday night, Gore – and his “crisis climate” friends – are seeing copies of the documentary get screened all across the country on college campuses.

Since An Inconvenient Truth was released in theaters last year, college administrators, professors and hippie, self-aware students have flocked together to discuss how on earth they can save… the earth. Pushing the facts about global warming aside, they have created a false sense of urgency and are propagandizing their classmates to fix the “crisis” by showing the documentary.

Indeed, a screening of An Inconvenient Truth kicked off “Green Week” at George Washington University. Free screenings have aired at Penn State, Holy Cross, Macalester College, University of Rochester, and other colleges, big and small. All this, despite the questionable science behind the film.

Even though Gore seems to think the debate on global warming is over, actual scientists and other experts tend to disagree. National Review Online author and senior fellow in environmental studies at the CATO Institute Patrick Michaels strongly questions the fuzzy science behind Gore’s documentary and declares “When it comes to global warming, apparently the truth is inconvenient.” Oregon State’s climatologist George Taylor “has said human activity isn’t the chief cause of global climate change.” And two terrific books, that should be mandatory reading on many college campuses, lay out the inconsistencies of the climate crisis studies: Marlo Lewis, Jr. of the Competitive Enterprise Institute penned the A Skeptic’s Guide to An Inconvenient Truth and Chris Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, recently published the Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism).

Yet despite the lively debate over global warming, campuses seem to move ahead to fix a problem that is not really considered an immediate threat. They seem utterly convinced that global warming can take this planet at any time.

Ironically, there is an immediate threat that faces not just the United States, but civilized countries across the globe, which isn’t tackled with the sense of urgency that it demands – Jihadism.

Whereas An Inconvenient Truth is welcomed with open arms, Obsession is not. Obsession is a frightening documentary on the extreme Muslims who wish to destroy Western civilization and everything it stands for.  Rather than get support from American campuses, administrators and students are doing whatever they can to get the documentary screenings shut down.

Indeed, at the University of California at Los Angeles, dozens of protestors showed up to a screening of Obsession. The screening’s intent was to denounce “militant Islamic radicalism,” but the PC-left didn’t think it was appropriate.  According to the Daily Bruin, “Representatives from the Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice were gathered outside the event because they said it portrayed Islam in a negative light in that it highlighted the radical sects of the religion.”  (An aside: I wonder if these students protested outside theaters that showed the Academy Award nominated Jesus Camp, which highlighted the radical sects of Christianity; one wonders if they protested during seminars that portrays big business and capitalism as a leading contributor to the “climate crisis”).

As I reported several weeks ago, Pace University pressured the campus Jewish group to cancel its screening of Obsession. (After conservative bloggers and publications reported this, Pace quickly backed away and tried to spin their actions). Similarly, at State University of New York at Stony Brook, the campus Jewish group was pressured into canceling their Obsession screening.

Unlike An Inconvenient Truth, there is not much serious debate over the dangers of the extremists portrayed in Obsession.  Indeed, the student protestors and critics of the film are mad that the film accurately portrays the extremists in the religion and not the normal practitioners of Islam. The only people who seem to think we’re not at war with terrorists are the New York Times and CBS.

Why are leftist campuses so eager to accept An Inconvenient Truth, but so hesitant to accept the inconvenient truth about militant Islam? It’s pretty simple, really: anti-American sentiment.

You see, those behind the “climate crisis” lunacy are the same people who hate our capitalistic ways. They want big business to suffer; every time they see a Starbucks or WalMart, they scream in anger. They see capitalism as exploiting the poor and weak, all while polluting Mother Earth. And they just hate it!

On the other hand, they secretly agree with some anti-American Islamo-fascists who want to put an end to our Western ways.  Much like our Islamic enemies, they see a problem with Western culture: our excess, our waste, our “arrogant” attitudes.  No, the environmentalist hippies don’t want us to suffer car bombs or planes-as-missiles – but they do want to put a dent in the ways of big business.  And an easy way to get us to stop driving SUVs or drinking coffee from Starbucks or buying cheaper good from WalMart is to tell us – subtly and sometimes not-so-subtly – that every time we partake in big business, we are helping to destroy the planet.  And no one wants to be told their actions will lead to our extinction. Contributing Editor Jason Rantz is a producer and talk radio show host based in Southern California whose program has been called “irreverent and skillfully witt.y. His program frequently broadcasts on Free FM in San Diego, California. Check your local listings or listen to his show online at his website

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