The enemy has a vote

The enemy has a vote

Gerd Schroeder
This past week some Democrats have been taking about dictating the conduct of the war in Iraq to the President. The bill would, in essence, add a engagement criteria to the Rules of Engagement for fighting in Iraq. In short the bill would restrict the military to fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), and training Iraqi Security Forces.
I’m not sure of the sway that Democrats have with our enemies, but I don’t think the enemy is going to go along with this. Will Iranian-backed Shia Militias and Saddamist Insurgents stop attacking the US Military because Congress will not allow our Soldiers and Marines to fight back? Does AQI, or any other belligerent group in Iraq wear uniforms so that the military can distinguish whom they are allowed to fight, or defend themselves against?
Besides the fact that the US Congress, under the Constitution has no authority to dictate any tactics to the Commander in Chief on how to conduct a war, the Congress certainly can’t tell the enemy whom they are allowed to fight.
This latest attempt by the Democrats clearly illustrates that they have no concept of how to conduct national security.

Major Gerd Schroeder, US Army

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